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My Week In Pictures 9th -15th May

http://esme.es/methenolone-buy FINALLY my website is working again so I am posting last week’s blog followed by this one. Anyway, good times…. a lot of beer!


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http://mcinstitute.org/certification/certification/level-1/ Our projector finally arrived! Now we can watch movies really large on the wall and project weird funky patterns.


http://sixfeetfromtheedge.com/2013/11/from-where-i-stand/ IMG_7021

http://ena-musikverlag.de/?m=200609 I went to the cinema went to see Captain America, but I walked most of the way which was insane – it took the best part of two hours. I walked through High Park and the weather was beautiful!


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enter All the fun in the Studio. This is Liam, doing a handstand… because why not.

http://ena-musikverlag.de/?cat=44 Here I am!

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http://sixfeetfromtheedge.com/2014/09/inspiration-10x-random-awesomeness/ The weather has been nice this week, so Will and I went to the park after work for a cheeky beer and some sun.

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buy clomid eu Oh…more beer…! Oops! Jessica and I went to WVURST, a German beer hall that sells an array of good sausages!


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go to site EUROVISION!

http://ena-musikverlag.de/?p=271 Followed by incredible African food at a place in Bloor.

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Will and I went to a Brewery (yes, more beer) in Eglington for lunch and some ale. We had a Wh-ALE of a time 🙂


Busy busy as always, but next week RUTH NORRIS (aka one of my best friends in the universe) is coming to visit so I am so excited!!!!!

My Week In Pictures 11th – 17th April 2016

As usual, all the fun happens towards the end of the week! It isn’t like I live for the weekend, it is just that nothing fun every really happens on a Monday or Tuesday! That said, I had a good time!



It’s amazing how a little card can make your day. I got sent this thank you card from my niece “Isobel” (actually sent by my sister) and it cheered me up to a colour as bright as this little hand chicken!



Suns out, huns out! The sky got pretty blue and everything started to become very spring like from Tuesday.



Sneaky Dee’s nachos and pub quiz for the WIN! (Although, we didn’t actually win!)



Studio life! I filmed many Top 10s this week and was covering Landon doing the news for Landon Production.



Party! It was Jessica’s birthday on Friday so we went to her house for some good old fashioned fun, followed by a trip to a karaoke bar!

One of her friends drew this picture of us sitting down! I look like a hunch-back but I am into it!



Spring in bloom!


This incredibly pimpin car was being delivered to the studio!


Later, Michael McCruden was having a house warming party, where Will and Danny showed some true Bro-mance! IMG_6760



Absolute CHEERS to a day off! I am working six days a week at the moment so today I relished some chillout time in the glorious sunshine!


Bellwoods babein’


Will and I walked down Ossington to discover a buck a shuck place….would have been rude not to pop in!

So that was my week in pictures! I am currently working on my own Youtube channel, so if you fancy seeing more than just pictures, please pop over and check out my videos / subscribe to me!

Major love! xxxx