• Miss Rebecca J

Whitley Neill Gin Firework 75

It's officially the party season! If you're British like Whitley Neill Gin, November 5th is Fireworks Night / Guy Fawkes Night. If you're not, well, whatever, sparklers are cool all year round...although I personally think they're cooler when celebrating the thwarting and brutal murder of a man who tried to blow up democracy! Fool!

firework cocktails with gin

This is kind of a riff on a French 75 cocktail, but with grenadine for colour and a sparkler for added fire! This is SO EASY, but also a major crowd pleaser! Enjoy!

Firework 75

1.5 oz Whitley Neill Original

0.75 oz fresh lemon juice

0.75oz grenadine

Top with dry sparkling wine

Add an orange twist, pierced with a sparkler

Full disclosure: I run the Whitley Neill Gin Canadian Instagram. I made them a beauty of a reel showing exactly how to ignite this hot B. Enjoy!