My Week In Pictures 18th – 24th April 2016 How to increase low testosterone in males This week has been a little quieter as I have been working on my new YouTube channel in my spare time, rather than guzzling a plethora of cocktails. Sacrifices!   Anyway, here’s what’s what!


Dbol npp cycle IMG_6771

Pills for strength I took some delicious macarons to work, which I am 100% sure increased my productivity!

Tuesday Help for low testosterone IMG_6856 (1) Testosterone cypionate and nitric oxide supplements A black and white snap of the newest “studio”, haha! I have been shooting little inspiration vlogs on my bed.


Clen t3 fat loss results IMG_6860 Tbol only cycle gains Work work work work work work (it is ESSENTIAL you read that in the style of Rihanna.) With a love of food as strong as mine, I need to make a bit of time for the gym.  Yes, I am sure you are all a fan of my “Damn Daniel”-esque pink trainers! This little terror is a step machine….

Thursday Hcg levels and pregnancy symptoms IMG_6789

Androgen hormone All of the excitement in just one day! I had my hair done – gotta keep these red locks firey! Modecate injection side effects IMG_6803 Nugenix free bottle I went to Ovest in Toronto to review their new menu and it is GREAT. My review will be live in Toronto Guardian later this week. Meanwhile, you can visually lust at these food snaps! Above is a steak tartare and below is a crazy performative take on tiramisu, made ON the table!

Is testosterone enanthate safe IMG_6859 Equipoise mtg combo YUM!

Friday Trenbolone acetate how to use IMG_6858

Bit of a riches to rags story! The night before I enjoyed an evening of fine dining, and on Friday I had a second dinner of Poutine. Classy. Luckily two fabulous Canadian honeys were in tow and we had a blast.



I went to the park to get some fresh air and I found this little chap sitting around.  Hello little rubber dinosaur.


On Saturday evening, Will and I went to a friends house, and it looked a lot like this ^^^^^



How to end an indulgent week? With a pizza hut? I wish I could say I was sorry…. but it was nice to catch up on Game of Thrones with a cheeky slice (or 8!)

SO yeah, next week I guess I’ll just eat leaves! (LOL JK).  If you fancy checking out my youtube stuff, then please do!

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