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A Town Called "Strange", and a place that really WAS Strange.

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

I had had enough. We had had enough. Isn't it fun to write "had had" in a sentence. Smooth.

We wanted to get out of the city; it had been over four months since we had been more than ten kilometres from our house. Sure, our bikes had been helping us find new areas of the city, but we were longing to go further afield. We came up with the plan to head out on a road trip hitting up weird and obscure parts of North Ontario. Our first stop was a town called Strange.

When I say "town", I really mean...er...road. It seems that Strange was once a town, but is now basically just a road. It is an unincorporated township; the kind of place that would make Leslie Knope cry! The town was abandoned and now all that is left is a church...and...did I already tell you about the road? Yeah? Oh, well, that's about it. There isn't even a sign to pose enthusiastically with!

A road covered in weird yellow and white markings and a black car. Danny Burke is in the drivers seat.

A few miles on from Strange, there IS a "strange" place really WORTH visiting; the Pleasantville Curve. This is a dead end stretch of decommissioned road where highway and road maintenance workers come to test the paint for road markings. Niche. Super niche. The end result is, well, take a look for yourself!

A friend of Rebecca's poses on the strange road filled with weird paint markings.

Rebecca stands looking at the crazy paint job of the Pleasantville Curve

The road is pretty cool for photo lovers and those with a good eye for a dystopian landscape! We had some fun taking snaps and filming parts of the drive. Note to self: don't try and get one of those artful Instagrammer laying down shots; I look dead.

A low to the ground shot of the Pleasantville Curve

The Pleasantville Curve is just an hour outside of Toronto and it is totally worth a stop if you're heading north to cottage country and beyond! I would maybe give "Strange" a miss. I'd ask for my money back, but they haven't had a bank in the town in...well...forever maybe!

Next stop, Grundy Lake! Stay tuned!

Watch Us Explore!

Yes, of course I made a YouTube video of our adventure so you can see it all for yourself! Enjoy!...Bonus, you get to see the awkward unintentional "dead" pose!