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French 75

As I mentioned the humble French 75 in this newsletter, I may as well share my go-to recipe and along with a cute photo my friend Katerryna took of me and her on Palentines/Galentines/We’reDrinkingTonightTines Day!

French 75

1 oz gin (I used Whitley Neill Rhubarb and Ginger Gin on this particular occasion for a boost in flavour behaviour, but a London Dry also works)

1 oz brown sugar syrup

1 oz lemon juice

Stir together in a mason jar with ice then strain into a flute glass. Top with roughly 4oz of dry sparkling wine. As a bougie betch, I prefer Champagne, but Prosecco or Cava are great options. As you can see, Kateryna and I used Modello Prosecco. A solid choice.


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