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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM. Apparently, or so the rhyme goes. Only I have never actually heard anyone physically scream as a result of ice cream. Well, actually, maybe as a kid when we heard the ice cream van jingle by (“MUMMMM CAN I HAVE A POUND…” or…er..dollar to my new Transatlantic mates.)


Anyway. Ice-screaming was barely a thing, however after a trip to Bang Bang Ice Cream in the trendy Trinity-Bellwoods part of Toronto, I totallllly get this nursery rhyme. Adults, full grown adults, were losing their sh*t over a scoop of Bang Bang’s. I had heard that late night ice cream is very much a trend here (as much as going out for drinks is a social thing to do, so is going out for ice cream), however I did not expect to see a line down the street for the stuff.


I dragged a somewhat reluctant Will into the queue with me. We had seen the place full to the brim the night before but walked by. This time there was no stopping me.

Chatter was rife in the ice-cream queue. We were comrades in search of one thing; a taste from the promised land of creamy goodness. Gleeful front-liners came pouring out in their swathes, assuring us that we were doing the right thing by waiting in line (which is so not something Toronto-ians like to do in my experience.) “it’s so worth it!” they would say in their smug but encouraging positions of hindsight. One even gave me a taste of their miso cherry scoop. It was what I needed to keep me holding on.


As we got through those golden doors, the options became very apparent. Guys, it was better than we could have thought. They have ALL THE FLAVOURS AND they serve ICE CREAM SANDWICHES. I REPEAT. ICE. CREAM. SANDWICHES. Ice cream sandwich between TWO COOKIES OF YOUR CHOICE. Oh God. HELP.


Sensing my need, the major honey in the place in front of me offered me a taster of her “totaro” tub (YES, tub, they do take away tubs!) A better woman than I may have politely refused, but I was out for “yam” (sweet potato) so I went for it. I can happily report that potato ice cream is glorious. Glorious!


Entertained by the choice of the boarderline artsy Homer Simpson décor, I pondered my options. Miso cherry and torato were swimming in my mind, but my heart lay elsewhere. It was then I read the sign telling me I was allowed one taster. Tactics came into play here. I am no fool, I had made my choice, but strike me down if I was about to let an extra taste go by. Heathens! “I’ll try the key lime pie, please.” Ho ho ho, I had no intention of buying it…oh…no wait….yum. Now I want it. BUT NO REBECCA, YOU ALREADY MADE YOUR CHOICE. Blind panic and hysteria had set in as I ordered a scoop of avocado and a scoop of burnt toffee for me and an ice-cream sandwich comprised of “campfire marshmallow” (lol, guys) betwixt a cocoon of peanut butter cookies.


Dare we try our first little lick? We dare. OH. GOD.


Soon we were the smug ice cream hoarders spilling into the streets with euphoria clutching at our bounty. I can even provide you with a picture of Will’s smug face. Look who is pleased they waited in line for 30 minutes now!


The avocado was delicately flavoured and creamy, just like an avocado should be. My burnt toffee was just the right side of caramelized and sugary sweet. Yum. Did I make a mistake by not going ice cream sandwich? Yes, yes I did. Will’s whimsically named campfire marshmallow was nothing sort of a godlike treat between two clapping peanut buttery hands. That said, I regret nothing. Except maybe not ordering a scoop of key lime. Is three scoops too many? Maybe. I was already starting to feel a bit like the queasy decorative Homer they had hanging on their wall, such is the testimony to their scoop sizes.


So, ice cream is a thing out here and ice-screaming is something else that pretty much just applies to ones attempt to secure a hotly sort after scoop from Bang Bang.

Bang Bang Ice Cream is located at 93A Ossington Avenue and is open Tues-Thurs from 1-10pm, Friday 1-11pm, Saturday 12-11pm, Sunday 12-10pm.
Price range:  $$ – A scoop was roughly $3.50, a sandwich of glory was roughly $6.

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