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Eating My Way Through Toronto Part 1

Binäre optionen steuern zahlen Hi beauties,

follow site So you all know I heart food…because…FOOD, but you may not know I also review restaurants for the Toronto Guardian. I  thought I would share a few of the best places I have eaten recently

Sushi On Bloor

follow site IMG_4261







Ovest Cucina e Vineria

Steak Tartare
Seafood Soup




Pecan and Chocolate Pie (SO TASTY!)

You Need To Order: A blood moon negroni, tuna tartare, “black” cheeseburger with Guinness cheese.


A Taste of Iceland Festival at Luma




Basa Taberna

Barsa Toronto

AMAZING Tapas! Review

Terra in Thornhill



The Lakeview


Cheap and great for Brunch, with $4 caesars.

Duke Refreshers

IMG_4832 (1)

A good bar in central Toronto with tasty snacks and a good beer selection.

Bang Bang Ice Cream Toronto

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM. Apparently, or so the rhyme goes. Only I have never actually heard anyone physically scream as a result of ice cream. Well, actually, maybe as a kid when we heard the ice cream van jingle by (“MUMMMM CAN I HAVE A POUND…” or…er..dollar to my new Transatlantic mates.)


Anyway. Ice-screaming was barely a thing, however after a trip to Bang Bang Ice Cream in the trendy Trinity-Bellwoods part of Toronto, I totallllly get this nursery rhyme. Adults, full grown adults, were losing their sh*t over a scoop of Bang Bang’s. I had heard that late night ice cream is very much a trend here (as much as going out for drinks is a social thing to do, so is going out for ice cream), however I did not expect to see a line down the street for the stuff.


I dragged a somewhat reluctant Will into the queue with me. We had seen the place full to the brim the night before but walked by. This time there was no stopping me.

Chatter was rife in the ice-cream queue. We were comrades in search of one thing; a taste from the promised land of creamy goodness. Gleeful front-liners came pouring out in their swathes, assuring us that we were doing the right thing by waiting in line (which is so not something Toronto-ians like to do in my experience.) “it’s so worth it!” they would say in their smug but encouraging positions of hindsight. One even gave me a taste of their miso cherry scoop. It was what I needed to keep me holding on.


As we got through those golden doors, the options became very apparent. Guys, it was better than we could have thought. They have ALL THE FLAVOURS AND they serve ICE CREAM SANDWICHES. I REPEAT. ICE. CREAM. SANDWICHES. Ice cream sandwich between TWO COOKIES OF YOUR CHOICE. Oh God. HELP.


Sensing my need, the major honey in the place in front of me offered me a taster of her “totaro” tub (YES, tub, they do take away tubs!) A better woman than I may have politely refused, but I was out for “yam” (sweet potato) so I went for it. I can happily report that potato ice cream is glorious. Glorious!


Entertained by the choice of the boarderline artsy Homer Simpson décor, I pondered my options. Miso cherry and torato were swimming in my mind, but my heart lay elsewhere. It was then I read the sign telling me I was allowed one taster. Tactics came into play here. I am no fool, I had made my choice, but strike me down if I was about to let an extra taste go by. Heathens! “I’ll try the key lime pie, please.” Ho ho ho, I had no intention of buying it…oh…no wait….yum. Now I want it. BUT NO REBECCA, YOU ALREADY MADE YOUR CHOICE. Blind panic and hysteria had set in as I ordered a scoop of avocado and a scoop of burnt toffee for me and an ice-cream sandwich comprised of “campfire marshmallow” (lol, guys) betwixt a cocoon of peanut butter cookies.


Dare we try our first little lick? We dare. OH. GOD.


Soon we were the smug ice cream hoarders spilling into the streets with euphoria clutching at our bounty. I can even provide you with a picture of Will’s smug face. Look who is pleased they waited in line for 30 minutes now!


The avocado was delicately flavoured and creamy, just like an avocado should be. My burnt toffee was just the right side of caramelized and sugary sweet. Yum. Did I make a mistake by not going ice cream sandwich? Yes, yes I did. Will’s whimsically named campfire marshmallow was nothing sort of a godlike treat between two clapping peanut buttery hands. That said, I regret nothing. Except maybe not ordering a scoop of key lime. Is three scoops too many? Maybe. I was already starting to feel a bit like the queasy decorative Homer they had hanging on their wall, such is the testimony to their scoop sizes.


So, ice cream is a thing out here and ice-screaming is something else that pretty much just applies to ones attempt to secure a hotly sort after scoop from Bang Bang.

Bang Bang Ice Cream is located at 93A Ossington Avenue and is open Tues-Thurs from 1-10pm, Friday 1-11pm, Saturday 12-11pm, Sunday 12-10pm.
Buy targeted instagram likes Price range:  $$ – A scoop was roughly $3.50, a sandwich of glory was roughly $6.

Sushi On Bloor Toronto

One of my major concerns when deciding to move to Toronto was that the city’s food game might not be as strong as London’s. Whilst careful research told me otherwise, I was still somewhat dubious. After a week in Canada I have to truly and literally eat my words…


On arriving in Toronto, I decided to check out one of the many (like….SO many) Sushi restaurants, with a new friend recommending Sushi On Bloor as a good option. It was.


Greeted with green tea and miso soup, myself, Will and our two new friends we had made poured over the menu. For the two locals we were with, they knew what they wanted, with one quickly snapping up a Bento Box filled with goodies for only $10.50.


Whilst the box seemed like a ridiculously good option (Joel’s came with terrayki chicken, tempura shrimp (or king prawns to us British Huns,) rice, tempura vegetables, salmon rolls and some fruit) I decided to pick n mix from the extensive menu.


Hiiiiiiiii Pork Gyoza, you salty and crispy fried slice of meaty dreams! These were delish and we got 5 good sized dumplings for $3.35!


I fancied a bit of seafood so we also ordered some calamari which was lovely and not at all rubbery. I would say the batter could have used slightly more seasoning but Will seamed content.


Sushi sushi, what to do? I decided to opt for yellow tail sashimi along with tempura sweet potato and avocado rolls and crispy tuna rolls.

Will is kind of a sushi novice, however I am quite well versed so he went with me on the order and was surprised how much he loved the raw chunks of yellow tail. I was unsurprised but equally delighted by the beautiful, clear fresh fish taste.

Sushi On Bloor Review

The rolls were good too, although in future I think one set between two is more than enough for me. The sweet potato (or “yam” to our North American friends) was surprisingly creamy when offset with the avocado and the tuna was tasy, if underwhelmingly crunchy.

Joel let us try a little bit of his tempura vegetables, the broccoli being my favourite, and one of his shrimp, which was predictably juicy and good. I have to say, from looking at it and having a little nibble, I was very much sold on the Bento box!

Will and I couldn’t eat all of our spread so had it packed up to take home (dinner and a doggy bag – winning!) although that didn’t mean I could squeeze in a complimentary scoop of green tea ice cream. Yes, that’s right, green TEA ice cream! Thus may not be to everyone’s taste, but I very much liked it!

Green Tea Ice Cream Suhsi On Bloor
The best part about the meal? Including tip, mine and Will’s spread cost us just over $30. Yep…. $15 each with food left over for lunch. To put that it perspective to my British friends; that is a hearty meal for £7.50 each. Sorry huns, I’m not coming back to London. The food is too good here. Good news is, there is room for you all over here too. So come! With dinner at £7.50 a head, first night out is on me!

Thanks Sushi on Bloor for being a totally delicious babe, I am sure I’ll be seeing you soon!

Sushi On Bloor, 525 Bloor Street West, Toronto, M5S 1Y4.

Murakami London

Life, you are a beauty.  How can it be that when you think you know an area so well, you overlook a true gem?

This is exactly how I felt when I sat down to dinner at Murakami on St Martin’s Lane. I must have walked past at least 20 times since the restaurant opened last summer, but I have never really noticed the gloriousness that turned out to be Murakami – a newish Japanese restaurant serving HIGH quality and HIGH taste small dishes.


Needless to say my co-dining companion, Kate, and I kicked things off with a bottle of prosecco, which the huns at Murakami lovingly served with a cheeky little raspberry in their fabulous glasses. Excellent start. Everyday I’m bubblin’…


The menu is filled to the brim with all kinds of gloriousness – sushi, fresh fish, dumplings, Asian tapas and Japanese grilled goods. HI HI HI. SO, browsing the menu, we obviously wanted to try EVERYTHING. Failing that though, we tried as much variety as we could. GET READY for some serious food envy.


Edamame peas are my favourite. Will and I ordered them on our first date at a different restaurant and, sad as it sounds, they always make me happy! So salty, warm and lovely and very hard to get wrong. So far so good!


Kate and I asked for things to arrive as they came out of the kitchen, so kind of ended up with a banquet situation. FINE BY US! One of the cold dishes to arrive first was this ABSOLUTELY EFFING BEAUTIFUL (so beautiful I may print this picture and put it in a heart shaped frame) tuna tartare. It sat on such a lovely bed of avocado and was so delicious that I wanted to actually cry.

Murakami London

Oh hello seabass nigiri! No this was lovely, but I was still swooning over the tuna. Beautiful and fresh though, I must say. It does however cost £3 a piece.


SMOKED DUCK. Yes – it is as delicious as it sounds! Above are smoked duck murakami rolls with cucumber, sweet chilli and spring onion. Lovely. Also plentiful with 8 pieces!


SO THESE YELLOWTAIL CARPACCIO WERE FRIGGIN AWESOME. They were served with chilli ponzu, garlic “chips” and chives. YES this is an expensive dish at £11 for 6 little slices, but I have to say that they were a genuine taste sensation. These are a MUST for fresh fish lovers (who have a few bob to indulge their indulgence.) OH YUM.


MORE endlessly wonderful fresh fish – this time served hot. Above is a grilled scallop dish (I LOVE me a scallop) served with “sweet Thai basil.” As I said, I LOVE scallops – this dish was nice but for me the sweet Thai sauce somewhat overpowered the delicacy of the fish which was a tiny bit of a shame.


The soft shell crab tempura (above) was somewhat novel. Eating crab with shell on sounds like a bad idea, but it was fine and tasty. The saltiness of the crab was nicely offset by the creaminess of the batter which, mixed with a dash of salad and a dip of tartare sauce, was quite the treat.


OKAY NOW WE ARE REALLY TALKING. Pork Gyoza dumplings. Hot, delicious, cooked to perfection and a nice texture variant considering our spread. The only downside? There was an odd number of them so Kate and I had to wage a bloody battle that may well span the generations to obtain the last one.


What was my favourite dish of the evening? LOOK ABOVE YA. Would I sell my as of yet non-existent first born for more of these ribs? Probably. Or at least I’ll name them after them. Japanese BBQ Baby Back Ribs. SWEET. Literally. There was a beautiful sweetness to these impossibly succulent, melt in mouth, bites from the ribcage of heaven!

What could you possibly do to top these? Were we too full for pudding. HA – yes, but there was NUTELLA CHEESECAKE on the menu…

I’ma just let this picture do the talking, m’kay?


Obviously we needed some kind of helpful digestive tea, and this pot of zingy peppermint did the trick. Look how lovely the crockery is too!

If it wasn’t evident from the food presentation and the fabulous slate/glass/crockery selection – this place is super stylish. There is even a whole wall made of moss. MOSS. Seriously.


My only real feedback on the restaurant is perhaps a tiny price adjustment. Our meal would have come to around £130 which, although we had a fair amount, is quite a bit to slap down…for me anyway. Some things – TOTALLY WORTH IT like £8.50 for the ribs, £5.90 for the pork dumplings and £5 for the cheesecake. Although a few bits and bobs break the £10 barrier, which for small plates is a lot. THAT said, it is all totally delicious and how often does one usually consume yellowtail.

The place looks GREAT, the service was wonderful and the food was INCREDIBLE. If you are after a special place for a lovely and non traditional dinner then this is eat. Good GOD order the ribs!

A definite 5/5 for me!

Wondering what Kate thought? One look at her happy little face will tell ya’!

Lyle’s London

Lyle’s has been open in Shoreditch’s tea building for over a year. Time FLIES – it’s been on the to do list for a while as a “new” restaurant to try!

So off I trotted on a work lunch, immediately grabbing myself a craft beer on arrival
(lonnnnggg day) whilst surveying the white tile decor. My immediate instinct is that Lyle’s had kind of a scandi- inspired minimalist vibe which is pretty much the done thing  in this area of the city. Butttt my focus, as always, was both on my refreshingly sour beer and  the food so I had a good old gawp at my menu.

Now it is worth mentioning that Lyle’s menu is both simple and regularly changing. Today’s may not be the same as the next. They also revel in naming dishes that will tug at your inner squeamishness, such as “blood cake,” (black pudding) and “pollacks head,” (exactly as it sounds!)

The traditional format of starters and main courses is not exactly adhered to and all options are tossed together on one sheet – our waiter says this is because it is designed to encourage ordering more with the intention of sharing/tasting/”experiencing.”

Cool – so share we did. We initially ordered the salad & Berkswell, girolles, buford brown and sweet cicely and the courgette, goats curd and lemon thyme, passing them around among ourselves (along with their truly delicious fresh bread and glorious butter.) sharing is caring – but sharing here is a touch awkward – especially when it comes to egg yolk. I can’t fault it’s incredible flavour though or help but note they way it perfectly blended with the brown bread. Yum.

The Berkswell salad was good but the amount of cheese on the dish was not designed for sharing, a honey is going to need that all to herself.

Each salad was beautifully presented with edible flowers a plenty, but the tastiest and easiest to portion up to hungry diners was the courgette. I love a julienned courgette at the very best of times and here it was divine with the goats cheese mousse.


I decided I had had enough of the sharing game and ordered the plaice, samphire and whey, which the price bracket suggested was a main, all to myself. I’m glad as whilst dishes such as the Hebridean lamb and summer vegetables (above) looked incredible, I couldn’t imagine parting with half of it.

My fish was cooked to perfection and tasted a real treat with the creamy whey dressing. The dish isn’t heavy at all either so is perfect as a lunch option.


I would have loved to stay for desert (even sharing) but we had already been sat for an hour and a half, apparently meaning we absolutely had to head back to the office!

With a number of shared starters, a main and a few slices of truly delicious bread, I did feel full enough but I would say that the portions don’t necessarily suit their price bracket.

Lyle’s is undoubtedly delicious but my meal alone would have been around £35 ,  which for lunch in what seems to be another trendy Shoreditch restaurant is a bit steep for what was on offer.

Yes, this was a lovely place to try and it certainly looked the part. However considering the price bracket, I know a few places in the area that are a more rewarding investment – even if it comes at the cost of losing the flowery garnish.


2x beer = £10

Starter = £6.50

Main = £15.70

+ tip at 12% = £36.84

Visit Lyle’s website for further information

Eat First

photo 2 (18)

Eating a healthy lunch during the week days when I am at work always takes a lot of effort and forward planning. As you may know, I am a very busy lady who goes to the theatre a fair few evenings a week. This means cooking something healthy to take to work the next can be an exhausting late night mission, so I often just don’t do it and am stuck either having to buy a bland Sainsbury’s meal deal (boo you shit sarnies!)  or giving in to temptation and getting some form of unhealthy takeaway. Waa!

photo 1 (23)
chargrilled chicken breast with Mediterranean vegetables, served on a bed of brown rice and lentils

Woes begone! Recently I discovered Eat First, a new healthy and fresh food delivery service that delivers food within central London. I first discovered them when I received a £5 money off voucher on a flyer they handed me outside Hoxton station. This voucher promptly led me to order my first meal, a chargrilled chicken breast with Mediterranean vegetables, served on a bed of brown rice and lentils. This was delivered right to my office within 10 minutes of ordering! HI THERE CHICKEN BY COURIER.

The website is simple, serving only three dishes each lunch and dinner time; usually one vegetarian option, one meat option and one salad option. The good news is each day boasts a different menu, so there is plenty of choice over the week. Also there isn’t much not to like!

photo 1 (20)
Salmon with pearl barley, curried cauliflower, kale and sweet potato

I enjoyed my first meal so much that I introduced my friend Amelia to the delights and one lunch break we smugly ordered a salmon dish with pearl barley, curried cauliflower, kale and sweet potato (above.) I have to say this is one of my favourite of all the dishes I have tried from Eat First, and one that I think properly suited its price band of £7. It was delicious and left me feeling full and happy. YES for nice food to brighten up a boring day.

EatFirst delivery London
Aubergine parmigiana with polenta chips.

Amelia is a massive convert to Eat First too! Now we regularly sit and have lunch together and delight in this even more now that we know we can order it to the park if we use a nearby postcode! Last week we ordered this delicious Aubergine parmigiana with polenta chips. YUM. This was worth all of the £6 we paid.

Eat First do excellent Binary options platforms that accept paypal no deposit bonus 2015 vegetarian options, as you can see by that aubergine beauty above. I do eat meat, but I try and limit the amount I consume in the week. Another excellent vegetarian dish I have ordered from Eat First was a lovely spinach and ricotta ravioli, loaded with cheese and surrounded by goodness, as you can see below.

Eat First London
spinach and ricotta ravioli

Summer Menu

As it is getting pretty HOT for a hot meal at lunch, Eat First have adapted their menu to suit the climate. Good on them! Not only is every Wednesday salad day at Eat First, they also have upped their daily salad game.

On Friday I treated myself to king prawns with a “forbidden” black rice salad. YUM. It was £6, I got a good amount of prawns, the whole thing was delicious, it had under 20g of fat, it was 2 or more of my 5 a day and was under 550 calories. Actual lunchtime WIN. I loved it so much, I took a picture of it here:

Eat First Summer Menu
King prawns with a “forbidden” black rice salad.

Why I Love Eat First

Just to summerise….

  1. It gets delivered straight to your office/house which saves you precious minutes of your lunch break sourcing food – plus deliveries are EXCITING! HI FOOD!
  2. It is YUMMY. No dish has disappointed
  3. It is fresh
  4. It fills me up
  5. It is healthy and I can see all nutritional information for each dish before I order
  6. Sometimes they do cheeky offers and discounts – every little helps.
Eat First Salad
roasted butternut squash, cauliflower, balsamic onion and feta salad

Eat For Free(ish)

If you live/work within  East Central, West Central, East London, The City of London and Canary Wharf you can use Eat First. Although I don’t think it will be too long before they expand beyond this.  if you want £5 off your first meal (the roasted butternut squash and feta salad above is £5 so that would be FREE!) then use my code:

go RF5SQ51L 

I want to point out that in no way have these guys asked me to post about them and this is NOT a sponsored post – I am recommending them because I genuinely think that this may change your life. That’s all!


P.S – I have never tried the homemade brownie on their menu, but it looks effing buff.

Kettner’s Pre Theatre Menu

photo 2 (2)

Oh life, sometimes you are kind to me!
As you may have spotted in my recent post about a 1940’s event I attended, I have found a new love: Kettner’s!

Kettner’s is a fabulously classy restaurant and champagne bar dating back to 1867! Not only is it steeped in all kinds of history, it has a very close association to the theatrical world. For example Oscar Wilde was a known regular at the venue and (my favourite fact) Actress Lillie Langtry and King Edward VII used secret tunnels connecting the venue to the opposite Palace Theatre to have illicit interval affairs!

Such is my appreciation for my new haunt of the season, I wanted to share the venue in all its fabulousness to a few of my theatre blogger friends, who I thought may appreciate Kettner’s for its top notch cocktails and theatrical history. What we all discovered together is that the FOOD THERE IS GREAT! Read about what we ate (and what we DRANK!) below!

Happy Hour
photo 1

It obviously would have been RUDE of me not to sample one of the Kettner’s Happy Hour cocktails! I opted for a Negroni, which always makes me feel kind of 60’s and businesslike, like it is the kind of cocktail Joan from Mad Men would be supping.

There is something very important I need to tell you about the Kettner’s Happy Hour….the cocktails are BRILLIANT. AND ONLY £4.50!!! No seriously. And I am not talking your cheapo Weatherspoons happy hour cocktail for £4.50 either…these are the real deal.
Happy Hour runs from 4-6.30pm on Sunday to Thursday. If you are lucky enough to be able to get to the venue during these hours then I would say this is HIGH priority.


Champagne at Kettner's
Champagne at Kettner’s

Kettner’s is as much a Champagne bar as it is a restaurant, so obviously we HAD to try the champagne. Settling into our reserved area in the Skylight Nook, myself and 9 other blogging beauties, plus the lovely ladies from Kettner’s, Sarah and Hannah, enjoyed a cool glass of Moutard Brut Reserve Champagne. Heaven!

photo 2

During our trip, we sampled  the delights of the affordable Pre-Theatre Menu (for us West End Wendy’s to enjoy before sassing off to one of the many nearby entertainment houses.)

Above is the GLORIOUS chicken and bacon salad which I ordered as my main.  The chicken and bacon were in a beautiful crispy and subtly creamy pile in the centre, surrounded by salad leaves, a tomato salsa and some olive oil. It was divine.

Obviously us bloggers have absolutely no shame, so were all snapping away pictures of one anothers dinners. Luckily for you this means you can not ONLY see what I had, but also see what else is on the menu.

photo 5
Above is the Goats Cheese Royale with red onion marmalade and a mixed leaf salad. I am told that this was also a delight.
photo 4 (1)

Above is the avocado, prawn and mango salad, which was a close second choice for me. As I ordered fish for my main I decided to go with the chicken, but I have to say I did have a serious case of food envy when this came out! Nonetheless I am glad I went for my chicken and bacon salad.

Main Course

photo 3
Above was my choice of mains, the pan fried sea trout on a bed of sun-dried tomato risotto.  When I go for dinner I love ordering things I wouldn’t usually have at home and as I rarely buy fish and risotto can take hours to make properly, I went for this well sized lovely.

The fish has a satisfying crisp to it and the tepenade dressing was very complimentary to the taste of the trout. The risotto had the perfect texture, but I think could have been slightly more seasoned. All in all an excellent choice though!
photo 3 (1)
Another moment of food envy! Above is the grilled pork chop with sage mash, red cabbage and onion jus. My blogging friends tell me this was quite the delight and perfect for those looking for something a bit heartier.
photo 2 (1)

Above is the vegetarian option, a wild mushroom, spinach fettuccine with a rocket and parmesan salad. The lovely Erica who was sat next to me tucked into this making plenty of encouraging “mmm” sounds.

photo 4
I saw the words “raspberry macaroon” written down and was sold. What was presented was a delightfully tart yet satisfyingly creamy mousse, on top a meringue, the sweetness of which cut through the zing nicely.  Thumbs up.
photo 1 (2)
Above is the chocolate pot with madeleines, which is a good option for the chocolate lovers out there! Personally I like a lighter dessert so I think this one would have been a touch too rich for me!

photo 1 (3)

Lastly, we have the lemon posset with raspberry tuile which again I am told was delightful. This would have been a second choice for me too as I LOVE lemon and all things citrus. West End Wilma’s accustomed pallet assures me it was a joy.

SO that completed our taste and drink adventure to the LOVELY Kettner’s.  Some info you may like to know:

go Pre-theatre and Post theatre:

2 courses £21.50
3 courses £24.40
All prices are inclusive of VAT. A discretionary 12.5% service charge will be added to the bill. The Champagne Bar:

Happy hour – Sunday to Thursday 4 pm to 6.30 pm
(Selected cocktails)


Thanks again to Kettner’s for having us! I will see you soon!

FishWorks Swallow Street

I love seafood. Love love loveeeee it. King prawns, crabs, a beautifully cooked monkfish…heaven heaven heaven. Therefore you can imagine my glee (yes glee) when i was booked in for a meal at FishWorks, situated on the super chic Swallow Street.

FishWorks on Swallow Street
FishWorks on Swallow Street

With a fish market vibe at the front and a classy restaurant at the back with a distinctive nautical vibe FishWorks is all about the seafood.

Aioli is my favourite
Aioli is my favourite

Sitting down at our table, Will and I pondered what to order over a crisp glass of FishWorks endorsed Sauvignon Blanc, Nicolas Choblet and some bread with a fabulous aioli dip, closely followed by some deliciously fresh rock oysters.

Love me an oyster!
Love me an oyster!

Eventually I decided to order scallops in breadcrumbs for my starter and Will went for a special, deep fried squid.

Breaded Scallops ...mmmm!
Breaded Scallops …mmmm!

I love a scallop at the best of times, especially when served in a novelty shell, and these were fabulous juicy. The squid was a modern take on a classic battered seafood dish and was complimented nicely by a subtle tartar sauce.

OH HI FISH! I was shown a selection of fresh beauties which I could choose from should I so wish.
OH HI FISH! I was shown a selection of fresh beauties which I could choose from should I so wish.

On considering our mains carefully, I was shown a rather handsome Dover sole which I had grilled and filleted served with sides of roasted vine tomatoes plus fennel and anchovy gratin potatoes with a Parmesan crust ( GUYS THE POTATOES WERE GREAT!)

Soley moley!
Soley moley!

Will went for the bobby dazzler of the evening ; Stockpair binary options system name the FishWorks Fruit de Mer which was comprised of king prawns, muscles, cockles, crab and oysters. This was the true joy of the evening and really demonstrated FishWorks’ delectable shell fish at their finest.


Thinking it would be rude not to try a dessert, seeing as they sounded so good, I opted for a lemon tart served with a sharp lemon sorbet; the perfect pallet cleanser. I barely got a look in with Will’s Eton mess as he had happily polished it off with within a minute, but the one spoon I did have was a job. Clotted cream was cut with the sharp taste of raspberries and the sweet crunch of meringue… I can imagine this would be a very popular option!

Lemon for the actual win.
Lemon for the actual win.

Feeling full of delicious fish and perfect pud, Will and I waddled home feeling very happy indeed!

FishWorks does have dishes for all budgets, including a pre-theatre dinner set menu, but it is also great for those who want a special, slightly more upmarket meal. I mean LOOK at that fish platter above! If that won’t impress a date I don’t know what will!

Pre Theatre Bubble Tea at Chatime Soho

SO today I did something a bit crazy. Instead of going to the pub for a pre-theatre gin I went for a pre-theatre bubble tea!

photo 4 (8)

I have tried bubble tea once before when I was in Thailand and whilst I LOVE the flavour of the teas, jelly REALLY freaks me out.  I have to admit though, I do sort of want to like it…so when I saw that Chatime had opened up in the super theatre convenient Old Compton St I had a weird inquisitive urge.

photo 1 (14)

Venturing in to Chatime, I was quite relived to discover that they actually offer a big range of teas and you don’t actually have to have “bubbles” (jelly) in them at all.

By range, I seriously mean range! For example you can have fruity teas such as mango, peach, strawberry or creamy teas such as chocolate, hazelnut and matcha milk or classic teas such as green and oolong teas.  Great. Oh, they also do coffee! Who knew!

The "pearls" - I did try some!
The “pearls” – I did try some!

I decided to face my fear and try some of the jelly pearls (the bubbles) and they did taste good but the consistency just isn’t for me.  I opted for a read bean topping with my tea, which was weirdly tasty!

photo 2 (16)

My friend Vicki, who was accompanying me to the theatre, went classic and had a peach tea with pearls, which I am told was lush.  I however went creamy with a hazelnut milk tea. Mmm!

Peach green tea with peal
Peach green tea with peal

The best thing about Chatime is its choice; not only can you choose from a wide range of teas, a wide range of toppings and temperatures, you can also choose your sugar and ice levels. As the teas are sweet anyway, I opted for no sugar which made my hazelnut tea a guilt free treat!

Hazelnut milk tea with red bean based excitement!
Hazelnut milk tea with red bean based excitement!

I am not sure I will ALWAYS opt out of my beloved pre-theatre gin, but this was a lovely change. I imagine it could become a fav of mine in the summer when I need a nice cool ice tea whilst on the move!

Chatime is located at number 11, Old Compton St – right by the Prince Edward Theatre!

*Thanks very much to Chatime for the tea. Whilst the tea was complimentary, I wouldn’t have written about it if I didn’t like it 🙂


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YES! Life is fabulous when you have a dinner date with your friends! Eating…drinking…more eating! Seriously. YES

Recently I went to Marcus Wareing’s latest “accessible eating” venture – aka normal people like you and me can eat there without putting down a mortgage. A food mortgage. SO, accessible ol Tredwell’s turned out to be accessible trendy; myself and my friends Wilma and Katie were ushered through a super sleek black corridor to our super sleek black table and immediately offered a cocktail. Sweet.

Pre theatre dinner London Treadwells

I ordered a “Down the Apples and Pears” (Belvedere vodka, apple, pear, elderflower, thyme) which was a delight after a long hard day at work. Cheers!

Myself and pals were invited to the restaurant as theatre buffs to try the pre-theatre menu (the Tick Tock Menu,) a tasty looking script with 3 courses for £20. Can’t argue with that!

Choosing between the pumpkin soup served with goats cheese, seeds and sourdough and the chicken liver mouse served with bacon jam and toast was somewhat like Sophie’s choice. After some umming and ahhing I opted for the mousse. Mostly because the word “mousse” is fabulous. In the past a whipped meat has freaked me out, but I have recently discovered that it is actually quite delicious and this little liver lovely was no exception (is alliteration when it comes to meat produce wrong?!)

photo 3 (2)

I am all about a savoury jam, especially during the winter and the bacon jam was quite the delight! Similarly the toast perfectly complimented the mousse. So far so good!

As I ordered my main, a seasonal sprout, cauliflower, hazelnut and Berkswell cheese gnocchi, I decided a nice glass of merlot would be a perfect accompaniment; it was. HONEY LOVES HER A WINE…and merlot is my fav!

Gnocchi at Tredwells

I did find my main a touch on the small side but I suppose when there are three courses to be had, you don’t want to waddle like an overstuffed sausage to the theatre or to your next engagement.

As I wasn’t quite at capacity I decided to order the somewhat irresistible warm ginger cake with caramel and cream. Mmmhm. Yes. Hoooo yes! Hit me with your warm caramelly layer!

Caramel dessert Tredwells

I left Tredwell’s having had a good old gossip with my friends and a fabulous three course meal. Hurrah! Thanks Treds!

Tredwells is situated on Upper St Martin’s Lane, WC2H 9NY. The Tick Tock Menue is available from 12p to 6.30pm and again from 10-11pm for the night owls!

For the purposes of disclosure, the meal was complimentary BUT I wouldn’t praise it if I didn’t enjoy it :).