Eating My Way Through Toronto Part 1

Human chorionic gonadotropin brand names Hi beauties, Clenbuterol lethal dose So you all know I heart food…because…FOOD, but you may not know I also review restaurants for the Toronto Guardian. I  thought I would share a few of the best places I have eaten recently

Sushi On Bloor Trenbolone online IMG_4261


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Ovest Cucina e Vineria

Steak Tartare
Seafood Soup

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Pecan and Chocolate Pie (SO TASTY!)

Birth control testosterone You Need To Order: A blood moon negroni, tuna tartare, “black” cheeseburger with Guinness cheese. Boldenone with trenbolone Review

A Taste of Iceland Festival at Luma



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Basa Taberna

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Terra in Thornhill

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The Lakeview Anadrol stack IMG_4989

Cheap and great for Brunch, with $4 caesars.

Duke Refreshers

IMG_4832 (1)

A good bar in central Toronto with tasty snacks and a good beer selection.

How To Be Happy

I am a naturally happy girl, but sometimes when life gets me down, I think about all of the things I love to get me through. Theeeen I use those things as a weird inspiration to make crazy Youtube videos like this one

Yeah, I am photoshopped in sun from Teletubbies style….and WHAT of it!

Let me know what things make you happy in the comments box!

Remember : you are never alone!

An Autumn Poem

Crisp air,
Colourful trees.
Walking on crunchy leaves
Woolen Scarves,
Drinking wine in bubble baths.

Roasted vegetables, slow cooked meat,
Toffee apples, crunchy and sweet.
Seasonal coffees – pumpkin spice.
The smell in the morning,
the first layer of ice.

Rosie cheeks,
A frost kissed nose.
Blankets covering
Wriggling toes.

Lighting fires to stay warm,
Staying inside to weather a storm!

Shades of orange, a patchwork of bliss.
Every Autumn, should be like this.