My Week In Pictures May 2nd – 8th 2016

enter site This week has been fun! While everyone back in England seems to have been enjoying a heatwave, Toronto still seems to be breaking the spring, so we have had a real mixed bag of weather – which keeps it interesting!


IMG_6979 Will and I went for chicken at a Portuguese place near our house that sells cocktails for $5 ! That’s £2.50 back home. Rude not to really.

Tuesday IMG_6918

go site Suns out, water-guns out! Or, erm…water jet streamy things. Whatever, they look like a summerlicious delight


rectal cytotec IMG_6922 Suns out, HUNS OUT! Look how Spirng-y us gals at the studio were looking


click IMG_6977

buy zithromax in us A much needed beer sesh with a much missed babe; I haven’t seen Harriet that much over the past month but we finally managed to have a good beer and impromptu wine drinking sesh.  On my way home, I passed this chap:

go IMG_6928


IMG_6976 Sometimes on a Friday I like to script from home and this Friday it turned out to be an excellent choice because I was able to script in the garden on a bloomin glorious day.

buy cytotec amex IMG_6978

Saturday IMG_6940 On Saturday, Danny and his girlfriend, Skylar, came over for a BBQ and it was glorious. Will got pretty excited about his “waggly meat” and even more excited to christen the BBQ with a cook up!  MANY MANY beers were drunk. Oops.

Sunday IMG_6953

source Today Will and I went on a brunch cruise around the Toronto Harbour Front on Lake Ontario. The weather was a  mixed bag but it was nice to do something different and I enjoyed my afternoon at sea (not actual sea…but a really big lake counts, right?)


Also being by the water means being able to hang out with these babes!


A moody picture of the city to end the week! But fear not, I’m most jolly! Will and I have just bought the new Radiohead album, A Moon Shaped Pool, so we are getting into that RIGHT NOW.

HERE is a video of the cruise!

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