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I went for  brunch with Ruth today. We met at an adorable spot in a hidden away part of the city, a pastel haven with a leafy patio and lovely cakes. We opted for a three course brunch accompanied by coffee and a mimosa because sometimes it’s important to treat yourself and sometimes it’s important […]


I don’t have the answers to life, its meaning and the universe, but one thing I do believe in is Karma. I believe in Karma and I believe in justice. Justice has got me in trouble in the past. I feel a deep routed need for justice. I am and have always been willing to […]


It has  been one year.  One year since the day that started in England and ended in Toronto, Canada. One year since I woke up in a hotel room in a gigantic shared bed with my sister and fell asleep alone on a mattress in the middle of an empty room in a place I […]

San Francisco

San Francisco. The moment we knew. I had always wanted to go to San Francisco. A city that somehow manages to incorporate hustle and bustle with beautiful sweeping landscapes. Sealions, Sunshine, China Town, trams, hills, Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf, The Golden Gate Bridge. I wanted to see it all. I did. But that isn’t what […]

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