My Week In Pictures 31st August to the 6th September 2015

It’s actually pretty early here – Toronto is 5 hours behind the UK. I am not sure whether this will affect my posting schedule in the future or my Sunday picture just needs to be something taken earlier on in the day. Who knows. ANYWAY…HI FROM CANADA! Will and I made it in one piece and the weather is INSANELY hot out here right now!

What happened to get us here this week? I’ll tells ya!


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Argh. After the joy of Sunday, Monday was rubbish. Not only was I a touch hungover (obviously Laura and Michaela’s fault!) but I also had to do some serious actual packing. Crap! It also rained pretty much ALL DAY. However by the evening the sky got clearish but still pretty moody. I feel ya sky!



Okay onwards and upwards. I was FINALLY packed and my mum, Andrew and I headed to my friend Sammi’s in East Grinstead as we were going to be staying the night before my flight (it’s MUCH closer to Gatwick than their house. )


To take the edge off thinking about the impending move, we all headed into London for a last hurrah and watched Kinky Boots the Musical at the Adelphi Theatre. It was INCREDIBLE!




So obviously at the airport we started the day with a glass of prosecco and a full English breakfast, because what is life and travel without deep fried food and alcohol before 10am? NOTHING.

The flight was good and went quite quickly. I managed to watch Disney & Pixar’s  Inside Out as well as an awesome food documentary on Canada. It got me pretty excited for touch down.


Yes, of course, here is the obligatory “in air” shot.

We touched down at 3pm local time (GMT – 5hrs) and it was the hottest day of the year. You can imagine how much fun carrying a 25kg case through the subway was, but actually the whole experience was made better by how LOVELY all Canadians seem to be!


I don’t have much to report from Wednesday night as we were shattered and pretty much just went to bed (after some hearty Jerk Chicken!) However after a lonnnngggg sleep, we were ready and raring to go on Thursday morning!


We started the day with a Tim Horton’s breakfast, which I am told is some kind of right of passage for Canadians, and it was good! Then we headed over to city hall to get our SIN numbers, got a bank account etc etc! Huzzah.

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Later we explored Kensington Market, which is like the Camden of Toronto. Here we had a few beers, found a CHEESE SHOP, a CAR GARDEN and generally just had a great time chatting to locals.


Later we met Harriet, who has been the MOST helpful person in getting us here, so we bought her a beer and we all had some food at the Amsterdam brewery on the harbour front.


Did I mention it is HOT here? On Friday we decided to chill out and escape the mid-day heat by staying in for a bit and applying for a couple of jobs. It is weird because we both kind of feel like we are on holiday, but we aren’t so we need to be proactive on the application station.


Later we headed to St Lawrence Market (foodie heaven) and generally touristed around before heading to the Distillery District downtown for a cheeky early evening pint.


Here you can’t buy beer at a corner shop like you can in the UK so we had to go to a massive bottle shop to pick up some local beers to take back to the apartment we are renting. We went with a lovely hoppy IPA brewed in Vancouver and then completed our experience by getting take out Poutine. It was LUSH.


Will had the classic Poutine (chips, gravy and cheese curds) and I had a pulled pork toping (still with cheese, OBVIOUSLY.)



Fun in the sun! On Saturday we went to a bar uptown called Scallywags to watch the England match in the sun with Harriet and her friend Helen.  Will and I started the afternoon (ha, barely!) with a Caesar (Canada’s answer to a bloody Mary.)


Later we had a couple more pints and watched a bit of the Blue Jays game (basketball) – Will, Harriet and I are off to see them play against the New York Yankees on the 22nd September! How North American are we?!


Well, as I said, it is quite early. Will and I are having pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast and then heading out to do some more exploring.

The guy we are staying with in our Airbnb place is a) awesome and b) has mentioned something about a bbq on the balcony later which I can definitely get on board with!

Tomorrow is Labour Day out here, so Canadians have the day off work. I am not sure what this means for Will and I, but there is loads of stuff happening across the city, including a parade!


I hope all is well back home, love to all! xxx

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