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My Week In Pictures 31st August to the 6th September 2015

It’s actually pretty early here – Toronto is 5 hours behind the UK. I am not sure whether this will affect my posting schedule in the future or my Sunday picture just needs to be something taken earlier on in the day. Who knows. ANYWAY…HI FROM CANADA! Will and I made it in one piece and the weather is INSANELY hot out here right now!

What happened to get us here this week? I’ll tells ya!


photo 1(1)

Argh. After the joy of Sunday, Monday was rubbish. Not only was I a touch hungover (obviously Laura and Michaela’s fault!) but I also had to do some serious actual packing. Crap! It also rained pretty much ALL DAY. However by the evening the sky got clearish but still pretty moody. I feel ya sky!



Okay onwards and upwards. I was FINALLY packed and my mum, Andrew and I headed to my friend Sammi’s in East Grinstead as we were going to be staying the night before my flight (it’s MUCH closer to Gatwick than their house. )


To take the edge off thinking about the impending move, we all headed into London for a last hurrah and watched Kinky Boots the Musical at the Adelphi Theatre. It was INCREDIBLE!




So obviously at the airport we started the day with a glass of prosecco and a full English breakfast, because what is life and travel without deep fried food and alcohol before 10am? NOTHING.

The flight was good and went quite quickly. I managed to watch Disney & Pixar’s  Inside Out as well as an awesome food documentary on Canada. It got me pretty excited for touch down.


Yes, of course, here is the obligatory “in air” shot.

We touched down at 3pm local time (GMT – 5hrs) and it was the hottest day of the year. You can imagine how much fun carrying a 25kg case through the subway was, but actually the whole experience was made better by how LOVELY all Canadians seem to be!


I don’t have much to report from Wednesday night as we were shattered and pretty much just went to bed (after some hearty Jerk Chicken!) However after a lonnnngggg sleep, we were ready and raring to go on Thursday morning!


We started the day with a Tim Horton’s breakfast, which I am told is some kind of right of passage for Canadians, and it was good! Then we headed over to city hall to get our SIN numbers, got a bank account etc etc! Huzzah.

IMG_2306 (1)

Later we explored Kensington Market, which is like the Camden of Toronto. Here we had a few beers, found a CHEESE SHOP, a CAR GARDEN and generally just had a great time chatting to locals.


Later we met Harriet, who has been the MOST helpful person in getting us here, so we bought her a beer and we all had some food at the Amsterdam brewery on the harbour front.


Did I mention it is HOT here? On Friday we decided to chill out and escape the mid-day heat by staying in for a bit and applying for a couple of jobs. It is weird because we both kind of feel like we are on holiday, but we aren’t so we need to be proactive on the application station.


Later we headed to St Lawrence Market (foodie heaven) and generally touristed around before heading to the Distillery District downtown for a cheeky early evening pint.


Here you can’t buy beer at a corner shop like you can in the UK so we had to go to a massive bottle shop to pick up some local beers to take back to the apartment we are renting. We went with a lovely hoppy IPA brewed in Vancouver and then completed our experience by getting take out Poutine. It was LUSH.


Will had the classic Poutine (chips, gravy and cheese curds) and I had a pulled pork toping (still with cheese, OBVIOUSLY.)



Fun in the sun! On Saturday we went to a bar uptown called Scallywags to watch the England match in the sun with Harriet and her friend Helen.  Will and I started the afternoon (ha, barely!) with a Caesar (Canada’s answer to a bloody Mary.)


Later we had a couple more pints and watched a bit of the Blue Jays game (basketball) – Will, Harriet and I are off to see them play against the New York Yankees on the 22nd September! How North American are we?!


Well, as I said, it is quite early. Will and I are having pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast and then heading out to do some more exploring.

The guy we are staying with in our Airbnb place is a) awesome and b) has mentioned something about a bbq on the balcony later which I can definitely get on board with!

Tomorrow is Labour Day out here, so Canadians have the day off work. I am not sure what this means for Will and I, but there is loads of stuff happening across the city, including a parade!


I hope all is well back home, love to all! xxx

My Week In Pictures 24th – 30th August 2015

WHAT a week. The last week in glorious, glorious blighty before I fly away to Canada. Happy? YES. Sad? *sigh* yes. I will miss so many people as well as the countryside and British food! SO with that in mind, I have tried to see as many friends as possible this week as well see (and eat) as much as I could before I go. WOOSH.


SO after our GLORIOUS time at Murakami on Sunday, Kate and I had an equally fabulous Monday as we utilised a £50 voucher she had for the Urban Leisure Group. One of the restaurants owned by ULG is Ask for Janice which is located in Farringdon and is filled with all kinds of yum and joy.


As you can see, we very much got stuck into things! Above are crab cakes, a three 1/3 pint flight of craft beers, baked eggs with merguez sausage, red pepper and sour cream plus a juicy cheeseburger with a brioche bun and a big ‘ol pickle!


Later I had to say goodbye to Kate for the last time, which made me very sad. Luckily I was meeting up with my friend Dominic for a margarita and to see McQueen at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. You can read my review of the show here.




On Tuesday, Will and I performed at the Hertford Folk Club, held at the lovely White Horse pub in the town centre. There was ale and folk aplenty. One of our songs went a bit wrong as we had only learnt it that day, however a fun evening was still had!




AND back to London. Again. It was my friend and ex-colleague, Amelia’s, last day at work on Wednesday and I was invited to the leaving lunch, which was very nice! We went to Beagle in Hoxton and it was most delicious. I had the above whole plaice (HI !) and a glorious summer cocktail, even though the weather outside was FOUL.


Later I met up with my friend Cher-Ann for a couple of drinks before getting the train back to the shire.




I was very absorbed in packing towards the tail end of last week, so there isn’t much to report for Thursday as presumably you don’t want a picture of my clothes in a pile! I did get to hang out with this hun rather a lot though – above is a picture of him totally wiped out because we had been playing ball in the garden for a while. Life is hard for Mr Bracken, as you can tell!



To the seaside! Mum and Andrew decided it would be nice if we took Bracken for an early evening walk in Felixtowe and they were right – it was very nice indeed. I was glad to see the English coast for a last time in who knows how long and the walk itself was refreshing and filled with blackberry bushes. Yum.


Later we went to a nice pub called The Ship Inn in Great Yarmouth for some good English fish n chips. YAS!




My run of English stuff continued as I had an afternoon Pimms followed by afternoon tea! Oh to be a full-time lady of leisure!

I met the newlyweds for a cheeky drink and they filled me in on what they have been up to since their fabulous wedding last week. We then headed to Nancy’s, a newish tea room in Newmarket that is very cutesy and kitsch. I had a tasty chocolate tea accompanied by scones with cream and jam. Hurrah!




Ach and ouch, my heart hurts! On Sunday my mum hosted a leaving party for Will and I. It took place in her lovely garden under some marquees. Almost all my friends and a good portion of my family were able to attend along with some of Will’s family. A few of us sang some songs, all of us ate and all of us were merry! A perfect day by all means.


So. That is IT. My month of goodbyes is almost over and somehow it doesn’t feel like it can be real. How can I not see some of the loves of my life for a year…or maybe more? Yes, I will be living in an amazing city with one very very big love of my life, but waaaa. I wish I could take all of these people with me. How can I do it, why am I going when my life here has been so fantastic? I’ll tell you – it’s now or never. My friends and family are growing up and we need to explore the world a bit before we find a place to settle down in it.

This is hard. But, with my lovely Will in tow, I am so hopeful that our life in Toronto will be every bit as marvelous as it has been here. If we find friends half as glorious as ours are back home then we will be lucky. I now have one FULL day in the UK left…I guess check back on Sunday (when I’ll be writing from Canada!) to see how I spent it!

Love to all!

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Regents Park Open Air Theatre



As they say, if at first you don’t succeed, try try and try again. Not only does this mantra apply to Milly’s efforts to marry off her brother in laws in Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, but also to my attempts at besting the weather to enjoy this outdoor show.

I adore the Regents Park Open Air Theatre. Adore adore. It is both beautiful and adds a level of intimacy and immediacy that indoor theatre doesn’t quite muster. It is adorned with fairy lights, picnics are totally encouraged and the whole stage is surrounded by trees!


That stage…So before I get to the part where I tell you how much I loved Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, and believe me I did love it, I need to talk to you about how incredible the stage and set design can be at this venue. I have been to many shows here that have brought to life many worlds before my eyes, so when I was invited to tour the stage with a group of lovely theatre bloggers, I was in AWE!


Peter McKintosh is a Open Air regular and it is easy to see why; his set design for Seven Brides captured both the essence of the space and the vibe of the show itself. It was incredible to walk among his work, especially to see the peep hole into the musicians world – a cleverly designed cubby hole peaking through the trees.

We were allowed to explore the set before the show, which made seeing it in action during the performance even more interesting. If you thought that outdoor theatre would be more basic than that of an indoor space, you would be wrong. This baby moves!


After much anticipation (two rain offs) the show itself did not let down. Rachel Kavanaugh and Alistair David have created a vibrant yet strangely quaint piece of theatre that raises the metaphorical roof of the Open Air. (Yes, an actual roof would also be quite nice for rainy days, but this would somewhat ruin the magic of being exposed to the elements and the smell of fresh air.)


Laura Pitt-Pulford and Alex Gaumond definitely had the chemistry to pull off playing the overworked and fed up Milly and the rouge like chauvinist, Adam. Together they led the show with energy and zeal which was similarly mirrored in the rest of the cast.

Seven Brides has something of a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs vibe and it is a joy to watch Milly try to tame Adam’s brothers; wonderfully portrayed by James Leece, Sam O’Rouke, Ed White, Leon Cooke, Bob Harms and Adam Rhys-Charles. These guys performed a theatrically delightful transformation from hungry apes to handsome (if I do say so!) gentlemen.

The show is brought to life by Alistair David’s colourful and expertly performed choreography which had the audience stomping and clapping as if they were part of a glorious hoedown.

Yes, the build up was tense, but I had SUCH fun seeing this show. I curse the unfortunate run of bad weather in the past few weeks, but would still urge everyone and anyone to get to the Regents Park Open Air Theatre. If you can’t catch this show (finishing August 29th) then do book to see Lord of the Flies, which won’t be quite as jolly but will be every bit as tantalising.



Yes this is me on the set pretending I am some kind of bar wench. I regret nothing.

My Week In Pictures 27th July – 2nd August 2015

*Written LAST week (27th July – 2nd August) but uploaded no as my blog was broken for a few days!

Help me I am so tired! I am literally lying on the floor, staring at the ceiling and wondering why I never managed to hustle Bernard out of this magical watch! I need sleep and have no hours for it! I am off to the Lake District in a few hours (hence no Sunday picture) for a week of internet less joy. Luckily Will is doing the 5.5 hour drive up there as a honey isn’t up for operating any machinery right now.



The first of the exit lunches! I’m sure there will be many more to come over the next month before we leave for
Toronto. On Monday we went to Lyle’s in Shoreditch and it was lovely, if a little pricey for the amount of food you got. You can read all about it here.



On Tuesday I recorded my final radio for Shoreditch radio (to be aired this coming Thursday at 1pm) and I felt most sad to leave! Luckily my sadness was tinged with joy as Delroy had brought me a
4 pack of Red Stripe as a farewell. Wahoo!


Will and I headed out for dinner at a Kilburn restaurant called Small and Beautiful. There you can get a pizza and a glass of wine for £7.95 – not too shabby.



On Wednesday evening I hosted a blogger pub quiz at the Mulberry Bush pub in Waterloo. Here I got to say goodbye to some of my lovely blogger friends and also got to be the quiz MASTER which I very much enjoyed.




It was weird, Thursday felt like my last day, even though it wasn’t.
My boss and one of my colleagues were not going to be in the office on Friday so flowers, cake and prosecco plus a general feathering of my desk happened on Thursday.


I never thought I’d be sad to never see my employer again, but I do feel a little down about it!


Thursday night I went to see West End magic show, Impossible at the Noel Coward Theatre. It was Press Night so there was plenty of free wine and joy. I may or may not have stayed out til 2am and had a guilty late night macdonalds. Whoops!




Despite having very minimal sleep, I dragged myself to work for one very last time because I am a soldier. We had a great day in the office and all went for a fantastic lunch at Bills which my former colleague, Dom, also attended because he is a boo.


It all descended into chaos a bit later and in the blink of an eye I was gone 🙂

We headed out for a few post work drinks too which was nice!



Waaaa – moving day.
I have been an official Londoner for 8 years and now I am moving out. Will and I have lived in our little house for 1 year and 2 months and we have had the best time .



I am off to the Lake District very shortly so won’t be able to do a proper Sunday post due to lack of Internet. Next week, however, you can enjoy lots of pretty lake pictures 🙂IMG_1569


I think I drank every day last week, perhaps in an attempt to drink up the last bit of my life in the city. Either way I didn’t get enough sleep and wasn’t too kind to my body – something I hope to rectify a bit whilst I’m up North on a much needed break. (In retrospect – this last bit is highly amusing!)

My Week In Pictures 6th – 12th July 2015

My week seem to always include theatre trips, schmoozig with friends, a few cocktails and some serious food love. Some weeks theatre and performing wins out, this week seems to have been all about the food…so, yeah, prepare yourself for that!



Monday Monday; what to do to cheer myself up at the begining of the working week? Nails! Yes! So I went to the salon, opted for a sassy red and everything was right again.  Take that world! (By “that,” I mean my shiny scarlet fingers.



Assemble the theatre squad! Yep, on Tuesday, myself and my theatre loving bros (Kate, Ed, Rebecca and Katie who is taking the pic) met up for a cheeky pre theatre wine at Beagle in Hoxton before heading to the Arcola Theatre to see a new musical, The House of Mirrors and Hearts.


The show itself was pretty good but needs a bit of work if it is to champion new British musical theatre. You can read my House of Mirrors and Hearts review here. Interestingly I got some unpleasant backlash for this review, which is amusing as I was actually largely praising the show. The commenter suggested I may have had too much cheese and wine before seeing the show, haha! Was I spotted?! Do we have a theatrical gossip girl on our hands?!


Eat First Salad

And then came the food. All of it.  It was beautiful.  This week has been hot so salads have by and large been in order. If you read my post on Wednesday about my new bff’s EAT FIRST, you will know I heart them. Why? ‘Cause they feed me beautiful, healthy and delicious treats like the butternut squash and goats cheese salad above.  This will not be the last you hear of these babes this week….



The less said about the effing tube strike the better….. I worked up a hunger trying to get home on the supposedly functional Overground so whipped up this tasty and healthy treat. This is a Mexican inspired chicken dish with spicy brown rice with vegetables and a side of refried beans. I seasoned my chicken with jerk, smoked paprika, garlic and fresh green chilli then dolloped some sour cream on it. YES. And it was under 500 cals #justsayin.



STOP TAKING PICTURES OF YOUR FOOD ALREADY.  Oh, wait, no. #sorrynotsorry, I heart it.

SO I recommended Eat First to my mate Rebecca (great name) who you saw in the Tuesday wine-ing picture above. She ordered using my recommendation code and got £5 off and subsequently I also got £5 off for the referral.  THIS MEANT THAT I GOT THIS ORGASM WORTHY CHICKEN WRAP ABOVE FOR £1.50. Scccchomebody schhhtop me.


Later I went for some drinks with some work mates at 333 Mother in Shoreditch, where they have this AWESOME flashing PEACOCK light! (Anyone who saw me at Halloween last year will know I bloody love a peacock!)

I ended up being a bit pissed and following the crowd for a much needed Vietnamese meal where I was encouraged to try eel. EEL!


This is the aforementioned eel, served with some peanuts, veg and a nice thai-style sauce. It was pretty good but I felt a bit like I could taste river. I also tried frogs legs that evening (waaaay to tipsy to photograph!) and they were nice if you didn’t think what you were eating!


Saturday was jam-friggin-packed! It was literally all going on!


I met up with Sammi at the Corinthia Hotel for a couple of celebratory glasses of champagne (we have just set up AND it is her birthday next week!)

The Mentalist London

After catching up over the bubbles, we headed to the Wyndham’s Theatre to see Stephen Merchant and Steffan Rhodri in The Mentalists (review to come.)  We even managed to squeeze in an interval vino, because, YOLO!


After the show I hot footed it to Colliers Wood in South London to present Pen and Rose’s Summer Fling fundraiser for their upcoming show, The River Spirit. The evening was lovely as a) the acts performing were amazing and b) I got to catch up with some mega huns! Yippie!

Above is Charlie and Emma performing as Patchwork Skies. I heart them.



Floor Picnic ahoy! As Will and I are slowly beginning to move stuff out of our flat ahead of our Canada move, we now don’t have a table. That never stopped us though, so we chucked one of my scarves down and picnic-ed like Gods.

Emma came over to join our feast and also to write a whimsical song about the London Overground with me. Watch this space!

SO that was all this week…I hope next week has just as much if not more to offer! I hope you all had an awesome week too!



My Week In Pictures 29th June – 5th July 2015

All the fun and merriment has been had this week and once again there hasn’t been a dull moment! In fact, some could say by the state of me now that I have had too much fun…..nah!



Sunshine eases the soul on a Monday! Although I didn’t want to be at work (a place of no aircon) I did very much enjoying visiting the beautiful Geffrye Museum gardens, where I sat and read a book on my lunch break. Ah!


On Monday Evening took my lovely Will to the theatre to see War Horse at the New London Theatre. The show is so beautifully staged and I just knew Will would love it, which he did. After popping for a cheeky pint first and soaking up some evening sun, we sat and absorbed ourselves in the action – it was great.



Sure, I really ought to go to the gym – the butter won’t shake itself out. However when it is as sunny as it has been this week, I feel less inclined. So, once again, I visited the Geffrye, this time to have an EatFirst picnic with Amelia.

I heart EatFirst and what you see above you here is a particularly lovely aubergine dish with polenta chips. Yum.


On Tuesday evening I made jerk chicken for me and Will, it was a Caribbean feast!



Did someone say zombies? Agaaah! So, zombies are terrifying, sure, but immersive theatre is fun! Following a pint in the sticky summer heat of Wednesday Night, My friends and I placed ourselves in a building teaming with the infected and fought for our lives to escape them!  The show is called Generation Z and it is rather well done.



I went to see The Phantom of the Opera on Thursday Night. I have seen it twice before but it needs a new review before I leave my company of Canada. I love Phantom, it is such an excellent show and, after 29 years on the West End, it still looks GREAT!



Oh haiiii hen party in Nottingham! One of my besties is getting married next month so we all headed up to Notts for a weekend of drinking, dancing and flashing penis memorabilia. Ideal.


Friday started off relatively classy with dinner and drinks (yuuuummmm to you king prawn flat bread!) but, as we were in Vodka Revolution,  we had waaaaay too many misc shots that tasted like apple pie, salted caramel or grass. It was like going wild on Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans but with a lot more shopping and a much sorer head the next day. Hurrah!




Saturday was ALL the fun, I don’t know how we squeezed it all in! We started proceedings by white water rafting which was just totally hilarious in a water in the face kind of way. We also got to wet suit up, which made me feel like I was a sassy assassin from the Bad Blood video. 


After that we headed for a spruce at the hotel followed by obligatory Buff Naked Butler action. Hello sir!


We THEN went on a party boat cruise along the Trent, which was BEAUTIFUL come sunset. We were a bit naughty on the boat, but what can you expect after Enforced shots!

After that we headed to a club in Nottingham city centre – luckily my phone died by thus point so there is no pictatorial evidence of the chaos.



FEED ME! The best thing about staying in a hotel is buffet breakfast, and that is exactly what I attacked this morning. All of the yes!

I then had to get a bus from Nottingham back to London…zzzz. I am home now and pondering what to make for tea. A rare moment of down time! Is it acceptable to go to sleep at 6pm?


My Week In Pictures 25th – 31st May

This week has been another joy – I hope this trend of all the fun continues forevermore!


photo 2 (17)

On Monday I was still in the Gower – so I woke up in a tent smelling like bonfire. I wouldn’t have had it any other way! Thank the lord for bank holidays – they are just the tonic. I had a big ol campfire fry up in the morning, then took a walk up a big hill and drank a bottle of becks..#yolo (or the the living part might be over sooner rather than later if I continue with fry-ups and beer!)

photo 3 (11)

Later we drove back to “business-as-usual London” which is sad but we did cross the Severn Bridge, which is pretty cool.


I was supposed to be going to the theatre on Tuesday but that was cancelled so instead I made dinner for me and Will and watched Game of Thrones. It was a lovely chill out I didn’t expect to have.

photo 2 (15)


photo 2 (16)

Champange Wednesdays are a thing, right? Well if they aren’t, they SHOULD be! Me and my lovely blogging friend, Katie Brennan, went to sample the delights of Champagne club at Kettner’s – my new most favourite eatry and champagne house in the city! OBVIOUSLY before heading up to the club, Bren-dawg and I had to have a cheeky little happy hour cocktail!

photo 1 (20)

Katie and I sampled 6 different champagnes…but y’know, all it a days work!

photo 1 (19)

ALSO GUYS THERE WERE MACARONS. Champagne and macarons…yep.

photo 2 (18)

ANYWAY a proper post on Champagne club will be up soon!


photo 5 (8)

After getting a little bit lost around Liverpool Street (despite working there for 3 years!) I found myself amid some fun street art and ready to watch my friends Emma and Charlie perform a gig at a club called Pipeline.

photo 3 (13)

I love watching these fabulous ladies perform – they are so talented and finding their sound as Patchwork Skies!


photo 3 (14)

Fri-YEY! I love a Friday a really do! This week I had some drinks with Katie (YES HER AGAIN!) and a new blogging friend, Frankie, at Planet Hollywood. Following that I went to see BRADLEY COOPER in ELEPHANT MAN! AHHHH!!!!! The review is embargoed until tomorrow so I will share it on Official Theatre then.

photo 1 (21)

After seeing Elephant Man, I headed to the pub with Katie then off to a party of an old uni friend who I haven’t seen in YEARS. Hurrah.


photo 2 (15)
SO Saturday was a big day! I had two events to speak at/ help with at the Southbank Centre. I was invited to be a speaker in the Web We Want Fest and helped host a quiz on the Snog bus. You can read ALL ABOUT IT here.
photo 3 (12)

Later Will, his mum Sue and I went for dinner at Ping Pong on the Southbank.
photo 2 (19)
We started with a well earned cocktail and then had a lovely dim sum feast! YES TO ROAST PORK PARCELS! YES TO SALTY EDAMAME PEAS!
photo 3 (15)

photo 1 (22)

AHhhhh after a BIG week, I am now trying to catch up on all the writing that goes along aside the fun! Thankfully I had bacon, avocado and tomato in the fridge to see me through!

Woosh. SO. Yeah. Next week. That’s about to happen! I hope you all had an amazing week!

My Week In Pictures 4th May – 10th May 2015

This week has pretty much been a joy, it was a four day working week and I had plenty of theatre, friends, drinks and fun. The only downside to my week were the election results…but let’s not get into that in a happy week round up. Apparently you win some you lose some.


photo 1 (21)

Hurrah! Bank Holiday Monday, or May Day as we call this one, is one of my favourite days. The tradition for the past three years is to go to Standon May Day and watch Will and his family folk band, Bullenbush Band, play. This year was my fourth outing to the tiny village of Standon and the sun kept up its tradition of shining!

photo 2 (20)

It is all very quaint in Standon – a bit of ale drinking, some folk music, some Morris dancers, the annual may queen parade and some fete stalls. Lovely.


photo 3 (17)

On Tuesday I saw Hay Fever at the Noel Coward theatre with Felicity Kendal in. The show was pretty average I thought but it was nice to be back in the theatrical fame after a week of illness last week!


photo 1 (20)

Hurrah! I ordered an Eat First for lunch on Wednesday as well as introducing my colleague and friend Amelia to them as well. YUM. They deliver freshly cooked, healthy food to your office (in central London only for now) in MINUTES. YES.

photo 4 (15)

On Wednesday evening I recorded my radio show the scuttled home amid a storm, trying but failing to avoid the rain. As I got in and watched the rain from my window, I saw this beauuuuutiful rainbow! It even had a friend trying to join it.


photo 5 (12)

Thursday was election day in the UK. It is a very important day; I am aware how lucky I am to live in a democracy and how many people fought for the right to vote, especially women such as Emmeline Pankhurst. So vote I did!

That even I saw a topical yet whimsical piece of musical theatre called Vote For Me, which is running at the London Theatre Workshop above the Eel Brook pub in Fulham. The theatre space is great – a small black box studio perfect for Fringe performances.

photo 2 (19)

The show was hilarious and me and the 18 bloggers I bought with me had a Q&A with the cast after the show. Plus there were doughnuts. Hells yes!


photo 4 (16)

Fri-YEY! After a very standard day at work, I had SEVERAL beers in my office building with some of the other companies that work there. I then continued the party on my own on the train with a cheeky homeward traveller!

Later me and Will invited his brother, Ryan, over and we drank some more and ate ridiculously buttered popcorn. I love a good chill out!


photo 3 (16)

Ooosh. I can still feel the burn from the gym sesh Michaela and I went on Saturday! She snuck me into her gym (as I go to one near my office) and I did alllllllllll of the treadmill-ing and cross-training whilst she had some kind of punching sesh with her personal trainer.

After the gym we had a delightful breakfast of croissants, eggs and bucksfizz on the terrace at M’s house in West Hampsted.

photo (5)

Later we headed for a cocktail at Frankie and Bennys (yummmmm) and watched the new Blake Lively film, the Age of Adeline which was entertaining as a chick flick but not exactly a classic.

Later that evening Will, his friend Matt and I headed out to Dalston. Awooga.


photo 2 (21)

After a bit of a lie in, Will and I headed to the British Museum to see the Ancient Lives exhibition which is made up of Egyptian Mummies.

photo 3 (18)

The exhibition was interesting but extremely haunting!

photo 5 (9)

Later we headed to Wahacca for some dinner and followed it up with a cheeky sipping tequila each. Mine came with a crazy Sangrita (tomatoey, tabasco-y, spicy gazpacho-y thing!) which was a bit intense, but I think it added to the experience.

photo 1 (22)

Nothing like a bit of tequila to round off the weekend!

What did you get up to this week? Let me know! My  week ahead is set to be a good’un for me! I hope it is for you too!

My Week in Pictures 27th April – 3rd May 2015

Waa at the beginning of this week I was feeling  pretty under the weather so I cancelled two theatre trips I had planned and sent one of my reviewers instead. It was very weird being indoors 5 nights in a row from Sunday – Thursday! Nonetheless I managed to have lots of fun towards the end of the week and  tomorrow is a bank holiday, thankfully!


photo 1(1)

Monday I contracted the plague. The actual plague. Although really it was just a cold. Anyway, despite being a total grump I managed to just about appreciate a nice sky as I walked home!


photo 1(3)

I went to work on Tuesday even though I wasn’t feeling to good and this was mainly because we were due to have a company lunch. I love lunch and this time it was going to be at The Diner in Shoreditch. I thought if a burger and milkshake can’t fix me then what can! I had a lovely halloumi and avocado burger with sweet potato fries plus a strawberry milkshake! POW!


photo 2(2)

Ah, despite the beauty that was Tuesday’s strawberry milkshake, I stayed home on Wednesday. I was supposed to be going to the theatre that night but I cancelled on that too as I really just needed some rest. Feeling a bit meh, all I could do to bring me joy was look out the window at this beautiful tree in blossom. Hurrah happy tree!


Corinthia Artist in Residence Opera 2015

Thursday was back to business and I felt somewhat better. I had a press event at London’s 5* Corinthia hotel for the announcement of the Corinthia’s Artist in Residence award, which was won by Emily Wall (read all about it here.)

photo 3(1)

As is customary for press events (worth attending!) there was lots of champagne. Yum. Unfortunately I was still not 100% better so I just had the one glass, but I appreciated it greatly.


photo 3(2)

On Friday I was back in the game! After another night in on Thursday I was feeling a bit stir crazy and couldn’t wait to meet my friend Kate after work for the London Coffee Festival, which my other lovely friend, Michaela was part masterminding!

We were given the full VIP treatment at the festival (which will get a blog post of its very own asap!) including some free cocktails and all the coffee we coud possibly drink before turning into murderous, over caffieneated monsters. Watch out for the post for all the info!



I got up early and drove up to Cambridgeshire to see my sister, brother in law and niece, Isobel. We went for lunch at a pub in Linton which was very nice indeed, and even nicer to get food and a drink for under a tenner – London, you suck.

photo 5(1)

Later on I headed over to my friend Lizzie’s new house for a plentiful BBQ and a catch up with my oldest friends. We drank (a lot!) ate (A LOT) and dance (like twats.) It was perfect.


I stayed at Lizzie’s the night before with all the gals and we had leftovers for breakfast, including cookies, camembert and chips!

Later I popped in to see mum and beautiful Bracken, who was happy as he had been in the sea earlier today!

photo 4(1)

After that I drove to Hertford to stay at Will’s parents house and tomorrow I am watching their family band, the Bullenbush Band, perform at a May Day festival in Standon!

Hurrah! SO I am glad I didn’t die of bubonic plague! Hopefully next week will involve more theatre than this week has.

I hope you are all enjoying your bank holiday weekends!

My Week In Pictures 23rd -29th March

Soooo this week was the week before payday (I get paid on the LAST day of the month!) so I have spent the past few days pretty much hibernating and waiting for the dollar (or, erm, pound sterling) to role in. Nonetheless, fun has still been had, albeit on a shoestring budget!


photo 1 (3)

Hurrah for being a designated member of the press! I was invited to the gala night of Harvey at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. I took my lovely friend Emma as my +1 and a few of my other critic friends were going to so a lovely evening was had by all (review here.)

photo 2 (15)

After the show my friend Ed and his boyfriend Pete treated me and Emma to a cheeky wine at “Half Way To Heaven” – which perhaps would be better named “Half Way To Hell” – it’s like the place all the people who are too drunk to get into other venues go. On Monday night it was karaoke night with a weird mix of suits and drag queens “rocking” the mic!


photo 2 (3)

On Tuesday I recorded my radio show at the Shoreditch Radio studios. This week’s theme was spring – give it a listen here!


photo 4 (7)

I had a night in on Wednesday night and Will and I made chilli and chips with leftovers in the fridge and it was an actual delight. Coupled with a beer and an episode of Better Call Saul – I was very happy indeed.


photo 3 (1)

On Thursday me and a few of my work friends had pizza at lunch from the lush place round the corner, however I wolfed it down so quick I forgot to take a picture. BUT In the evening a made a lovely poached egg, mushroom, sun blushed tomato and rocket salad.

photo 1 (11)


Will’s brother Ryan came round and we helped him work on his script for a comedy film he wants to shoot.


photo 4 (1)

On Friday I had to get my nails done due to a minor emergency and finally bit the bullet and had my trusty gel nails removed to give my real nails a break. Whilst they look good now it is only a matter of time til they snap!

photo 3 (10)

I decided that I was going to go for a drink with Michaela on Friday night as it was Friday after all! We headed out to West Hampstead and some kindly chaps bought us s couple of gins.



Will and I headed to Southfields for his aunty and uncle’s diamond wedding anniversary. It was really nice to see all of Will’s family and celebrate such a landmark achievement! Will’s mum Sue had made a fantastic cake for Peggy and Chick and they even got a letter from the queen with a rather marvellous tassel.

photo 5


After laying in for probably a touch too long, Will and I went to the local sports centre for a swim and a game of badminton and I was most pleased my newish pink trainers could have a little outing :)!

Now there is a roast in the oven – thank god! In fact…publishing this blog took a little longer than I had planned due to some emergency admin (snooze)  SO YEAH HERE THE ROAST IS:

photo 1 (14)

Aint no party like a roast pork party! Make of that what you will! For pud we had a controversial cadbury’s Creme Egg ice cream… it was egggggggggcellent. (NOT EVEN SORRY!)

photo 2 (16)

SO next week I get paid, so expect to see more exciting things than just my dinner! I even have a chocolate making masterclass at Hotel Chocolat to look forward to ! YES!