Web We Want Festival – Southbank Centre

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As you may know, yesterday I was asked to speak at the Southbank Centre’s Web We Want Festival, an awesome three day event running through the whole of the Southbank that included exhibitions, digital art, talks and all the fun surrounding the world web! The guy who INVENTED the internet was even there! What a LAD.

Why Blog?

Some of the activities and events on offer were some truly awesome retro games, talks on the end of privacy, advice on how to build a website and even how to win at online dating! The talk I was participating in was Why Blog? alongside with three other bloggers/instagrammers,  Michael of Symmetry Breakfast, Lulu Kitoloto, Jenny Howze of BritMums plus blogger and discussion leader, Davina Drummond.

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I was invited to talk about my experiences building Official Theatre from nothing to a successful business using the power of blogging as well as my experience blogging as hobby. Each speaker was really diverse; BritMums is a site aimed at mothers, Symmetry Breakfast is a cross between art and food (YUM), Lulu’s blog, Afri-Love, aims to inspire African’s to do whatever they aspire to, and Davina who blogs about art and being a mother.

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So why do I blog? to cut a 5 minute speech short (I also think it was filmed so I will post it when it is up) because a) in business it allows you to break the corporate veneer and communicate with your readers/customers on a personal level, b) socially speaking, it does wonders – I set up #LDNtheatrebloggers less than a year ago and now have SO MANY new like minded friends, c) as a record – looking back over past blogs, especially My Week In Pictures posts, really helps me appreciate what a lovely life I live and how lucky I am!

Later the floor was opened up to questions from the audience, which was fun. I seriously picked up so many amazing tips from my co-panellists.

Thanks to all my friends who came to support!

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Snog and Blog

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Later on I was invited to a blogging networking event as part of the Web We Want Fest which was taking place on the Snog Yogurt bus (YES BRIGHT PINK FROZEN YOGURT BUS.) Not only was I attending the event, in which we were given freeeeeeeeeeeee Snogs (oioi!) I was also hosting a web savy quiz! All the fun.

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Some of my favourite people were aboard the bus, including Ed, Katy, Rebecca (pictured below), Emma and one of my new friends Charlotte (all of which are put of #LDNTheatreBloggers.) I also met some lovely other travel and lifestyle bloggers such as Roma and Sarah.

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It was so nice to have a network with fellow bloggers and a snog! A HUGE thanks the two MEGA babes from the Southbank Centre who organised the event, Tallissa and Hannah (who also runs a crafty blog!)

Lovely Hannah and cheeky young Ed giving it the 'ol photo steal :)

Katy and me :D

I Bloooooomin loved having a blog and snog and literally left wanting snog everyone and everything – what a fantastic day all round at the Web We Want fest!

Without blogging, I wouldn't know these babes.
Without blogging, I wouldn’t know these babes.

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