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Who Are Ya Felgate

Strategie binäre optionen So a lovely blogging babe called Caity tagged me in one of these get-to-know-you-ey things and asked me some questions. Here’s what’s what in the life and mind of me (essentially a lot of evil plots and schemes according to my boyfriend !)


1. What’s a day in the life of you?

My office in Shoreditch.
My office in Shoreditch.

enter Haha. GOD. Depends what day – week days and  weekends are a bit different. WORK DAYS (week days) usually involve me waking up, having coffee, watching some mindless Netflix for 30 mins whilst I put on my make-up (at the moment I’m watching 90210…guilty pleasure!) I then curse the existence of the overground as it fails to show up on time. When I get to work in Hoxton I am doing all kinds of theatre editorialy things, like writing up reviews or filming little videos or even organising theatre outings for the lovely bloggers.  

Working in Adobe Premier Pro
Working in Adobe Premier Pro

go to link When I am at work I tend to go to the gym in my lunch break a couple times a week. Most days after work I have plans, they will either be going to a show or going out for dinner with my friends.

Option binary options dominator free download At the weekends I LOVE going for brunch with my friends or making breakfast at home with Will. If me and Will have free weekends we like to organise mini and obscure adventures, like recently we went on an Alpaca Trek!

Me and my Alpaca mate, Andy. Casual.
Me and my Alpaca mate, Andy. Casual.

2. What are you really really good at?

enter site Making curry. Like really good authentic tasting curry. I can do Indian and Thai with similar prowess 😉

Home-made Thai Red Curry
Home-made Thai Red Curry

3. What meal could you eat for the rest of your life: Food, drink, AND dessert.


enter site Hm. Well. My favourite is probably Indian and as you know you can’t just have one dish at an Indian! You have to have like main, side, nan and rice. SO I’ll go (GAH) King Prawn Shashlik Masala with a side of Sag Aloo, Pashwari nan and mushroom rice. For pudding, hm. A cheese board! Us brits do that – cheese for dessert! Drink. Tricky. Is drinking red win acceptable for THE REST of my life?!

All the curry - just how I like it!
All the curry – just how I like it!

4. Favorite musical?

enter OH. AH. HM. CRAP.

Les Miserables.

5. Life goal – what is it?

To be a sassy businesswoman in charge of some kinda multi-millions generating cooperation whilst also maintaining a loving family life with my husband and kids. Also I’d like a steam room and a pool. AND a shit ton of Christian Louboutins.

Business Barbie. In Louboutins. Obvs.
Business Barbie. In Louboutins. Obvs.

6. Dogs or babies. Is that cruel?


But babies. Although I note you have used plural…DOG now. BABY later. Way later.

My niece - a baby!
My niece – a baby!
My "brother" - a dog.
My “brother” – a dog.

7. You have to travel with only one person for the next 5 years. That means 24/7, baby. Who is it?

There are so many people I would love to travel with for 5 years but I guess if I am ONLY allowed one, it would have to be my boyfriend Will. He is my friend and co-adventurer as well as the love of my life! (too sappy? Sorry!)

Will and I at the top of Crib Goch.
Will and I at the top of Crib Goch.

8. What is your current JAM?

(As much as I wish we hadn’t left the topic of food, we did at question 3 – we’re talking about music here!)

SO I do a radio show on Shoreditch Radio. I have LOADS OF JAMS as I am always listening to music. A recurring love is “Wolf Like Me” by TV on the Radio. “WE’RE HOWLING FOREVER.” We are. I don’t imagine I will be stopping any time soon.

9. Most thrilling adventure you’ve ever taken

SO I have realised that actually, you can totally travel alone. If you have the money for your ticket and the time then you have no limits. I have always wanted to go to New York. Will isn’t particularly interested so I just decided to go without him. I had a friend living in NY who I decided to visit, however I also decided to make a de-tour to Toronto because, why not? On my own I ventured to Canada for a few days, then I met my lovely friend in NY and stayed with her for 5 days. She was working so I had to spend some time alone, which was totally cool. I met up with a few people on a whim, saw some shows, ate some food and generally had a f*cking fabulous time.

CN Tower, Toronto.
CN Tower, Toronto.
A hot dog stand (?!) in New Jersey.
A hot dog stand (?!) in New Jersey.
Sweet heaven in Manhattan, NY.
Sweet heaven in Manhattan, NY.
On top of the world / Rockerfeller
On top of the world / Rockerfeller

10. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Be a television presenter. I guess that is kind of my goal too – I just can’t seem to get any proper work without dedicating ALL my time to finding it. It isn’t feasible to quit my job in order to tirelessly hunt for a broadcaster to hire me. Honey aint got the money.

photo 2 (8)

11. What is your favorite day of the week?

FRIDAY. NO. WAIT. SATURDAY! Definitely Saturday. Any day I am not at work and can eat a fabulous brunch/ drink mimosas at noon!

photo 2 (19)


SO I think I am supposed to nominate some questions for some people…sooo (you huns are under no pressure but, yeah, taged) I am going to go with LittleMissKaty. I AM ALSO going to go with Emma and Amy

  1. What is your favourite kind of cheese?
  2. What is your opinion on cream tea etiquette – cream before jam or vice versa?
  3.  If you HAD to choose between gin and champagne/prossecco/fizzy wine (because lets not pretend anyone gives a fuck which is what) which would you choose?
  4. Describe your ideal date (event)
  5. Describe your ideal date (person)
  6. What is the most embarassing thing that you have done that you will freely admit to?
  7. Show me a picture of your favourite place in the world?
  8. What is the best show you have ever seen?
  9. What is your 5 year plan?
  10. Babe, like what should I be watching on Netflix right now because I actually factually can’t choose anything ever. (Although yes, I am already calling Saul and building a few houses out of cards.)