Lyle’s London Lyle’s has been open in Shoreditch’s tea building for over a year. Time FLIES – it’s been on the to do list for a while as a “new” restaurant to try!
IMG_1253 So off I trotted on a work lunch, immediately grabbing myself a craft beer on arrival
(lonnnnggg day) whilst surveying the white tile decor. My immediate instinct is that Lyle’s had kind of a scandi- inspired minimalist vibe which is pretty much the done thing  in this area of the city. Butttt my focus, as always, was both on my refreshingly sour beer and  the food so I had a good old gawp at my menu.
IMG_1250 Now it is worth mentioning that Lyle’s menu is both simple and regularly changing. Today’s may not be the same as the next. They also revel in naming dishes that will tug at your inner squeamishness, such as “blood cake,” (black pudding) and “pollacks head,” (exactly as it sounds!) The traditional format of starters and main courses is not exactly adhered to and all options are tossed together on one sheet – our waiter says this is because it is designed to encourage ordering more with the intention of sharing/tasting/”experiencing.”

where to buy cytotec in hong kong Cool – so share we did. We initially ordered the salad & Berkswell, girolles, buford brown and sweet cicely and the courgette, goats curd and lemon thyme, passing them around among ourselves (along with their truly delicious fresh bread and glorious butter.) sharing is caring – but sharing here is a touch awkward – especially when it comes to egg yolk. I can’t fault it’s incredible flavour though or help but note they way it perfectly blended with the brown bread. Yum.

The Berkswell salad was good but the amount of cheese on the dish was not designed for sharing, a honey is going to need that all to herself.
IMG_1248 Each salad was beautifully presented with edible flowers a plenty, but the tastiest and easiest to portion up to hungry diners was the courgette. I love a julienned courgette at the very best of times and here it was divine with the goats cheese mousse.

follow site IMG_1247

click I decided I had had enough of the sharing game and ordered the plaice, samphire and whey, which the price bracket suggested was a main, all to myself. I’m glad as whilst dishes such as the Hebridean lamb and summer vegetables (above) looked incredible, I couldn’t imagine parting with half of it. My fish was cooked to perfection and tasted a real treat with the creamy whey dressing. The dish isn’t heavy at all either so is perfect as a lunch option.

watch IMG_1231 I would have loved to stay for desert (even sharing) but we had already been sat for an hour and a half, apparently meaning we absolutely had to head back to the office! With a number of shared starters, a main and a few slices of truly delicious bread, I did feel full enough but I would say that the portions don’t necessarily suit their price bracket. Lyle’s is undoubtedly delicious but my meal alone would have been around £35 ,  which for lunch in what seems to be another trendy Shoreditch restaurant is a bit steep for what was on offer. Yes, this was a lovely place to try and it certainly looked the part. However considering the price bracket, I know a few places in the area that are a more rewarding investment – even if it comes at the cost of losing the flowery garnish.

click Costs:

2x beer = £10

Starter = £6.50

Main = £15.70

+ tip at 12% = £36.84

Visit Lyle’s website for further information

My Week In Pictures 20th – 26th July 2015


SO – a wonderful week was hard, but as you can tell, I am now suffering slightly!


The week started so innocently! Babies and dogs! I had Monday off work so I drove to Cambridge to visit mum, Julia and Isobel (pictured – aint she a boo!) Bracken got a few tummy tickles too!




Beer and bags, hurrah! This blue beauty from Kate Spade arrived on Tuesday! I know that I need to be saving for Canada but it was on SALE and I am investing in myself – who would hire someone without such a fabulous bag?


Later Amelia and I indulged in a couple of cheeky beers in Haggerston Park – it was so sunny and lovely!



BUN BUN BUN! After trying my first Vietnamese Bahn MI last week, I NEEDED to go back for more. As the sun shone, Amelia and I ordered from Kue and headed to the Geffrye Museum Gardens. Mind was a pork delight!


Later I recorded my penultimate radio show for Shoreditch Radio and felt a touch sad! I am going to miss bringing some weekly musical sass and joy to the airwaves!



Thursday was Will’s final gig in London with his band, Give Blood. It went down really well and he was such a rock star with all his many instruments! Above you can see bass guitar, maracas, a tambourine and keyboard. Will also plays the 6 string guitar and the drums. He is literally the music man!

Give Blood also just released a music video this week – check it out 🙂



OH WOW HOW IT POURED! The weather was AWFUL. So much so that I treated myself to a comforting bowl of pho for lunch!


Myself and 10 other theatre bloggers were supposed to be seeing Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at the Open Air on Friday night but it was rained off! We all turned up looking totes prepared in our assorted waterproofs so it was a shame to miss it! Hopefully it will be rescheduled though!


All dressed up and nowhere to go, we fell into the loving arms of a very cheeky Nandos.



PARTAY! SO a) Christina, my BFF who lives in Cologne was visiting with her boyfriend Thimo and friend Anika, b) it was Christina’s Birthday. c) it was our last Saturday in London and d) YOLO… so we had a party! We went full on 1990s in our food array with some classic cheese on sticks etc! There were also many a hun in attendance at our tiny flat !



The party went on well into Sunday morning so this totally counts…


It was amazing to see some old friends; I hadn’t seen Joe (the one wearing all the colours!) for about 2 years prior to last night!

Joe, Kit (also above,) Kate and I later went to the park at 4am and drank vodka with Italians but that is a WHOLE other story and very much the reason why I feel far from fresh right now!


SO this coming week is my last as an official Londoner….expect an emotional post next Sunday! xxxxxxx

My Week In Pictures 13th – 19th July 2015

Gosh. I am starting to wonder whether my week in pictures blogs will ever live up to what they are now when I live in Canada! I hope so; I better start making friends before I leave if not who shall I cocktail with!

This week has been filled with good food, good company, good drinks, a fabulous hat and some excellent dance floor game! Waaahoo!



On Monday myself and a few of my colleagues went to Meat Mission for lunch. Oh I heart Meat Mission. If you haven’t been, it’s a meat focused, burger orientated joint in Hoxton. It is gut busting but great. I ordered the monkey fingers (omg so so delious) and we all shared cheese fries and chilli cheese fries. Food gods, you are such babes.


Monday night I met up with my old flat mates and we got on the Drinki wagon. We started our cocktail adventure at the Holborn Grind, then we popped to the Cool Rider album launch party.


Following a very small boogie we popped to a couple more Drinki locations. So much good, free fun.



Tuesday was the quietest day of the week socially speaking, which was good as a Will and I have a lot of life admin to do. As Tuesday was Bastille Day we decides to have a French themed dinner of Moules with a hearty baguette. Yum.



Amelia and I love a good lunch at work. Often we order with Eat First but this week we decided to explore our local Vietnamese culture. Kingsland Road and Old Street are full to the brim with Vietnamese restaurants and I have eaten at many of them but I have never tried a bahn mai – a Vietnamese baguette.

We went to Keu, which specialises in bahn. I went for a chicken curry filling (£5.95) and I regret nothing!



On Thursday I met my friend Sara after work. We headed for a Drinki in Zebranos, which had a Cosmo on.


We then headed to Pizza Pilgrims in Kingley Court, it was a bloody joy!


We had a cheeky night cap in Kettners, which is now doing a late Happy Hour from 8-close. Ideal.



On Friday morning I was working from home. I made myself a somewhat hearty breakfast beacuse I had a long car drive ahead of me in the afternoon as Will and I were heading up to Hull for a wedding.

We picked up Will’s mate, Dave, on the way and much car singing to some Emo classics was had!


Later we headed out to some pubs in ‘ull and found this particular delight called Ye Olde Black Boy… Awkward!



Hats on! Saturday we were headed to Jack and Lucy’s wedding just outside of Hull. Jack is one of Will’s best mates from uni and I have hung out with him and lovely Lucy in a fair few occasions. The wedding was held at Dunedin Country House and it was the perfect day for it!

As you can see, I bought my best hat game to the ceremony and reception and Will bought his funkiest tie.


Will was in his element as he laded about with the guys from uni, the food was lovely (DEEP FRIED CHEESE FOR STARTER), the sun was shining and the bride and groom looked beautiful. What more could you ask for? M&Ms with the bride and grooms face on? Go on then!




Errghh… Did we really mix gin, beer, red wine, prosecco, tequila and mysterious blue shots?!? excellent.

We dragged our sorry asses out of bed and began our journey home, stopping off at the Hessel “view point” (erm…. You couldn’t see anything – but look at Will and Dave looking fresh as daisies!) and Frankie and Bennies for lunch. I have mixed feelings on F&B’s but it was fine and sorted us out! Also did you know diet Irn Bru is a thing? I tried it today – it is GOOD.


Anyway, we are home now and I am seriously contemplating a life eating salad and drink tea. #Detoxneeded.

Love to you all!

My Week In Pictures 6th – 12th July 2015

My week seem to always include theatre trips, schmoozig with friends, a few cocktails and some serious food love. Some weeks theatre and performing wins out, this week seems to have been all about the food…so, yeah, prepare yourself for that!



Monday Monday; what to do to cheer myself up at the begining of the working week? Nails! Yes! So I went to the salon, opted for a sassy red and everything was right again.  Take that world! (By “that,” I mean my shiny scarlet fingers.



Assemble the theatre squad! Yep, on Tuesday, myself and my theatre loving bros (Kate, Ed, Rebecca and Katie who is taking the pic) met up for a cheeky pre theatre wine at Beagle in Hoxton before heading to the Arcola Theatre to see a new musical, The House of Mirrors and Hearts.


The show itself was pretty good but needs a bit of work if it is to champion new British musical theatre. You can read my House of Mirrors and Hearts review here. Interestingly I got some unpleasant backlash for this review, which is amusing as I was actually largely praising the show. The commenter suggested I may have had too much cheese and wine before seeing the show, haha! Was I spotted?! Do we have a theatrical gossip girl on our hands?!


Eat First Salad

And then came the food. All of it.  It was beautiful.  This week has been hot so salads have by and large been in order. If you read my post on Wednesday about my new bff’s EAT FIRST, you will know I heart them. Why? ‘Cause they feed me beautiful, healthy and delicious treats like the butternut squash and goats cheese salad above.  This will not be the last you hear of these babes this week….



The less said about the effing tube strike the better….. I worked up a hunger trying to get home on the supposedly functional Overground so whipped up this tasty and healthy treat. This is a Mexican inspired chicken dish with spicy brown rice with vegetables and a side of refried beans. I seasoned my chicken with jerk, smoked paprika, garlic and fresh green chilli then dolloped some sour cream on it. YES. And it was under 500 cals #justsayin.



STOP TAKING PICTURES OF YOUR FOOD ALREADY.  Oh, wait, no. #sorrynotsorry, I heart it.

SO I recommended Eat First to my mate Rebecca (great name) who you saw in the Tuesday wine-ing picture above. She ordered using my recommendation code and got £5 off and subsequently I also got £5 off for the referral.  THIS MEANT THAT I GOT THIS ORGASM WORTHY CHICKEN WRAP ABOVE FOR £1.50. Scccchomebody schhhtop me.


Later I went for some drinks with some work mates at 333 Mother in Shoreditch, where they have this AWESOME flashing PEACOCK light! (Anyone who saw me at Halloween last year will know I bloody love a peacock!)

I ended up being a bit pissed and following the crowd for a much needed Vietnamese meal where I was encouraged to try eel. EEL!


This is the aforementioned eel, served with some peanuts, veg and a nice thai-style sauce. It was pretty good but I felt a bit like I could taste river. I also tried frogs legs that evening (waaaay to tipsy to photograph!) and they were nice if you didn’t think what you were eating!


Saturday was jam-friggin-packed! It was literally all going on!


I met up with Sammi at the Corinthia Hotel for a couple of celebratory glasses of champagne (we have just set up AND it is her birthday next week!)

The Mentalist London

After catching up over the bubbles, we headed to the Wyndham’s Theatre to see Stephen Merchant and Steffan Rhodri in The Mentalists (review to come.)  We even managed to squeeze in an interval vino, because, YOLO!


After the show I hot footed it to Colliers Wood in South London to present Pen and Rose’s Summer Fling fundraiser for their upcoming show, The River Spirit. The evening was lovely as a) the acts performing were amazing and b) I got to catch up with some mega huns! Yippie!

Above is Charlie and Emma performing as Patchwork Skies. I heart them.



Floor Picnic ahoy! As Will and I are slowly beginning to move stuff out of our flat ahead of our Canada move, we now don’t have a table. That never stopped us though, so we chucked one of my scarves down and picnic-ed like Gods.

Emma came over to join our feast and also to write a whimsical song about the London Overground with me. Watch this space!

SO that was all this week…I hope next week has just as much if not more to offer! I hope you all had an awesome week too!



Eat First

photo 2 (18)

Eating a healthy lunch during the week days when I am at work always takes a lot of effort and forward planning. As you may know, I am a very busy lady who goes to the theatre a fair few evenings a week. This means cooking something healthy to take to work the next can be an exhausting late night mission, so I often just don’t do it and am stuck either having to buy a bland Sainsbury’s meal deal (boo you shit sarnies!)  or giving in to temptation and getting some form of unhealthy takeaway. Waa!

photo 1 (23)
chargrilled chicken breast with Mediterranean vegetables, served on a bed of brown rice and lentils

Woes begone! Recently I discovered Eat First, a new healthy and fresh food delivery service that delivers food within central London. I first discovered them when I received a £5 money off voucher on a flyer they handed me outside Hoxton station. This voucher promptly led me to order my first meal, a chargrilled chicken breast with Mediterranean vegetables, served on a bed of brown rice and lentils. This was delivered right to my office within 10 minutes of ordering! HI THERE CHICKEN BY COURIER.

The website is simple, serving only three dishes each lunch and dinner time; usually one vegetarian option, one meat option and one salad option. The good news is each day boasts a different menu, so there is plenty of choice over the week. Also there isn’t much not to like!

photo 1 (20)
Salmon with pearl barley, curried cauliflower, kale and sweet potato

I enjoyed my first meal so much that I introduced my friend Amelia to the delights and one lunch break we smugly ordered a salmon dish with pearl barley, curried cauliflower, kale and sweet potato (above.) I have to say this is one of my favourite of all the dishes I have tried from Eat First, and one that I think properly suited its price band of £7. It was delicious and left me feeling full and happy. YES for nice food to brighten up a boring day.

EatFirst delivery London
Aubergine parmigiana with polenta chips.

Amelia is a massive convert to Eat First too! Now we regularly sit and have lunch together and delight in this even more now that we know we can order it to the park if we use a nearby postcode! Last week we ordered this delicious Aubergine parmigiana with polenta chips. YUM. This was worth all of the £6 we paid.

Eat First do excellent buy zithromax online with mastercard vegetarian options, as you can see by that aubergine beauty above. I do eat meat, but I try and limit the amount I consume in the week. Another excellent vegetarian dish I have ordered from Eat First was a lovely spinach and ricotta ravioli, loaded with cheese and surrounded by goodness, as you can see below.

Eat First London
spinach and ricotta ravioli

Summer Menu

As it is getting pretty HOT for a hot meal at lunch, Eat First have adapted their menu to suit the climate. Good on them! Not only is every Wednesday salad day at Eat First, they also have upped their daily salad game.

On Friday I treated myself to king prawns with a “forbidden” black rice salad. YUM. It was £6, I got a good amount of prawns, the whole thing was delicious, it had under 20g of fat, it was 2 or more of my 5 a day and was under 550 calories. Actual lunchtime WIN. I loved it so much, I took a picture of it here:

Eat First Summer Menu
King prawns with a “forbidden” black rice salad.

Why I Love Eat First

Just to summerise….

  1. It gets delivered straight to your office/house which saves you precious minutes of your lunch break sourcing food – plus deliveries are EXCITING! HI FOOD!
  2. It is YUMMY. No dish has disappointed
  3. It is fresh
  4. It fills me up
  5. It is healthy and I can see all nutritional information for each dish before I order
  6. Sometimes they do cheeky offers and discounts – every little helps.
Eat First Salad
roasted butternut squash, cauliflower, balsamic onion and feta salad

Eat For Free(ish)

If you live/work within  East Central, West Central, East London, The City of London and Canary Wharf you can use Eat First. Although I don’t think it will be too long before they expand beyond this.  if you want £5 off your first meal (the roasted butternut squash and feta salad above is £5 so that would be FREE!) then use my code:

cytotec vaginally RF5SQ51L 

I want to point out that in no way have these guys asked me to post about them and this is NOT a sponsored post – I am recommending them because I genuinely think that this may change your life. That’s all!


P.S – I have never tried the homemade brownie on their menu, but it looks effing buff.

My Week In Pictures 29th June – 5th July 2015

All the fun and merriment has been had this week and once again there hasn’t been a dull moment! In fact, some could say by the state of me now that I have had too much fun…..nah!



Sunshine eases the soul on a Monday! Although I didn’t want to be at work (a place of no aircon) I did very much enjoying visiting the beautiful Geffrye Museum gardens, where I sat and read a book on my lunch break. Ah!


On Monday Evening took my lovely Will to the theatre to see War Horse at the New London Theatre. The show is so beautifully staged and I just knew Will would love it, which he did. After popping for a cheeky pint first and soaking up some evening sun, we sat and absorbed ourselves in the action – it was great.



Sure, I really ought to go to the gym – the butter won’t shake itself out. However when it is as sunny as it has been this week, I feel less inclined. So, once again, I visited the Geffrye, this time to have an EatFirst picnic with Amelia.

I heart EatFirst and what you see above you here is a particularly lovely aubergine dish with polenta chips. Yum.


On Tuesday evening I made jerk chicken for me and Will, it was a Caribbean feast!



Did someone say zombies? Agaaah! So, zombies are terrifying, sure, but immersive theatre is fun! Following a pint in the sticky summer heat of Wednesday Night, My friends and I placed ourselves in a building teaming with the infected and fought for our lives to escape them!  The show is called Generation Z and it is rather well done.



I went to see The Phantom of the Opera on Thursday Night. I have seen it twice before but it needs a new review before I leave my company of Canada. I love Phantom, it is such an excellent show and, after 29 years on the West End, it still looks GREAT!



Oh haiiii hen party in Nottingham! One of my besties is getting married next month so we all headed up to Notts for a weekend of drinking, dancing and flashing penis memorabilia. Ideal.


Friday started off relatively classy with dinner and drinks (yuuuummmm to you king prawn flat bread!) but, as we were in Vodka Revolution,  we had waaaaay too many misc shots that tasted like apple pie, salted caramel or grass. It was like going wild on Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans but with a lot more shopping and a much sorer head the next day. Hurrah!




Saturday was ALL the fun, I don’t know how we squeezed it all in! We started proceedings by white water rafting which was just totally hilarious in a water in the face kind of way. We also got to wet suit up, which made me feel like I was a sassy assassin from the Bad Blood video. 


After that we headed for a spruce at the hotel followed by obligatory Buff Naked Butler action. Hello sir!


We THEN went on a party boat cruise along the Trent, which was BEAUTIFUL come sunset. We were a bit naughty on the boat, but what can you expect after Enforced shots!

After that we headed to a club in Nottingham city centre – luckily my phone died by thus point so there is no pictatorial evidence of the chaos.



FEED ME! The best thing about staying in a hotel is buffet breakfast, and that is exactly what I attacked this morning. All of the yes!

I then had to get a bus from Nottingham back to London…zzzz. I am home now and pondering what to make for tea. A rare moment of down time! Is it acceptable to go to sleep at 6pm?


Moving to Canada

Moving to Canada

I guess now feels like a pretty appropriate time to share some news with you…
Those that I have spoken to in the past month will already know this as I have been trying to tell as many people as possible in person. However, now with the date of my departure coming up in a very real way on the horizon, I thought I would inform everyone else.

So. Yeah. This is my last month as a Londoner. Will and I are moving to Canada!

The flights are booked, we have both handed in our notice at work and we move out of our flat in Kilburn on the 1st August. Ah!

After a month of prep and family visits/ general work-free frolics, we will be flying to Toronto and calling it our home from the 2nd September.

For some of you that have not hung out with me so recently, this may come as a bit of a shock. After all I LOVE London, have been proud to call it my home for the past 8 years and have, perhaps against all odds, managed to establish myself firmly within the theatre industry here. Those who I have been lucky enough to see more recently, or even just who just know me well, will know that my sense of adventure and whimsy has always been pretty strong. It is possible that we live more than once, but in case we don’t, I’d like to have a go at making it somewhere new and experience life on a different continent.

My time in what many people call the greatest city in the world has been just that: the greatest. Whilst remaining the best of friends with all my beautiful friends from my hometown of Cambridge, I have managed to meet some of the most fantastic and curious individuals on the planet. I have seen theatre, music and art that has blown my mind, eaten some of the best food I have ever tasted and drunk cocktails in sky scapers like the smug c*nt this city can turn you into. So thanks to all involved in that!

Unfortunately though, London has become a tax. I must offset the many opportunities it provides me with with ridiculous and increasing rent prices, laughable food and drink costs, delayed and pricey train travel and the knowledge I’ll never be able to own so much as a brick here. I have felt that my London chapter has been drawing to a close for a while. Yes it is a cool and fabulous city, but it isn’t the only one out there.

Looking for something new, Will and I (with the help of a fabulous lady named Harriet!) managed to secure a two year Canadian work visa, with the thriving arts industry in Toronto attracting us to our new home. There are 24 large scale theatre venues in the city plus countless Fringe venues. I think that is a manageable amount to get my chops around!

So, now the cat is out of the bag which I am now beginning to pack. I hope many of you can come and visit us because I will really, REALLY miss you.

Oh! Nice of you to join us finally! #hellogoodbye CN tower! It’s been hiding in cloud for days. #CNTower #Toronto

A photo posted by Rebecca Felgate (@missrebeccaj) on

The CN tower, the second tallest building in the world and located in Toronto. I took this picture when I visited the city last year. I look forward to it being my new friendly neighbour!