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Boozy Orange Hot Chocolate

I don’t know where you are in the world, but we’re in the messy last throws of winter here in Toronto. In a month it will all be over and in two months it will be on its way to getting hotter than the sun. Time, mystical time. I digress.

It’s still cold and I was asked by Stroh 54 to make a hot chocolate (this also means I have been walking around my house loudly declaring “STROH!” at my cat and my friend Caroline.) SO THAT'S WHAT WE’RE DOING EXCEPT IT’S EVEN BETTER.

Boozy Orange Hot Chocolate

6oz prepared chocolate orange hot chocolate (if you can’t find that, you can reasonably slip in 1oz of fresh orange juice and I promise it wont be weird.)

2oz STROH (!) 54

Mix her up. Top with AGGRESSIVE amounts of whipped cream, orange zest, and grated chocolate (I used Lindt dark chocolate and orange which was great. If you can find a good old Terry’s then have at her).


Cheers babes.


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