My YEAR In Pictures

So I have just emerged in 2016. YAS I know it’s the 3rd of January but I needed some recovery!  Usually on a Sunday I hit you with my week in pictures but today I thought I’d reflect on my year. It’s been one blaaaaady great journey (co-voyaged in parts by some equally great huns and bros.) SO ….here is my YEAR in pictures. FEAST YOUR EYES!


January 2015 2

It is my birthday in January. Always has been, always will be. The annual tradition is to get passsshed with whichever huns I can assemble. In 2015 those huns were premium.

January 2015 3

My beautiful sister had a pretty big bun in her oven in January and we threw her a baby shower. It was lovely and look how fabulous she is.


In January I celebrated three years of knowing this chap (the one with the scarf, not the alpaca…although I WISH I’d known him for three years too!) To mark the occasion, we went on an alpaca trek near Folkstone, UK.


Feb 2015 3

We cocktail in skyscrapers like city wankers. That was a huge theme of the London part of 2015. The picture above shows me and my bff Snozzle Wozzle, aka Ruth Norris, in a glass lift on the 42nd floor of the Heron Tower about to buy a wildly over-priced but wildly delicious cocktail. Cheers, life!

Red smoke in the street

Koelle alaaf! Back once again for the renegade carnival-goer! I returned to Cologne to party with my favourite Germans and adopted German.  This is ALWAYS fun and I am sad I won’t be there this year :'(!
Feb 2015 1

Happy Birthday Emma Minihan! The glory that is my friend Emma turned 25, so we dressed up like adventure time characters and had a ball.


My niece - a baby!

One of the more important things to have happened this year was that this little lady came into the world. My first ever niece – Miss Isobel Jane Barker <3

Gins in tins!

On the SAME evening that Isobel came into the world, I was filming a hard hitting documentary about various gin flavours with my glorious friend, Katie Brennan. You can watch the results here.


March will forever be the month I ate this seafood feast of dreams #takemeback.


Enjoying a sunny Sunday!

To Amsterdam! Will and I met up with our German contingent in Amsterdam and it was DAMn fun. We camped and drank gin. What more do you need?

photo 3 (11)

Will and I spent a weekend with his family at a cottage in Norfolk. There was a SEAL BEACH. I repeat, SEAL BEACH. I managed to get close to one.

photo 3 (9)

This picture may not look like much, but I am about to have THE BEST evening watching Imelda Staunton in Gypsy at the Savoy Theatre in London. I saw around 100 shows last year, but Gypsy was THE BEST.


photo 4 (8)

One of the best weekends of the year was spent at the Gower in Wales with Will and our friends Jonny and Candice. We camped by the sea, we drank, ate, swam, walked. Perfecto.

photo 2 (15)

I was invited to be a paid speaker at the Southbank Centre’s Web We Want festival.  I was discussing professional blogging and this picture is of me about to go on stage 🙂

May 2015

My lovely friend Amelia and I RINSED the pop up Campari bar in Shoreditch in May! It opened right next to our office and was giving out unlimited free cocktails……….so…yeah.



The Emerald Isles! Will and I used up our holiday at work to take a little trip to Ireland. This is Carrantohill in Killarney, the highest mountain in the country and we CLIMBED that honey on a REALLY hot day.

December 2015 2

June is Kate Martin’s Birthday. A day spent with Kate Martin is a fantastic day indeed!


June was rounded off by fun in the sun with my best friends watching Taylor Swift in Hyde Park.



July was mostly spent trying to watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre with the above beauties….but like a good old English  summer, it was rained off a LOT. I did finally watch in the end though and it was worth the wait.

By July Will and  I knew we were leaving to move to Canada. Positive as it was, leaving my home of 8 years (London town) was sad so while I was still living there I enjoyed it to the MAXIMUM. The above champagne was one of many with my friend Sammi.

So long and thanks for all the fish. Off I went. Leaving my job of three and a half  years was a mixed bag of fabulous and sad. In a blaze of exit glory, this picture was taken. Ciao for now!



Will and I took the WHOLE month of August off to spend time with our families and friends. This picture was taken near Scafell Pike on a camping trip with Will’s parents.


One of the glorious things about 2015 was that my friend Clarkie got married. She is the first of my friends to have taken a husband and we had a blast at her hen do (pics NSFW!) and wedding. This was also the last time I saw all of my school friends in a group before I left for Canada.

This was the last day I spent with my friend Kate. WHAT A DAY we had. Tears were shed  the next day because saying goodbye to your best friends SUCKS.


So does saying goodbye to your family. This is mum and Isobel at  a party my mum was throwing for Will and I.


IMG_2306 (1)

The first chapter of the rest of our lives – this is mine and Will’s first day in Toronto :)!


Hi Niagara Falls!


Do you want to party with this guy? Here he is at a beach party in Montreal!

IMG_2961 (1)

Our first Baseball game! This is Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees.



I popped over to New York for a week to hang out with Michaela and drink some coffee. It was glorious.


Will and I explored more of Toronto. I took this picture of the city skyline on a boat ride to the islands.


Our first Canadian Thanksgiving was a fantastic one hosted by our friend Harriet’s mum.


YES! One of the major events this year was getting a job as a presenter. I did a radio show in London but being an on camera host has been a dream. I LOVE working for Inform Overload and Most Amazing Top Ten.


Toronto Apartment

Will and I moved into our new apartment. Here it is in its basic and semi-furnished state. It has blossomed into a home since!


Drinking and having fun with these two in November was, and still is, a glory. These beauties have made settling into life in Canada much better.

I did a lot of food reviewing in November for the Toronto Guardian and it was GREAT. This is from an incredible Icelandic feast I had which you can read about here.



Will, Sam, Harriet and I went to see the ice hockey. Watching our first game from the front row was incredible!


December is when this beauty was born. We enjoyed his birthday to the max which included finding this record player on Free Cycle and buying this beaut of a marble table.

Our first Canadian Christmas! We had Sam over for the day and over the festive period a few more friends dropped by. Yeah, it was weird without family but we had a lovely time!


This was me today….so the first picture of a whole new year! Happy new year to all and all those involved in making my year the hoot and howl in really was. Let us do it all over to a brand new tune. xxx


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