• Miss Rebecca J

Kombucha Cocktails

Kombucha is the tonic du jour, isn't it! A few years ago I hadn't even heard of kombucha and now it is everywhere! I am not a health expert at all (hello, I drink for a living), but my research of kombucha tells me that it is a good source of probiotics, it contains antioxidants, it "may" reduce heart disease risk and fight against cancer. I take the health benefits with a slight pinch of salt, but what IS abundantly obvious is that it is healthier than sugary mixers like ginger ale (kombucha has around 3 times LESS sugar than traditional mixers) AND it adds a great flavour to a cocktail. Sold.

I played around with Kombucha and these three cocktails were a delight

Ginger Paloma

  • 2oz tequila (I like Tromba!)

  • 1oz Triple Sec

  • 2oz grapefruit juice & grapefruit slices for garnish

  • Drop of Bittered Sling grapefruit and hops bitters (optional)

  • Ginger kombucha

  • Salt for glass rim

  • Crushed Ice

Rim a collins glass with salt and carefully fill 3/4 full with crushed ice. Mix together the grapefruit juice, tequila and Triple Sec plus bitters if you're using them. Pour over the ice and top with grapefruit. Add a slice of fresh grapefruit to garnish and drink with a sustainable metal straw, if possible!

Tip: Try to keep the salted rim dry, when it gets wet it dissolves the salt.

Kombucha Mule

  • 2oz Vodka

  • Juice of half a lime

  • Ginger Kombucha

  • Crushed Ice

  • Mint and lime to garnish

Pour vodka over crushed ice in a Moscow Mule copper cup (if you have one, if not any glass tumbler will do!). Squeeze in the juice of half a lime and then add the lime to the cup too. Stir. Top with ginger Kombucha and garnish with lime and a hearty bush of mint.

Tip: Slap your mint before adding it to the cocktail, it releases the aromatics.

Orange GINger Mule

  • 2oz Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin

  • Juice of half an orange

  • A squeeze of lemon

  • Ginger Kombucha

  • Crushed ice

  • Mint and orange to garnish

This is a riff on the original mule using flavoured gin instead of vodka and kombucha instead of gingerale, like in our previous mule. The orange is a perfect variation and compliments the ginger nicely! Pour gin over crushed ice, add orange and lemon juice. Stir. Top with ginger kombucha and garnish with orange slices and mint.

Tip: A reminder to slap your mint before adding it to your cocktail!