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Hi, I'm Rebecca!

A lot of you may know me as @missrebeccaj on Instagram and as the former host of YouTube channel Most Amazing Top 10.


I am a writer, presenter, actress and digital content creator from the UK. I graduated from Goldsmiths College, University of London, with First Class Honours and then studied a Post Graduate Diploma in Newspaper and Multimedia Journalism. I lived in London for eight years before moving to Toronto in 2015. I am now a Canadian Permanent resident but I visit the UK at least once a year. I also go on as many trips and adventures as I can!

From October 2015 - October 2019 I was a writer and on screen presenter for the YouTube channels Most Amazing Top 10 and Life's Biggest Questions. I now have my own self titled YouTube channel where I upload vlogs and skits.

I love cocktails, wine, cheese and travelling to new places. In case you were wondering, my favourite cocktail is a negroni, my favourite wine is a merlot, I can't choose between French Camembert and Spanish manchego, so don't make me! My favourite places in the world are Banff in Canada and the Yorkshire Dales in the UK.

I run my own social media business as well as providing freelance social media consultancy work for other brands.

I am heavily involved in Toronto's food and bar scene and have my finger on the pulse of the best spots in the city. In my spare time I love to ride my bike or go on bigger adventures to new places and learn all about the food and drink culture in new areas.

I am always looking for opportunities to work with directors and brands as a presenter and actress. I am also always looking for opportunities to work with food, beverage and travel brands to promote their products and experiences.

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