London Coffee Festival 2015

Last week I went to the lip smackingly smashing London Coffee Festival.

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Having never heard of the event in previous years (apparently it has been going on for a few years) THIS year it came to my attention and my eyes were fully on it. Why? Because there was going to be coffee, cocktails, cakes and live music. Why NOT!
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As I had a jam packed bank holiday weekend planned, I could only go to the festival on Friday after work. I had just under 3 hours to explore ALL OF THE COFFEE BASED FUN. Challenge accepted!

My friend Kate came along with me and we headed STRAIGHT for some coffee!

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This little beauty you see above here is a flat white from the genuine fitties at Shoreditch Grind – who make AWESOME coffee. I was glad they were at the Coffee Fest as they have helped me in the past with an event I run for some bloggers back in November. It was good to touch base with them and sup their wonderful coffee once more!


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ALSO THERE WERE CRONUTS. CRO-NUTS. They’re a cross between a doughnut and a croissant. They are sent straight from Jesus. They are. AH!

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There were so many fabulous things to eat alongside coffee, but also so many things to concoct WITH coffee. One of those beautiful concoctions was the “Boozy” Salted Caramel Affogato which was essentially ice cream, biscotti, coffee and alcohol. IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!

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Above is Kate and I worshiping the God of Affogato.

Post salted caramel dream, we decided to take a coffee and cake break to investigate the bar which was, you bloomin’ guessed it, serving coffee cocktails.

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I opted for a negroni (including coffee drippings), which was quite refreshing after all the rich food and creamy coffee. Kate went for a dark and stormy, which also was pretty good.

Refreshed and BACK in the game, we headed upstairs to the musicy space for more coffee and cake! Yeeeeahhaaa! (MAY have been slightly caffeinated)

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Kate and I decided to sit down for a bit with our next coffee and watched some of the live music, at this point it was some crazy drumming and dancing, which was a little bit like our insides after 1000000000 coffees!

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OKAY SO WE HAD ONE MORE COCKTAIL, so sue me! We kind of HAD to try the Espresso Martini’s, because we were at a coffee festival and it was Friday night and if we didn’t we could have be thrown in jail. Social jail.
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To use a phrase coined by my lovely co-blogger friend, Katie Brennan, I was smacked off my tits on caffeine by the end of the night!
Kate and I headed away from the fest buzzing and ready to party. HURRAH!

BUT before we left, the lovely London Coffee Festival hit us up with a faaaaabulous goodie bag! They are called “goodie” bags for a reason and this baby was absolutely packed to the brim with coffee and non coffee based goods. Thank you, you beauties!

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A BIG thanks to my super talented and super beauts friend Michaela, who not only was marketing manger of DREAMS for the whole event, but also hooked me up with some tickets. #majorbabe.

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