Cartagena in Pictures

buying clomid uk I recently went on holiday to Colombia and visited a city called Cartagena as part of the trip. Here are a few of my favourite snaps to give you a flavour of the place:

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My week in Pictures 22nd – 28th February 2016

Hiiiiya. I’m back in ac(tion)! If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I have been on holiday. Back to business this week though, before another holiday next week to ENGLLLLLAAAND <3 <3

cytotec induce Anyway, this week.


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buy clomid for men uk There has been a nice amount of theatre in my life this week and I am so pleased because I have missed seeing at least a show a week. On Monday I saw Grey Gardens at the Berkeley Theatre and it was really good. You can read my review here.



Sunshine, sunset. I love Toronto and I love how pretty the sky is; it is usually sunny unlike gray (but lovely) London.




MORE theatre! I am so thrilled! I am a subscriber to the Mirvish season out here and on Wednesday I saw Gaslight and even ran into a friend who I ended up sitting with. Hurrah!




On Thursday evening I went for a cheeky pint with Harriet and Seb.




Friday night sashimi dreams. Yum.



On Saturday night I went over to Seb’s apartment in Ice Condos –  LOOK AT THE VIEW from his window!


The gang went to a club called underground that had a fabulous glitterball.



Today Will and I went for a nice walk around the Trinity Bellwoods area and I came across a really cute sweets shop with this pretty display AND THESE MACARONS! YES YES YES!


SO that was this week!  Just three days until I fly home for a week! I haven’t seen my family or friends for six months, I am so excited to see them!

I hope you all had a great week!

My Week In Pictures 1st – 7th February 2016

I was a little concerned last week that I wouldn’t have much to say this week as I purposefully didn’t plan anything too major as next week I am going to Colombia and my purse needed a bit of a chill. Despite not making many plans, my week was actually pretty good and I took some nice pictures of my surroundings!



Monday was Monday. You know what I mean. It is the little things in life though, and this particular Monday I enjoyed the sunset and night lights on my way home from work.



My morning was made by some lovely daffodils being given out in Yonge and Dundas square. Look how pretty!



Without many plans, I looked at my surroundings for inspiration for this weeks picture blog. I will do this more as I spotted some lovely things about the city, including this beautiful Wednesday blue sky and some flags flapping in the wind. Canada, eh!

On Wednesday night Will and I went to Bar Volo at Yonge and Wellsley as we read online they do cask ales. They did, and it was lovely!




On Thursday I was recording some videos for IO and Most Amazing Top Ten, and on my way back from the studio I snapped this picture of birds having a jolly near this water tower.  I literally just looked up and they seemed to just emerge from the tower!  Fly my pretties, FLY.



On Friday night Will and I went to the cinema to see Hail Caesar, which was pretty funny. Outside Bay subway station are these green pillars of lights, which I found quite interesting!



I was working on some videos during the day, so was READY for wine by the evening.  The beautiful Sam’s birthday shenanigans allowed for just that!


After some pre-partying at Sam and Harriet’s condo, we headed to Peacock Bar on King and Spadina, which was pretty hilarious.

I had the best time!



Sunday’s are for brunching and drink Caesars like a queen…and I did just that!


Above is a TRULY delicious offering of eggs benedict on smoked salmon and waffles, served with capers, salad and fruit. OHMIGOD it was good. This was from the Starving Artist restaurant, which is a waffle haven. YUM.

So, that was the week!

I now need to prep for our super exciting holiday next week. I have never been to South America so I am veeeerrry excited to finally tick off the sixth continent of my travels! Just Antarctica left after this trip….ha!

My Week In Pictures 25th – 31st January 2016

Winter Winter.

It recently occurred to me I have been doing this little weekly round up for A YEAR. I now find it cute to look back over the post from the year before to compare how my life is changing/growing/moving and all of that. This is what I was up to last year – having an equal amount of fun but with a worse camera apparently. ANYWAY THIS WEEK:



Friends and beer is the best of Monday plans.  Ellie (right) is leaving Toronto (boo!) so we have been boozing in her honour recently.



Tuesday was quite the day! It started with a surprise book launch, accompanied by champagne and a mariachi band. The company I do some editorial work for are turning 50 and they have released an amazing book about their travels across the world. “Slow down to see the world” is sort of a motto I can get on board with, although I tend to do things at lightning speed.


On Tuesday evening I had the delight of sampling some of Michelin starred Chef Armand’s new tapas menu for trendy Toronto cafe, Maman.  My absolute favourite was the camembert with onions and pastrami marmalade – YUM. (If you live in the 6ix, Maman is located at First Canadian Place, 100 King Street West) IMG_5258

OF COURSE there was a plethora of delicious cocktails and wine on offer too!



A FINAL drink with Ellie – and I had the MOST delicious cider. Cheers!



A day in the studio filming for Inform Overload and Most Amazing Top Ten!

That evening Will and I drove through a snow storm to get to the Blue Mountain for an anniversary ski holiday <3 IMG_5257



4 years together and I am not sure which of us deserves a medal…perhaps both! Will and I hit the slopes (one of us more literally than others – I haven’t skied in 3 years so fell over on my ass quite a lot on the first day!)

That evening we had a lovely anniversary dinner at The Mill in Thornberry! Below is the fanciest fried chicken I have ever had the pleasure of eating (buttermilk fried with watercress, coleslaw, blueberry  coulis, pumpkin cornbread).IMG_5256



SO whilst Will went off to ski the hardest bits of the resort (the double blacks) I pushed myself to do a few blue runs on my own. This picture is at the top of a blue run with quite a steep bit. I was scared but I did it all by myself!IMG_5235

Later in the day I was actually getting pretty good and I went with Will on a couple of the red/black runs! I fell over the first few times but by the third I was able to ski all the way down without falling at all, so I was very proud of myself!



Today we drove back from the mountain, stopping by Wasaga Beach. The shoreline was frozen, with little bobbing icebergs beyond! In the distance you can see the Blue Mountain!  IMG_5255

Here is my Will, snapping away!

SO it has been a GREAT week as you can see! Interestingly, like last year, Will and I once again found our way to some kind of water on our anniversary weekend. No Alpacas this year though!