You Can Go Your Own Way

So 2014 has been an amazing year for me. My website Official Theatre is booming and I have made so many new friends. A lot of those new friends have been bloggers. Awesome bloggers at that.

As part of expanding Official Theatre  I have been holding regular blogger meet up nights and set up a group called #LDNTheatreBloggers. The only problem is, I feel like a bit of a fraud. Yeah I write A LOT of unique blog like content for Official Theatre, but as it is my business I am restricted in the topics I can write about; mainly theatre.

I bloody love theatre, but there is a lot more to be than being a theatre critic; I love live music, I enjoy fashion and I pretty much worship a good gin and tonic.  I like exploring new places and falling over my own feet when I do so. I am a presenter. I am a comic. I am the hungriest person I have ever met.

Inspired by the freedom of some of my lovely new blogging friends, I have decided to set up as a new platform to discuss the inner workings of my crazy life, in which I have been “having a hoot since 1989.” (LETS ALSO discuss how pretty much everything that is awesome started doing its thing in 1989 like Taylor Swift, the Game Boy, The Simpsons…and SEE YA LATER Berlin Wall. Anyway….that sounds like the basis for another blog post!)

I hope you enjoy reading 🙂 x

Fleetwood Felgate
You Can Go Your Own Way :)

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