My Week In Pictures 22nd – 28th November


go IMG_4263

go here On Sunday I worked in the evening at IO covering the American Music Awards, which was fun!

here One of the videos I presented had half a million views in a couple of days!


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enter site On Monday I met up with one of my lovely new foodie friends, Danielle from Toronto Foodies. Together with the major hun that is Kelsey (Kegs PR gal) we tackled The Keg’s new cocktail menu and tried some tasty little nibbles.

can i buy cytotec over the counter in uk IMG_4234 (1) You know of my undying love of tuna tartare, right?



cytotec not working THANK GOD I got my nails done! I know that sounds dramatic but having nice nails makes me feel way more fabulous.

Wednesday IMG_4262

follow I went along to the Toronto Guardian Photography Awards, held at Spadina and Richmond at a gallery. There was free pizza and great art – what could be better!


cytotec miscarriage IMG_4264


clomid 50mg by aventis TACO – BELL.


follow site WHY don’t we have this in England?



cytotec 100 Friday was COLD AND WET but luckily I was able to bask in beer! There is a pub that does reasonably priced craft beer literally JUST ACROSS THE ROAD. Utopia.



After a day of tackling some Christmas shopping, I actually managed to a) go to the gym and b) go out and have a fabulous evening with two of my friends!


Harriet, Sam and I went to Sushi on Bloor for dinner, which was a veritable feast! We then went out down good old Ossington Av and had a fabulous dance paaaartay! Our dance moves were as strong as our drinks…which is probably why I have a headache today!

So it has been a good week, once again and I have even more going on next week! I am going to a painting class, having dinner with Will at a fancy restaurant AND we are going to see the ice hockey in Saturday! Full report to follow!

My Week In Pictures 15th – 21st November 2015

What a week, what a week, what a week, what a week, what a mighty mighty good week ( it is imperative this is read to the tune of this)
I am knackered after a full on 7 days! At the end of it I am pleased I have managed to go swimming three times, eaten a glorious array of delicious food, drunk some lush cocktails, danced about and even got pretty excited about Christmas!


On Sunday Will and I went for a walk and stumbled across a parade!
Turns out it was the 104th annual Santa Parade in Toronto!


There were flags a plenty, a golden goose,  the Toronto Blue Jays and santa…of course.  Although we couldn’t get near to him, he was the star attraction after all!


On our adventures we also walked past this car in a wall…because #art!


IMG_4109 (1)

On Monday I tried my first ever Twinkie.
Now you might think this isn’t exciting or picture worthy, but you’d be wrong!



Cocktails ahoy! Sam and I went to the media opening of 70 Down up on Young and the cocktails were delish! We also had some lovely Afghan inspired nibbles that included a filled dough, a Middle Eastern dumpling and some fish tacos. Yum.



Life is fabulous when you are invited to review food menus! Will and I went to E11even near the Air Canada Centre and sampled all kinds of glorious goods, my favourite of which were the Tuna Tartare and the chocolate pecan pie. WOW.




I had a bit of a rubbish day on Thursday until I saw the Young and Dundas Christmas lights, which were all kinds of sparkly and lovely. I have to admit that I am getting excited now.



I did lots of things on Friday, including filming at IO, shoting way too much vodka and dancing downtown. I don’t have any pictures of these things (probably for the best as I must have looked a bit worse for wear at the end of it all!) I did however capture this delicious cheer up cheese that Will bought me and baked in the oven for dinner. Glory glory, beauty beauty!



After a short little walk, Will and I went to a local Portugese place for dinner. It was soooo yummy and the prices aren’t too bad – you can get half a chicken with loads of rice, potatoes and olives for $12 (£6) and it is so tasty and filling. Hangover begone!

So tonight I am covering part of the AMA’s for IO so I need to get ready for that! Next week I have a few cocktails, gigs and the usual swishing around in the pipeline. I’ll try and post less food pics!

Stay tuned!

My Week In Pictures 8th – 14th November 2015

This week has been a bit of a global challenge. ISIS are absolute tossers who essentially just need to keep the eff out of everyone elses lives.  We all know it isn’t just France; it is everywhere. And it is NOT okay. Anywhere. However I for one vow to continue to live my life  in happiness and without fear.


My boy makes pretty sweeeeet blueberry pancakes! All I needed on Sunday morning were these beauties served with bacon and maple syrup. #Canada.



On Monday I went to a CHEESE & WINE TASTING class at TOCA in the Ritz Carlton. Those who know me will know that this pretty much constitutes the PERFECT day.
TOCA Cheese Cave
GUYS THESE PEOPLE HAVE A CHEESE CAVE. A CAVE OF CHEESE!!! I even got to hold a glorious Dutch Cheddar. LOOK how HAPPY I am!


Cheese glee!


Ballin’/ Cocktailin’ with the dear Harriet.  We went to the media opening of new bar and restaurant, Parcae which takes up residency in the Templar hotel.

The cocktails were friggin glorious, and the Illuminati above was my favourite. It had a lavender foam for christs sake!

The food was a bit crazy; there was a delightful fennel salad, some slightly more daring but totally delicious octopus, plus some tasty horse carpaccio (pictured below) but there was also pig heart ravioli served with “back fat” as well as fried lambs brains. The latter two were a bit much for me.


On Monday and Tuesday I work downtown at a travel company. On Thursday and Friday I present for Inform Overload. On Wednesday I do BOTH which involves quite the mad dash come 2pm. I made it though. Here is a picture of me in a pink dress looking a bit like a fuchsia troll. Great.



Thursday was all of the glorious as I got to experience the food part of the Taste of Iceland Festival at Luma. We dined on Icelandic cod (below), Langoustine Risotto, Lamb (also pictured below) and Skyr, a yummy Icelandic Yogurt. Life. Is. Great.
I usally don’t really like lamb at all, but look how nicely it was preseted!  Plus….creamed mushrooms! Yaaaas. IMG_4068


Friday was, of course, a dark day.  I know that France is not the only country to have been recently affected by ISIS brutality, but it was nice to see my city showing some solidarity. Below is the CN tower essentially singing VIVE LA FRANCE.



On Saturday both Will and I were feeling a bit drained.  To cheer ourselves up we made steak fajitas and home made guacamole for dinner then went out to see/hear some music.
We went to our local music venue, the Smiling Buddha and saw Frankie Cosmos’ set. It was a nice way to relax after a pretty full on week!

I hope that next week is a bit jollier for the world, although I fear that retaliation will turn a bit nasty. Stay safe everyone and keep on being major babes…ultimately it will be us babes who win at life, rather than sad bitter monsters.

Lots of love xx

My Week In Pictures 1st – 7th November 2015

Ohhh Canaaaadaaaaa (that needs to be read as if you are singing the national anthem…obviously)

The county is being quite good to me so far and I am having a glorious time. I am currently sat in my pajamas on my third cup of tea of the day so life is obviously fabulous.


Toronto Apartment

On Sunday we finished moving in to our new apartment! Hurrah! We had been staying in various temporary places for 2 months and we have now finally moved into a flat we can call our own. Places don’t come furnished out here so it looks a bit sparse at the moment. We have an Ikea sofa bed, a table and chairs and mattress (the bed sill needs to be built hence no bedroom picture!)



In thaaaa cittttaaay! I started my new job on Monday (so I work as a presenter on Inform Overload 20hrs a week and now as an assistant editor at a travel company 20hrs a week) and it is slap bang in the middle of Downtown Toronto. It’s like working in the middle of Piccadilly Circus.  Hectic! Although, look how blue the skies were on Monday!



Red cup Tuesday! How lame is it that I am so excited about the release of this year’s red cups?! I ordered a skinny peppermint mocha and then managed to trip up and spill half of it down myself. Smooth moves Felgate.



On Wednesday I went to review Sherlock Holmes at the Ed Mirvish Theatre. I was so worried that my life wouldn’t be very theatre rich out here in Toronto and in a way it isn’t. The city makes up for it in so many other ways (mainly the food scene) and I still get to see great shows once a week or at least once every other week. It is a bit weird not to be at the theatre three or for nights a week though, I have to say. Anyway, you can read my review of Sherlock Holmes, starring David Arquette, here.



Be still my beating belly! I was invited to try the new menu at Barsa, a Spanish inspired restaurant near Toronto’s St Lawrence Market. OH MY GOD IT WAS EXCELLENT.

Barsa Toronto

We were welcomed with Cava and plied with deliciousness; life could not have been any better!



After work I met up with some of my new found gal pals, Harriet, Elly and Sam and we had a glorious feast at Duke Refreshers, a bar I really like near Younge and Gerrard st in Downtown TOR-IZZLE. We drank, chatted and I ended the night with this extravagant bloody mary because why the heck not.



On Saturday Will and I did some  winter coat shopping because, according to the locals, “winter is coming.” Serious stuff.

48 hour film project

Later we went to the film premier of a project Will was working on as a sound man. It was part of the 48 hour film project – in which a number of film companies compile a short film in just 2 days and then enter their work into a competition.  It was really fun!

My Week In Pictures 25th – 31st October 2015


It has been a very busy week, as per! Here is what went on.



Will and I went out for sushi at a place called Rikishii on Bloor and Ossington, it was yummy (although pricier than a few others I have been to, so I think I’ll stick with my firm favourite, Sushi on Bloor next time.)


Later we went out to the Opera House to see an indie band called Youth Lagoon. They were SO energetic, which was great. The one downside was that they didn’t play “17”, which was a shame.


I did freelance work for the vast majority of the day, taking a cheeky ice cream break to walk to Bang Bang (which you KNOW I love.)


This time I went for the Malteaser flavour and I DO NOT regret it! Swoooon!



DOG IN THE OFFICE! OMG! So a guy I work with, Dave, has a cutttteee dog called Ivy, who needs to be our new presenter!

On Tuesday evening, Harriet and I went to the 1UV handbag launch at the Spoke Club in Toronto’s Fashion District.

1uv handbags

The handbags aim to fuse art (from canvas) with fashion and are certainly quite unique.

We has the best time sampling the nibbles and supping prosecco like queens.


I don’t want to bombard you with loads of pictures from the film studio at Inform Overload, so instead here is some street art I walked by on Wednesday 🙂




Following work, Will and I grabbed a cheeky bite to eat in Kensington Market and one of my new Toronto food faves, Otto. We shared a halloumi “kebab” and a couple of beers. Obviously I was in heaven.

IMG_3869 (1)

We then went to the Horseshoe Tavern to see indie/ alt rock band, Ought.  Apologies for the rubbish picture; my phone run out of battery and Will took this snap on his phone amid the crowd!



YAAAASSS…Harriet, Sam and I went to the launch of new Toronto venue, Early Mercy, which was so much fun. We got to try all the cocktails plus eat some INCREDIBLE nibbles whilst we were there. Amazing.

IMG_3870 (1)


I then made a mad dash back home to get halloweened up as Will and I were invited to my new bosses Halloween Party! VAMPIRE BUTTERFLY!



Woosh. I was HUNGOVER and we had to move house in the evening into our permanent apartment on College and Dovercourt. Whilst I was REALLY excited to get finally settled, packing with a headache is not the one.


By the time we had moved all of our stuff, the house still wasn’t quite ready (still being cleaned by our landlady) so Will and I went for dinner at a local Portuguese place. YUM.

As Saturday was Halloween, I am going to leave you with a little picture collage I have been compiling over the last couple of weeks. The picture is an assortment of various snaps I have taken of spookyhouses here in Toronto…the Canadians seem to GO BIG when it comes to the “holiday”, which I think is cute!

IMG_3857 (1)

I write this from our new flat; I’ll share some pictures next week 🙂