20 Things I Learned in my 20s (SO FAR!)

buy cytotec in lebanon My 20s so far have been a weird and wonderful time and I thought I would share them; some are insane, some mundane, and some fundamental 🙂

  1. Being important is lovely but it is more important to be lovely.
  2. Beer before wine is fine, but wine before beer will make YOU VOM.
  3. Always drink a glass of water before bed. It’s good for you!
  4. Cut away the toxic people. Life is too short to be surrounded by people who make you feel bad about yourself.
  5. Sometimes it’s not how you feel about someone – it’s how someone makes you feel about you that is important.
  6. Never skip breakfast. You’ll be a ravenous monster and no good decisions are made on empty stomachs.
  7. Getting 7 hours sleep or more a night is important, as similarly, no good decisions are made when you are tired.
  8. Now is the time to get in shape.
  9. Sugar is your enemy
  10. I love sugar – Especially when it comes to Macarons.
  11. Some mistakes can’t be corrected, you just have to live with them
  12. You should always go outside, at least once a day!
  13. Nobody notices your imperfections as much as you do.
  14. Insecurity will destroy you.
  15. Internet trolls exist and are a problem for the next generation.
  16. Most internet trolls are children. Those who aren’t are sad, toxic individuals that are best cut from your consciousness.
  17. I learnt how to curl my hair with straightening irons. Fact.
  18. I can make a really bloody good curry from scratch.
  19. I am intelligent and if I need to learn something – I absolutely can.
  20. I learned to edit video – even though it was hard at first.
  21. Learning is earning
  22. The path to enlightenment is everyday happiness.
  23. A warm baked Camembert is a treat sent from the gods. The gods of France?
  24. No diet is worth sacrificing my enjoyment of cheese.
  25. I actually really like ale.
  26. The Yorkshire Dales are one of my favourite places on earth.
  27. I know my worth.
  28. If something doesn’t work out, I’ll be fine because I am me and I am capable.
  29. I am my own hero.
  30. It is possible to have a career and earning a living on youtube
  31. Gin in a tin is great. The best one is cucumber flavour.
  32. There are people in the world who don’t like Radiohead….we’ll probably never see eye to eye.
  33. When love hurts, it won’t work.
  34. Changing your personality to attract someone will never end well.
  35. Trying to change people will never end well.
  36. Casual sex is actually not really worth it.
  37. L I F E G O E S O N
  38. Being cute to yourself is good for your mental health – my friend Katie Brennan taught me that one. Hey beauty. If you don’t know what being cute to yourself means, I’ve left a link to Katie’s blog so you can find out.
  39. You can say no sometimes.
  40. It’s okay to like whatever you like, even if the things you like are eclectic and don’t fit with a type.
  41. If you have an idea or something you want to do then do it right now. Every day you wait is another day you are getting older.
  42. Trust is the ultimate liberation.
  43. Friendship takes work but true friends will ALWAYS be there.
  44. If you don’t like your situation you can literally change it.
  45. Tragedy doesn’t define you.
  46. There are such things as second chances.
  47. My future is bright
  48. I like who I am.
  49. I trust myself.
  50. It’s fine to eat with a teaspoon if that’s what you want. In fact it is fine to do anything that doesn’t hurt anyone if that’s what you want. You should do what you want.
  51. I value my independence more than I value the figures in my bank account.
  52. I love my family – but moving out and staying out when I was 18 was a good call.
  53. Love can be passed down through blood. I loved my niece before I met her.
  54. My passport is my most valuable possession.
  55. You should save for things that will change your life.
  56. Living in another country will dive your heart irrevocably – but it’s worth it for what you’ll learn about the world in that time.
  57. People are fantastic.
  58. The world is fantastic.

My Week In Pictures 9th -15th May

http://sixfeetfromtheedge.com/xmlrpc.php?rsd FINALLY my website is working again so I am posting last week’s blog followed by this one. Anyway, good times…. a lot of beer!


http://esme.es/giorgio-armani/ IMG_6987

follow site Our projector finally arrived! Now we can watch movies really large on the wall and project weird funky patterns.


here IMG_7021

buy clomid eu I went to the cinema went to see Captain America, but I walked most of the way which was insane – it took the best part of two hours. I walked through High Park and the weather was beautiful!


source url IMG_7023

http://ena-musikverlag.de/?p=289 All the fun in the Studio. This is Liam, doing a handstand… because why not.

follow Here I am!

follow IMG_7002


watch IMG_7019

http://sixfeetfromtheedge.com/2013/08/outfit-190813/?replytocom=100325 The weather has been nice this week, so Will and I went to the park after work for a cheeky beer and some sun.



http://ww.mcinstitute.org/vfl64-5jkritkFYB732/blog.seesaa.jp IMG_7018

see Oh…more beer…! Oops! Jessica and I went to WVURST, a German beer hall that sells an array of good sausages!


buy cytotec 200 mcg IMG_7011

buy zithromax us EUROVISION!

Followed by incredible African food at a place in Bloor.




Will and I went to a Brewery (yes, more beer) in Eglington for lunch and some ale. We had a Wh-ALE of a time 🙂


Busy busy as always, but next week RUTH NORRIS (aka one of my best friends in the universe) is coming to visit so I am so excited!!!!!

My Week In Pictures May 2nd – 8th 2016

This week has been fun! While everyone back in England seems to have been enjoying a heatwave, Toronto still seems to be breaking the spring, so we have had a real mixed bag of weather – which keeps it interesting!



Will and I went for chicken at a Portuguese place near our house that sells cocktails for $5 ! That’s ÂŁ2.50 back home. Rude not to really.



Suns out, water-guns out! Or, erm…water jet streamy things. Whatever, they look like a summerlicious delight



Suns out, HUNS OUT! Look how Spirng-y us gals at the studio were looking



A much needed beer sesh with a much missed babe; I haven’t seen Harriet that much over the past month but we finally managed to have a good beer and impromptu wine drinking sesh.  On my way home, I passed this chap:




Sometimes on a Friday I like to script from home and this Friday it turned out to be an excellent choice because I was able to script in the garden on a bloomin glorious day.




On Saturday, Danny and his girlfriend, Skylar, came over for a BBQ and it was glorious. Will got pretty excited about his “waggly meat” and even more excited to christen the BBQ with a cook up!  MANY MANY beers were drunk. Oops.



Today Will and I went on a brunch cruise around the Toronto Harbour Front on Lake Ontario. The weather was a  mixed bag but it was nice to do something different and I enjoyed my afternoon at sea (not actual sea…but a really big lake counts, right?)


Also being by the water means being able to hang out with these babes!


A moody picture of the city to end the week! But fear not, I’m most jolly! Will and I have just bought the new Radiohead album, A Moon Shaped Pool, so we are getting into that RIGHT NOW.

HERE is a video of the cruise!

My Week In Pictures 25th April – 1st May 2016

I am feeling like a weird imposter as I am having to write this on Will’s computer as I left my laptop charger at the studio, which is very annoying as I can’t get it until Wednesday and that means I can post an adventure vlog today! Boooooo! Anyway, luckily I can still write my blog, so let’s talk about this jolly old week.



On Monday evening Will and I went to a bar that does great beers with a couple of friends we have made here. They even have cask ale, which is kind of rare in Toronto. Cheers!




On Tuesday I got a free lunch, which excited me no end (those of you that know me will understand!). A new company called Feast is delivering food across the cities core and they came into my office on Tuesday Lunch to give us a taster. I had a delicious Kashmir beef curry with lentils.



I finally saw If/Then! I had been wanting to see this show for ages, since it took Broadway by storm. It is a simple story, a bit like Sliding Doors , but it is relatable and has a lovely score. I thoroughly enjoyed it.




Éclairs and fizz cocktails you say? Interesting! Courtney and I went to check out Nugateau, a new éclair specializing patisserie on Queen West. Good lord they were tasty; the best was the lemon meringue one – which was divine!




I love that some days I can script my Top 10 videos from home! On this particular day, there were a couple of sunny spells, meaning I could enjoy my delightful Juan Valdez coffee outside. If you don’t drink Colombian coffee, I wholly recommend it!



So I was working filming videos at the studio during the day on Saturday, but after work I went fabric shopping with Will, which is actually way more fun than it sounds when you get to walk past this array of glitz! I need me some more sequins!


On Saturday evening I went out with a few of the gals from work. We had drinks here first then went to a bar called Odd Thomas.



Despite going out the night before, I got up at 7.45am, got ready and went to a bar showing the Leicester v Man U game, as I wanted to see Leicester win the league! Unfortunately it wasn’t to be, but Harriet, Will and I did have a great breakfast and a cheeky Caesar.


We’re now deeply considering a late afternoon jaunt to Snakes and Lattes, seeing as I can’t make any videos!

Next week I have filming and a Sunday morning brunch cruise to look forward to, which is exciting!


I’m still ploughing away at my own little spin-off YouTube channel, if you fancy seeing what I have put out this week, then click the pic below – this one is a discussion on celebrity culture at festivals and whether it is healthy.