No Years Resolution

Happy New Year one and all! I have been away up in the beautiful but realtively internet-less Yorkshire Dales over the Christmas Holidays and have had a rare offline break! It was weird, but it was welcome!

On returning to London and getting back into the internet world and blogosphere, I have been reading a lot of resolution based posts and am impressed by many of your resolves.

2014 was a beautiful whirlwind that saw me take trips to many places in Thailand, Cologne, New York and more local adventures climbing mount Snowden in Wales, Ben Nevis in Fort William and my usual gallivanting at the Edinburgh Fringe. I saw over 200 different theatre shows, 6 different bands, ate my weight in cheese, drank an Atlantic worth of gin and met SO MANY AWESOME people. OH and I also paid off ALL of my overdraft and saved some ACTUAL money. Dollars in the waistband baby.

I think what led to such adventures in 2014 was just generally playing life by ear and, whilst saving a bit for the future, just generally thinking f*ck it when the opportunity to do something fun came up. Therefore my resolutions are no resolutions. I simply resolve to do what the hell I want to. #yolo (has that saying become ironic yet?!)

I would be lying if I said I didn’t wish I could rein in my exuberant love of all things delicious such as cheese (IheartcheeseIDST) and cake and glorious pies and instead just eat things that grow from the earth and all that trendy clean eating stuff, but let’s face it, I fucking love food. Glorious food (hot sausage and mustard!) As long as I can (just about!) still fit into my jeans, I’m not really going to punish myself when it comes to scoffing a few biccies with my tea.

Similarly, I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to go to more live music events, get more presenting work (HOLLA atcha ITV, BBC, CH4, Sky, XFM…and there’s a cheeky summin’ summin’ here for you QVC!) and tighten up the junk in my trunk, earn a hundred million dolllars (said like DR Evil) etc etc…but it’s all just a bit pie in the sky for me. I’m always going to be the girl making a b-line for the canapés at a swanky event, no matter how profesh I wish to be. My life isn’t a quota. It’s a bloody glorious romp through the outback of the unexpected, and I’d rather keep it that way.

Someone pass me the cheese.

They see me rollin'....
They see me rollin’….

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