• Miss Rebecca J

Avocado Pit Orgeat

Avocados are grown in warm climates and are not native to Canada. As well as the energy used to cultivate the fruit, they also have to be transported here. If we can be more sustainable, why not - right?

Orgeat is a nutty syrup used in a lot of tiki style cocktails and beyond. It is usually made from almonds and has a distinct nutty flavour that elevates cocktails to the next level. Almonds are expensive and I prefer to eat them rather than drink them, but it turns out it is possible to make orgeat out of avocado pits. This is perfect because they would have just been thrown in the bin otherwise!

Inspired by sustainability focuses Toronto cocktail bar, Supernova Ballroom and its fearless leader, Kelsey Ramage, I decided to make my own orgeat out of my leftover stones. The result was GLORIOUS. If you eat as many avos as I do, then you might consider doing the same to lift your cocktail game. Here is how it is done.

Avocado Orgeat

  • 5-10 avocado pits, scrubbed clean of any residual avocado flesh.

  • Equal parts sugar and water. I used 2 cups of each (circa 500ml / 500g)

Dry out your avocado pits by leaving them in a cool dry place for a few days.

BLITZ them in a blender (I used my RIDICULOUSLY good Ninja blender!)

Toast the crushed pits over a medium heat.

Add the sugar and water and bring to a simmer.

Bottle and leave to infuse for 24+ hours.

Strain out the lumps.

Re-bottle and store in the fridge.

SO SIMPLE! You now have your orgeat, congratulations! Now get drinking.

Here are a few cocktails that include orgeat:

Army & Navy


Mai Tai

Trinidad Sour

London Sour

Fog Cutter

Japanese Cocktail

Saturn Cocktail

Watch Me Make It