My Week In Pictures 21st – 27th December 2015

go Oh hi there beauties! Are you feeling like stuffed turkeys? I REALLY AM.
This blog post comes from my sofa in my pajamas as I mentally prepare to get back to work tomorrow!

buy clomid us pharmacy SO gosh – it’s been Christmas week, so prepare for that to be the main theme of he post!


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source site OH so at the beginning of the week I came down with something and felt HORRIBLE, however the show had to go on and I had to go to the mall to finish my Christmas shopping. The only way to get through it was to buy myself a little gift – LOOK at the peepers on my new make up bag!



buy zithromax from canada On Tuesday I was SO ILL but to cheer myself up I got in the festive spirit by digging out one of my old Christmas playlists from when I ran a radio show in London. Woo!

Wednesday IMG_4744 Sometimes you need to say “screw it, I’m having a Taco Bell / KFC” especially when you live in North America and all your food in the fridge is for Christmas. Yes to these chips.

IMG_4660 Christmas Eve! It was a lovely warm day so Will and I went out for a walk and I didn’t even need a coat. When I moved to Canada I expected a white Christmas but this year has been one of the warmest Christmases on record! Boooo! Although I will seize any chance to wear a velvet jump suit and glitter jumper out and about.

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enter In the evening Will and I put our presents under our tiny tree and watched a Christmas film before going to bed to let the man in red do his work!


buy clomid 25mg Woooo! So this year was Will and my first Christmas away from home. We also have a friend who is Australian (Sam, this beauty above!) and she couldn’t get back to her family either.  SO we got together and had the BEST day. We ate and drank everything and played all the games.

follow site Do you like Will’s festive Drake jumper?


IMG_4748 Boxing Day obviously just means doing it all again, right? Will and I had more friends over, played more games, ate more food and drank more wine. Yaaaas!

see url IMG_4745

Later we went to a party in a swanky part of Toronto where they had a pool room and a rave basement. What more do you need? Although to be honest the co-partiers look a bit possessed!

where can i buy cytotec in bulacan IMG_4749

 Sunday IMG_4753

I’m not going to lie – I have spent the entire day in my pajamas rolling around.  I regret nothing….except maybe how much chocolate I have eaten. Uh oh!

Back to the studio tomorrow! I am looking forward to it. Also….NEW YEAR happens this next week, which is exciting! 2016 – I’M READY FOR YA.

My Christmas Playlists


Hello beauties,

So before I moved to Canada I used to do a radio show on Shoreditch Radio called Rebecca’s Happy Hour. Rebecca’s Happy Hour was an hour long show aimed at making the listeners happy with jolly music to suit a weekly theme. I LOVED doing these as it gave me an excuse to find music, drink Red Stripe on air and think about ways to get happy and motivated.

It’s a shame I can’t do the show anymore, but I still have a lot of the old shows on podcast, so I thought I’d share my Christmas playlist with you.

If you want to hear me get excited about the season and listen to some cool music, feel free 🙂

Indie Christmas Music

Rebecca’s FESTIVE Hour (Part 1: Indie Christmas) by Rebecca Felgate on Mixcloud

1.Little Drummer Boy – Bright Eyes
2.God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/ We 3 Kings – Barenaked Ladies
3.Everything’s Gonna Be Cool This Christmas – Eels
4.It’s Christmas! Let’s go surfing! – Tim Wheeler & Emmy The Great
5.All I Want For Christmas – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
6.Christmas at the Zoo – Flaming Lips
7.Reindeer – The Knife
8.White Christmas – Iggy Pop
9.Baby It’s Cold Outside – She and him
10.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Joshua James


Christmas Films

From Shoreditch Radio to Most Amazing Top Ten; I’m not on the radio anymore but I am on Youtube…and I am still talking about Christmas! I recently did a Top Ten video on the best Christmas films, so if you fancy giving it a watch then feel free!

1. Home Alone
2. Elf
3. The Muppet Christmas Carol
4. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
5. Love Actually
6. It’s a Wonderful Life
7. The Grinch
8. Holiday Inn
9. Jingle All The Way
10. The Nightmare Before Christmas

I hope you liked this little Christmassy post and are in the spirit like me.  It will be weird to be away from the majority of my friends and family this year but I am still looking forward to it! We have bought enough alcohol and food to amuse a small army, so we’ll be fine!

Merry Christmas to you all. I hope wherever you are when you are reading this you are happy and jolly 🙂


My Week In Pictures 14th – 20th December 2015

I have had a great if somewhat exausting week! Festivities are in full swing plus it was Will’s Birthday this week so we had all kinds of things on the go.


A night in and a greek feast! Thank goodness!


On Tuesday we had a waffle breakfast at work. YUM. It was to raise ££ for charity, which is awesome. Later we had a wine auction and a Christmas party for the families of employees.


On Tuesday evening I was reviewing an Italian restaurant in Toronto, Ovest. It was most tasty. LOOK at this steak TarTare!


On Wednesday a video I did for my friend Mike was published on his channel, which you should check out (click picture!)


Also there has been many videos on Most Amazing Top Ten  – including this Christmassy Joy!




Hurrah! My boyfriend, Will turned 28! I made him a cake and it was glorious.
We also managed to pick up a record player and a marble table for our living room.

That evening we went to a 1920s party – but before we did that we got dressed up and dance to our ew stereo!


On Friday evening we celebrated Will’s Birthday further by a trip to Snakes and Lattes, a board game bar in the city. I LOVE it.


I had to go to the studio on Saturday because we have SO MANY videos to do before we break for Christmas.

In the evening Will and I went to a party where there was a pretty exciting PARTY CAT.


Will and I went Christmas food shopping …..except the market we wanted to go to was closed…woops. Luckily we managed to find another one that was open and were able to get our Christmas fill….
eeeeeee just 5 days now!!

Tonight we are seeing STARWARS! YAS!


My Week In Pictures 7th – 13th December 2015

Getting closer to Christmas! I am pretty excited! Although I am outrageously busy with working; Top Ten is taking off and I am trying to fit in more hours to work on it!




Not a whole lot to report, other than staring longly at the newly erected work Christmas tree because, look how pretty!



On my lunch breaks I like to go and sit in Starbucks and do some scheming. This is the view from the big window. To passers by I must look a bit vacant, but I am mostly plotting!



The first of many Christmas parties! On Wednesday, the lovely people at TPG were holding a arty at their offices in Liberty village.

They had ALL THE bubbles and an excellent selection of food.   Unfortunately I went hell for leather with the former, resulting in quite he headache the next day!


Blerrrrgh. Going to work hungover is a whole different kettle of fish when you need to be chirpy on Camera. I did my very best, though!


Walking back home after a lonnnnggg day in the studio, I captured this train snap which I am quite fond of!


Friday was a two party day!


I had a lunch with Butterfield and Robinson at a new British inspired bar called the Wickson social.


I had a steak, which was glorious, then we all shared various desserts.

The food, wine and conversation was flowing!


I popped him with just enough time to make some rice crispy squares then headed to Etobicoke for ANOTHER party. This one was with the IO team and has an ugly Christmas jumper theme. Ahoy!



Saturday was absolutely a Star Wars day! I had to go into the studio to film Top Ten Star Wars fights then I headed back home to watch Episodes I and II with Will (we’re trying to get through them all this week before seeing The Force Awakens on Sunday!)


Before heading back I went to a few vintage shops on Bloor to try and find a dress for a party. I found this beauty but couldn’t quite get it to close. SUCH a shame because look at the sassy neckline!





Harriet and I dined like queens then checked out a vintage fair, during which I spotted this beauty!


SO another week done. I am now prepping like a hustler for the next! One more full week of work before Christmas! We can do this!

My Week In Pictures 30th November – 6th December 2015

Hello all!

This week turned up a festive gear! The Christmas lights came out as did my seasonal cheer, yippee! ALSO a video I created for Most Amazing Top Ten has just had over 1 and a half million views…..err?! I don’t even really know what to do with that

Let’s get cracking!



On Monday Will and I had a mini tree decorating competition whilst watching Elf! Turns out that our trees look pretty much exactly the same seeing as we had the same decorations but it was all of the festive anyway!



Painting class! Woo! I have always wanted to be good at art, but I am actually kind of terrible at it. That doesn’t stop me enjoying it though, so when I was invited to a super cool painting workshop at Toronto’s Paint Cabin. They provide the paints, the canvasses and the advice and you provide the, er…artistic mind.


There was some lovely food, thanks to the Food Dudes and also some INCREDIBLE cake that you can buy if you ever head over there.


Classes are $40 and ALL OF THE FUN! See how much fun Courtney and I are having!



Bellllllllisimo! I love me some food!


Will and I had a Puglian feast at Francobello – it was a five course delight and I wish I could eat it again and again and again – although my ass is kinda happy that I can’t.



Back to studio! On Thursday I was back in the IO & Top Ten Studios making some videos. On my walk home I passed some lovely Christmas lights. Christmaaaaasss!



Ramping up the festivity, I got home to a beautiful homemade card from my sister and baby niece. Waaah I miss them! Look how cute the card is!


Later Will and I went out to see a band, Viet Kong, at a venue in the city,



SATURDAY DAY OF FUN! I had quite the adventure with Will and my friends Harriet and Sam!

Will and I started the day by watching Jingle All The Way at the cinema, we then went to the Christmas market at the Distillery District.


Later we ended the day by watching the hockey with Sam and Harriet. It was mine and Will’s first time seeing the hockey! It was so fun…and slightly brutal! Yippeee!




I went for a relaxing Sunday stroll today and walked past this Christmas whopper of a house! Wowzers they take the season pretty seriously out here! What a nice way to end a Christmassy week!

SO next week should be good. I am going to try and do less so I have a bit of a relax before Christmas, which I can imagine will be crazy!