My Week In Pictures 11th – 17th April 2016

buy zithromax with no prescription As usual, all the fun happens towards the end of the week! It isn’t like I live for the weekend, it is just that nothing fun every really happens on a Monday or Tuesday! That said, I had a good time!

Monday IMG_6765

cytotec used for abortion It’s amazing how a little card can make your day. I got sent this thank you card from my niece “Isobel” (actually sent by my sister) and it cheered me up to a colour as bright as this little hand chicken!

Tuesday IMG_6766

source Suns out, huns out! The sky got pretty blue and everything started to become very spring like from Tuesday.


see IMG_6763

watch Sneaky Dee’s nachos and pub quiz for the WIN! (Although, we didn’t actually win!)


where to buy cytotec in quiapo IMG_6709

buy clomid eu Studio life! I filmed many Top 10s this week and was covering Landon doing the news for Landon Production.

Friday IMG_6728 Party! It was Jessica’s birthday on Friday so we went to her house for some good old fashioned fun, followed by a trip to a karaoke bar!

where to buy cytotec over the counter One of her friends drew this picture of us sitting down! I look like a hunch-back but I am into it!

where can i buy cytotec pills in south africa IMG_6762


go Spring in bloom!

follow IMG_6761

source This incredibly pimpin car was being delivered to the studio! IMG_6731

go to link Later, Michael McCruden was having a house warming party, where Will and Danny showed some true Bro-mance! IMG_6760



Absolute CHEERS to a day off! I am working six days a week at the moment so today I relished some chillout time in the glorious sunshine!


Bellwoods babein’


Will and I walked down Ossington to discover a buck a shuck place….would have been rude not to pop in!

So that was my week in pictures! I am currently working on my own Youtube channel, so if you fancy seeing more than just pictures, please pop over and check out my videos / subscribe to me!

Major love! xxxx

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