My Week In Pictures 18th – 24th April 2016 This week has been a little quieter as I have been working on my new YouTube channel in my spare time, rather than guzzling a plethora of cocktails. Sacrifices!   Anyway, here’s what’s what!


go IMG_6771 I took some delicious macarons to work, which I am 100% sure increased my productivity!

Tuesday IMG_6856 (1) A black and white snap of the newest “studio”, haha! I have been shooting little inspiration vlogs on my bed.


IMG_6860 Work work work work work work (it is ESSENTIAL you read that in the style of Rihanna.) With a love of food as strong as mine, I need to make a bit of time for the gym.  Yes, I am sure you are all a fan of my “Damn Daniel”-esque pink trainers! This little terror is a step machine….


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go to site All of the excitement in just one day! I had my hair done – gotta keep these red locks firey!


follow site I went to Ovest in Toronto to review their new menu and it is GREAT. My review will be live in Toronto Guardian later this week. Meanwhile, you can visually lust at these food snaps! Above is a steak tartare and below is a crazy performative take on tiramisu, made ON the table!

go here IMG_6859

cytotec on line YUM!


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dosage of cytotec Bit of a riches to rags story! The night before I enjoyed an evening of fine dining, and on Friday I had a second dinner of Poutine. Classy. Luckily two fabulous Canadian honeys were in tow and we had a blast.


enter IMG_6850

source url I went to the park to get some fresh air and I found this little chap sitting around.  Hello little rubber dinosaur.

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On Saturday evening, Will and I went to a friends house, and it looked a lot like this ^^^^^



How to end an indulgent week? With a pizza hut? I wish I could say I was sorry…. but it was nice to catch up on Game of Thrones with a cheeky slice (or 8!)

SO yeah, next week I guess I’ll just eat leaves! (LOL JK).  If you fancy checking out my youtube stuff, then please do!

My Week In Pictures 11th – 17th April 2016

As usual, all the fun happens towards the end of the week! It isn’t like I live for the weekend, it is just that nothing fun every really happens on a Monday or Tuesday! That said, I had a good time!



It’s amazing how a little card can make your day. I got sent this thank you card from my niece “Isobel” (actually sent by my sister) and it cheered me up to a colour as bright as this little hand chicken!



Suns out, huns out! The sky got pretty blue and everything started to become very spring like from Tuesday.



Sneaky Dee’s nachos and pub quiz for the WIN! (Although, we didn’t actually win!)



Studio life! I filmed many Top 10s this week and was covering Landon doing the news for Landon Production.



Party! It was Jessica’s birthday on Friday so we went to her house for some good old fashioned fun, followed by a trip to a karaoke bar!

One of her friends drew this picture of us sitting down! I look like a hunch-back but I am into it!



Spring in bloom!


This incredibly pimpin car was being delivered to the studio!


Later, Michael McCruden was having a house warming party, where Will and Danny showed some true Bro-mance! IMG_6760



Absolute CHEERS to a day off! I am working six days a week at the moment so today I relished some chillout time in the glorious sunshine!


Bellwoods babein’


Will and I walked down Ossington to discover a buck a shuck place….would have been rude not to pop in!

So that was my week in pictures! I am currently working on my own Youtube channel, so if you fancy seeing more than just pictures, please pop over and check out my videos / subscribe to me!

Major love! xxxx

Be Your Own Hero


Hello beauties!

So for a while now I have been thinking about what it is to be happy and how to get there. So many people, including me at one point, rely on others to be happy, without looking to themselves first.   Often people cruise along, feeling stuck in a rut and not knowing how to get out and change things.

I think it is really important to learn how to be your own hero.

Becoming your own hero is about learning to love who you are and using your individuality to put yourselves in situations where you can succeed. Being your own hero means not needing anyone to rescue you from situations because you are capable of rescuing yourself.  It also means not looking for anyone else to validate who you are. Friends are amazing, so are significant others, but the only person who can make you feel complete is you. You are a babe. You are a hero.

I have decided to make some vlogs on the topic and will posting weekly discussions and thoughts on how we can all support each other and learn to love who we are.  🙂

My Week In Pictures 4th – 10th April 2016

I am so ready for the summer…but, erm, Toronto isn’t yet! This week was COLD, but I still had a blast!



SNOW. NO. BAH. I want to wear peep toe shoes but the weather won’t play ball!


IMG_6633 (1)

I went for dinner with Will afterwork at Duke Refreshers – it was a cheap, delicious mid-week joy! Above are Japanese chicken wings and below we have a glorious black bean and cheese dip.




I went to review Chimerica for the Toronto Guardian  – you can read my thoughts here.



We went to go and see Autolux at Lee’s Palace. All of the visual fun!



A MUCH needed pint with my friend Harriet and a cheeky glance over the Jays Home Opener.



After work I went for a nice sunny walk with Will and wound up having a pint in a nice brewery on Queen West.

ESCAPE, ESCAPE! Will, my friend Jessica and her boyfriend Neil went to one of those escape room thingys,



I LOVE BRUNCH! I had an EXCELLENT time at Cresta…it was SO SO GOOD!




I have always had a strange fascination with keys! After brunch, Will and I went round an antique market and I saw this bowl of keys and I had a little smile to myself!

Featured Videos

This week our million subscriber video went live and I posted a vlog in a new inspiration series I am working on.  Feel free to browse!

My Week In Pictures 28th March – 3rd April 2016

Back at it this week and excitement was high as the Youtube Channel I work for,  Most Amazing Top 10, was about to hit a MILLION subscribers literally any day!



I have discovered a salad place called Urban Herbivore and it is SO GOOD.


In case people at the gym were wondering what I watch….yep, Landon has had t-shirts and jumpers made!



Will’s band, Diamond Cabana, played at the Holy Oak in Toronto. It was great! Really good to see him back in the game.



We filmed a special video on Weds that will be out tomorrow I think….. it involved ALL THE GLITTER!IMG_6624

If I could go back in time, I’d wear something a bit different…. but you win some you lose some! IMG_6628

OKAY so on Wednesday night I discovered all you can eat Korean BBQ!



On Thursday I went to Redbull Sound Select at The Silver Dollar Room in Toronto. It was nice to hear some new music.



GAME CHANGER at the studio – we FINALLY have an autocue reader!



Saturday was ALL OF the joy. It started with Nachos at Sneaky Dees.


We then found out we hit a million, so that was pretty crazy! Bubbles for all!


We then played some games at Snakes and Lattes, a firm favourite of mine!


Then I accidentally went to a club with Hayley! I was just “popping in”, but then all of a sudden was two shots of whiskey down and dancing to Daniel Bedingfield! Ha!


IMG_6613 (1)

On Sunday,  Will and I sought out a cask ale pub in Eglington called the Granite Brewery. I have to say, it was actually really good!


We even played a bit of chess! Happy Sunday indeed!

Other News

FullSizeRender (1)

So, Will and I have been working on getting my own Youtube channel up and running. My job is hosting for Top 10, but I don’t see why my hobby can’t be making a few videos too!  I finally published a video about moving to Canada I had been working on for a while. Feel free to check it out!

Lots of love xxxx