My Week in Pictures 26th January – 1st February 2015

Another week, another crazy romp through London and beyond! I only went to the theatre once this week but I did also record my radio show, have dinner and drinks with friends, host a party for 40 bloggers AND it was mine and Will’s 3 year anniversary! Woosh!

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SO Monday was pretty chilled, which is good as I had a busy week ahead. I took a walk through Shoreditch on my lunch break and saw this awesome street art of a crazy tape. Very East London! Sometimes I wish I lived in the countryside, but I am not sure I would get the same daily degree of culture!

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On Monday night I had to pop to the Noel Coward Theatre to give some of the #LDNtheatrebloggers some tickets to Shakespeare In Love, which I have already seen so I decided not to join them on this occassion, knowing I’ll see them at the party I was hosting on Friday. After the ticket drop I went home and actually had some time to cook!


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On Tuesday night I wet to see Taken At Midnight at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. The show transferred from Chichester, which tends to produces awesome work. The show was good and especially moving considering it was Auschwitz Memorial Day and the show focuses on a Jewish Lawyer who was  “taken at midnight” to a concentration camp and his mothers desperate attempt to free him. The show perhaps demanded a little more intimacy than the Theatre Royal could allow and I did find the structure of the show a little formulaic but all in all it was pretty affecting.


photo 2 (13)
Gin in a tin on air. In the words of my idol Alan Partridge, “AHA!”

Wednesday was busy! On top of working in the day, I recorded my radio show in the evening then had dinner the Breakfast Club with my friend Sara who has just moved back to London. This week my radio show (Rebecca’s Happy Hour on Shoreditch Radio) was an indie take on TRAINS. yes. Trains. Listen here.

Oh hey honey.
Oh hey honey.

The Breakfast Club was as delicious as ever and it was nice to try something non breakfasty from the menu (I work really nearby and usually go at lunchtime when they are still serving their breakfast menu.) I opted for a juicy emmental and portobello mushroom burger with avocado and a sweet brioche bun. Yum. Oh and obviously it was washed down with a pitcher o’ Pimms because, y’know.


photo 1 (9)
Coral talons with a hint o print behind!

Thursday was relatively chilled. I worked in the day, got my nails done and lunch at put some final bits of prep work into the blogger party on Friday. It was all getting a bit stressful as a couple of people dropped out last minute, so the nail bar was a welcome break! In th evening I grabbed a cheeky Nandos for Will and I then, like the rockstar I am, I went to bed at 10pm!

That's the spirit of Nandos
That’s the spirit of Nandos


A part isn't a party without a blow up flamingo!
A part isn’t a party without a blow up flamingo!

Friday was the big blogger meet up! Woo! I was in the office until 5ish then my colleague Vicki and I headed over to set up our summer themed partaaay (that obviously mean that I HAD to buy an amazing two piece palm tree shorts suit from the ASOS sale. See below!)

After worrying that no one would come, the party went REALLY well.  #LDNtheatrebloggers arrived in their swathes and indulged in the unlimited food and drink I had organised! Especially delicious were the mini burgers and golden chicken dippers. HELLO YES!

Planet Hollywood burgers are what DREAMS are made of.
Planet Hollywood burgers are what DREAMS are made of.

After some productive networking and blogger announcements, including from our co-hosts SeatPlan,  it all got a bit raucous! The lovely Theatre Nanna West End Wilma had donated us some of her new “Stagey” bags, that are available to buy from her site!

Thanks so much to Planet Hollywood and their PR, Esther Bell who is a mega babe!

photo 3 (9)


Alpaca comin' atcha!
Alpaca comin’ atcha!

On Saturday me and Will were celebrating our 3 year anniversary! We had booked an ALPACA TREK (YES!!!!!) so we got up super early considering it was a Saturday morning and headed down to Haugelands Farm in Burmash (about a 2 hour drive away from our flat in Kilburn.)

photo 4 (7)
Will and I with our Alpaca’s Andy Pandy and Splodge!

We had loads of fun taking the Alpacas for a walk and our guide Lara told us all about how they live and what they are like as animals which was very interesting! We got to feed our Alpacas carrots and they were very pleased about that!

After our “trek” (it was more just a nice little walk through a few fields) Will and I decided to drive to nearby Folkestone and check out the sea!

Winter sea
Winter sea

There is nothing I love more than being beside the seaside. As I was wearing my nice new Ralph Lauren wellies I was able to get in a bit. This pleased me no end!

photo 1 (11)
Looking out to sea.

After we had our fun, Will drove us back to London as we were planning to go for a nice meal that evening.

photo 2 (12)
Lovely Will

When we got back home we had a cheek re-spruce and I popped on my new little crazy skirt suit!

I love a jazzy print!
I love a jazzy print!

On our first date we went to Ping Pong on the Southbank so we decided to go back and treat ourselves to a luxury dinner! We started off with cocktails at the bar upstairs (a spiced elderflower Sake and a flaming passion fruit martini) and then took our table, ordering some edamame beans, which we bonded over when we first ate them 3 years ago!

FLAMING cocktai
FLAMING cocktai

I ordered another cocktail, this time a ginseng passion whilst Will opted for a chocolate tea. We has a feast with duck spring rolls, crispy prawn balls, roast pork puffs (oi oi!) vegetable sticky rice char sui bun (a mystery dish that turned out to be lush), some chicken and cashew dumplings as well as some scallop and shiitake dumplings! Woosh.

photo (4)


After all of the excitement of the week I wanted to have a nice and well earned chill out! Will’s friends are over to use my green screen and record their music video. I have been keeping out of the way in the bedroom and doing some writing whilst eating some chili and watching 90210…classy!

CHILI-ing ;)
CHILI-ing ;)

That’s all for this week! Hopefully next week will be just as awesome!

What have you been up to this week? Let me know!

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