My Week in Pictures 6-12th September 2015

Hello beauties! SO I have decided to go for a slightly new format with the Week in Pictures posts to account for the varying time zones of myself in Canada and my readers in the UK. I am going to try and post these on Sunday mornings Toronto time, which will hit you Sunday afternoons. Therefore I am starting the week from Sundays and ending the week on Saturdays. It makes sense!

SO THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME and could possibly be my best picture post yet. Hold tight.


IMG_2616 (1)

I KIND of covered Sunday last week, but basically we explored a bit more of the city during the day then later had a bbq on the balcony of the place we were staying with our lovely hosts. It was a meat feast!  After that we headed out for some drinks as the next day was a bank holiday. Labour Day!




Totally casual, but I started this week with a trip to Niagara Falls. NIAGARA FALLS! It was incredible.


I won’t share all of my Niagara pictures as I think I will write a post about the whole (crazy) place soon.


After our trip to Niagara (with some new Canadian friends!) we had worked up a hunger! We all returned to the city and dined like royalty for next to nothing at Sushi On Bloor. You can read my post about this place and generally ogle at sushi here.



SO on Tuesday I had to have an emergency filling and it cost me $323! Whilst this made me want to cry, I drowned my tears in beer and tasty food with Harriet at a place in the city called El Furniture. The bar itself sells legit tasty food for $4.99 a plate, which very much helped!

I then walked back to where Will and I were staying and trotted past this ‘ol familiar friend of a sign which was lit up all pretty in the dark. Mega babe.



Is it okay that I am in a happy relationship and we went to Hooters as a couple for lunch?! It has been sort of a running joke for a while?!


Anyway, the food was good and the margaritas were better …although the whole place was quite on brand with its seediness.


The only way is up from Hooters, right? Right. Will and I walked past the Bell Lightbox Movie Theatre (where they hold the Toronto International Film Festival) and got a couple of tickets to see one of the shows in the programme. I ALSO purchased a subscription to the Mirvsh Theatre Season, with the first show being Motown. I can’t wait!


To Montreal!  Will and I got up super early and got the bus to Montreal – Quebec! It took 6 hours and we arrived at 12 HUNGRY and ready to party Montreal style!


We headed to Schwartz’s for lunch – it is a famous deli style place that serves ridiculous (incredible) smoked beef “sandwiches” (LOL.)


After our meat feast, we walked to the old dock in the city, passing some pretty cool street art as we did!


Later we went on a boat ride around the dock and managed to get an awesome up close look at Habitat 67 – a residential block built in 1967 by a local architect as part of the ’67 Montreal Expo. Some people think the building is ugly, but I think it is SO COOL.



OH WOW FRIDAY, It was almost a joke… Will and I went to a day party at a beach club (where Kylie Jenner had her 18th Birthday :-/ ) with the guy we are staying with in Montreal.  The place isn’t actually on a beach, but is on a big fresh water lake and had a big pool, all of the sun loungers and a massive PARTY going on. It was …. just crazy.


The party started at like 11am and went on til 6pm…by which time we had danced in the pool with several beers, laid on the “beach”, danced on a deck to some DJ’s (who were hilarious and obviously though they were God’s gift to the human race!) By the end of it, we were RUINED. That said, even after grabbing some dinner, we were in bed by 11pm, which leads me to think that DAY PARTIES ARE THE WAY FORWARD!



So it took me about 20 years to get out of bed. Fine. Also,  after the glorious weather of Friday, Saturday decided to pee it down wit rain. Also FINE.


Eventually Will and I headed to the Biosphere on the islandy bit of Montreal. This was also built for the ’67 Expo and is structurally awesome.


The sphere is now an environment museum, which is pretty cool. Inside we learnt all about humans relationship to nature and technology and what we can do to move forward without destroying both things. Tres Interessant! (Did I mention they speak FRENCH in Montreal?!)


I dream of cheese. We all know that. The only way Will and I could make sure our hangovers were well and truly gone was to cover them in cheese. Oh HAI FONDUE! Yep – we had a glorious three course fondue meal that is absolutely worthy of its own post. So watch out for that!

SO now it is Sunday and it is still raining! It has been like 30 degrees everyday, so I really shouldn’t complain! We are going to head out soon to (hopefully, weather permitting) see some street drumming! Sure.

Love to all xx

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