My Week In Pictures 11th – 17th October 2015

zithromax online pharmacy no prescription Do I feel settled in Toronto? I must do as this week has felt very “normal.” Things are slowly starting to take shape and I am almost starting to feel a sense of routine, or as much of one that one can have when they don’t have full time work.

see url SO this week.

Sunday IMG_3518

where can i buy real cytotec in manila Sunday and Monday were celebrated as Thanksgiving in Canada. I love a good food holiday! Will and I were kindly invited for lunch by Harriet’s mum, who was visiting from England and had rented a lovely downtown apartment.

buy clomid ebay IMG_3519

clomid prescription overnight There were around ten of us there and we had the most delicious spread of pulled pork, cold meats, potato dauphinoise and ALL THE CHEESE. Thank god. Cheese costs a small fortune out here so is best saved for special occasions and this was one such glorious occasion! HI CHEESE. I LOVE YOU.

source Thanks to the beautiful Harriet & family for having us – look how much of a mega babe the lady herself is!

go to link IMG_3531


zithromax online delivery Monday was ACTUAL Thanksgiving, but we had already celebrated so we watched the all-important Blue Jays game at a friends with some pizza.

Later we headed down to music venue Adelaide Hall to see rapper, ODDISEE. IMG_3545 I am not usually one for rap, but we thought we would try something new and I am really glad we did as this was great! He had a full jazz band accompanying him and just seemed like legitimately the coolest guy on earth!

Tuesday IMG_3604 After the pizza and cheese glory of the past few days, my body was screaming for vegetables, so I let her have it!

Wednesday IMG_3590

click here How do you like your eggs in the morning? I like mine with a creepy wide eyed smile! That’s all. IMG_3589

I was so excited to be finally going to see Motown the Musical! It has been on Broadway and is going to the West End next year but first it is hanging out here in Toronto.

Whilst I was on my own, I had all of the fun watching the show!


More theatre! My friends back home were concerned that there wouldn’t be as much to see out here and whilst that is undeniably the case, I am still going to the theatre every week! Hurrah!


I was invited to review  Walter Asmus’s production of Not I/Footfalls/Rockaby, a popular Samuel Beckett trilogy. Oh my goodness I LOVED IT. I sat in the pitch black (ACTUAL pitch black, there was no light what so ever at points) and watched all kinds of lonely chaos evolve (“lonely chaos” is quite the juxtaposition, right?) Read my full review of Not I/Footfalls/Rockaby here.

Side line – also on Thursday I released my “music video” (ha!) for “Overground I Trusted You.”  If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here.



On Wednesday the Blue Jays defied the odds and managed to win their series against Texas so on Friday they were beginning their 5 game extravaganza with Kansas City.  As it was a Friday and as this city seems to be high on the Blue Jays success, Harriet, Sam, Ellie, Zack and I went to watch the game at a pub called Elephant and Castle (like home!)

Later I saw some bands play at the Smiling Buddah near my house. It was LOUD.


Will and I went for a browse around Toronto. The man himself picked up a pretty intense Halloween mask, deciding he simply must be a dinosaur/lizard for the occasion (I won’t share the picture of this as I think on actual halloween, with the addition of green body paint, it will be EVEN BETTER!)


We dipped in and out of vintage stores (hello Barbie “cake”) and later I bought an ice cream hot chocolate float from new love of my life, Bang Bang Ice Cream.

Late we headed out to the pub to see some ridiculous county music. Merriment, ahoy!


That was a week. Next week promises to be even more exciting as I have two restaurants to review and maaaay or maaaay not have some employment news. Awoooga.

Love to all. xx

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