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Cream of Earl Grey Sour

Okay so this is one of the tastiest cocktails I have made in a good long while, plus a good cup of tea solves everything… right? Even in boozy form?!

Cream of Earl Grey Sour

2 oz David’s Tea Cream of Earl Grey infused Whitley Neill Gin*

0.5 oz orange liqueur

0.75 brown sugar syrup

1 oz lemon juice

1 oz egg white or aquafaba

Dash of chocolate bitters

Shake without ice then shake again with. Strain into a orange peel rimmed coupe. Express oils of orange peel over the top and serve either with a twist or with a dehydrated orange wheel. Enjoy, but only with your little pinky out ‘cause .

*honestly you just dunk a teabag in gin for a bit. We used 8oz of gin (makes 4 cocktails) and one tea bag for two hours with a stir in the middle. It did the trick. If you’re infusing the whole bottle I’d give it at least 8 hours and stir in the middle.



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