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Smoked Mackerel Canapés

Yeah, you heard me. I declare it the season of tinned fish, and therefore it must be so.

I haven't had tinned fish in a while, so I'll forgive myself for forgetting how great in can be. Recently I was gifted a bumper load of smoked mackerel for an Instagram collaboration and I have been using it to make some DELIGHTFUL canapés. Yes, canapés. Canapés are great for entertaining, which I know we aren't really doing so much of right now... but nonetheless, there is no reason we can't get fancy with our bubble, or even by ourselves. If there is a time to treat yo self (even on a budget), it is absolutely now!

I worked with three flavours of Gold Seal mackerel*; peppered mackerel, mackerel in sunflower oil and gin and tonic infused mackerel. Oh yas honey, you heard me correctly. I also made a cocktail that paired with them all, a Scottish 75. This was a version on a French 75 using Scottish Caoruun gin. Why? Because the mackerel was caught off the coast of Scotland and I love synergy. SO here are three super easy bites you can create to feast like royalty using tinned fish.

Smoked Mackerel On Parmesan Crisps

Ingredients :

2 tins of Gold Seal Mackerel in Sunflower oil.

2 tbsp of horseradish

1 block of Parmesan cheese

Parsley to garnish


Grate your Parmesan cheese with a fine greater and then fill a small muffin tin with around a teaspoon of the cheese in each cup. Press to form a shape, lightly rising up the edges of the tin. Place under the grill for 1-3 minutes until the cheese has melted. Set aside to cool.

Drain your mackerel and place in a bowl with the tablespoon dollops of horseradish. Mix together, separating the fish into flakes.

Using the edge of a knife, carefully pop out your parmesan crisps. Place a teaspoon of your smoked mackerel mixture on top.

If you have a teeny tiny bit of parsley to garnish, excellent. I didn't because supermarkets are crazy at the moment and I made do. It was still delicious!

Gin and Tonic Mackerel Roll-Ups

Ingredients :

2 tins of Gold Seal Gin and Tonic Infused Mackerel

2 cucumbers

1 tbsp of sour cream

Juice of half a fresh lemon

Pinch of cracked black pepper

Dill to garnish


Ribbon your cucumber using a hand held grater to create several long, thin strips. Leave to dry-out a little for 15 minutes.

Drain the mackerel and then, in a small bowl, mix in the sour cream, lemon and cracked black pepper, separating the mackerel into small flakes.

At the top of a ribbon of cucumber, place a tsp of smoked mackerel mixture. Roll up the rest of the cucumber around the mixture and garnish with dill.

Peppered Smoked Mackerel Cracker With Spiced Gouda and Apricot


2 tins of Gold Seal Peppered Smoked Mackerel

1 block of spiced gouda

Pack of dry apricots

Rosemary crackers


Drain the mackerel and separate into medium sized flakes.

Layer a cracker with a flake of mackerel, a slice of gouda and half a dried apricot. Voila.

Watch Me Mackerel

I hope you enjoyed my smoked mackerel recipes! I made an IGTV video of myself rustling up these mackerel canapés. If you need a friend to cook with today, prop me up on whatever you video play of choice is, and let's go!

* This post was not sponsored, but the content I created for Instagram was. I loved the recipes so much that I wanted to share them here as well!


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