My Week In Pictures 22nd – 28th June 2015

source url Back at work this week…but not for long; I handed in my notice on Monday! This has been a good week filled with fun, friends, Taylor Swift, bingo and time travel.


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buy cytotec online london To celebrate both handing in our notices at work, Will bought us some of my favourite beer. I have always maintained that Sam Adams taste like FREEDOM and on this occasion, freedom never tasted so sweet!

source IMG_0531 I cooked a tasty meal of smoked haddock on a bed of sweet potato, yellow pepper, quinoa and lentils served with a little dollop of sour cream and smoked paprika.


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source link On Tuesday I went time travelling – y’know, casual. You can read all about my adventures through time here.

Wednesday IMG_0405 Yippeeee. Wednesday was a Regents Park Open Air Theatre day. I LOVE it there. Before that, however, I managed to sneak in a quick espresso martini with my friend Sammi at the Holborn Grind.

where to buy cytotec in philippines The show at the Open Air was The Seagull, which was the best Chekhov adaptation I have seen! You can read my review of the Seagull here.

go here IMG_0406


see url IMG_0534 On Thursday I went to MUSICAL BINGO. Yes. Bingo with music, it was fun.  I will pen a little summin summin about the event in the near future, so watch out for that.

go to site IMG_0444

cytotec cervical ripening The event was at Concrete, which is the space below Pizza East in Shoreditch. It’s a bit drippy down there (leaky pipes?!) but they do have this sick mural !



Friday was relatively quiet as I wanted a night in with Will.  It was a lovely sunny day and I had lunch plans with my friend Caity, who is a major hun. We sat on the terrace at Bills in Hoxton and I enjoyed this lovely little salad…HI halloumi!


I popped into Pride for a quick shake of a rainbow before heading to Hyde Park….

YEP! Assemble the girl squad! Me and a few of my best friends in the universe were off to see my sasspiration, Taylor Swift.  It was a beautiful day for it too! Ciders in the sun. YEP.


SO Taylor was awesome. She was filled with energy and joy and it was so much fun dancing around with my friends!




Brunch for one please! Will has been away this weekend playing gigs with his family band. Usually he is the breakfast genius but today I rustled up something tasty – a Spanish omelette with black olives, tomato and chorizo. Yum.

I also took the empty house opportunity to face mask up. I think green face would have been too much for Will who would have laughed and poked me!


Ahh I feel good and relaxed now, which is what I was hoping for.
This week ahead I am seeing War Horse and Phantom again and am also heading to Nottingham for my friends Hen party. It should be good!

The Time Run London

SO I am all about a bit of time travel! I LOVE Doctor Who and totally dream of being his sassy side kick; solving puzzles, fighting aliens and historical dickheads whilst wearing impossibly fabulous nail polish and floral tea dresses. Yes. I am sure one day the elephant like noise of the impending Tardis will sound and I’ll be off to start my new life in the big blue box, but until that day comes it is nice to get in a little practice – which is where the Time Run comes in hand.

Time run london

You may be pleased to hear that there isn’t  any running involved in said Time Run, it is actually a Crystal Maze-esque romp through time and space in order to resolve a Nazi based theft that has lead to ALL KINDS of problems. In order to resolve the issue created by those whom I am sure we can all agree are the biggest historical dicks of them all, myself and a group of equally sassy co-adventurers had to solve some puzzles left in assorted areas of time and space. All with the very helpful assistance of a bot called Babbage.


SO starting the Time Run means rocking up at a totally unassuming building in the stabbier regions of London. When you get there it kind of seems like you are an extra on the set of EastEnders, except for the fact there is a huge ominous door knocking about.  When your time begins, POOF the door is thrown open and a major fitty from some kind of era gone by quickly ushers you into what looks like a colonial map/ scheming room filled with all kinds of ye-olde looking objects. BOOM you are not in kansas/the estate round the back of London Fields train station any more! You are now in fact in a time portal in which all phones and gadgets and cumbersome objects must be surrendered to the fitty in a suit who will then proceed to prep you for your adventure.

fitty mc time run

I do not want to say too much about what actually happens when you begin your hour long adventure to retrieve an ancient sword from Nazi clutches as the real fun is experiencing it first hand. What I will say is that the worlds in which the creative team have created are EXCELLENT. No expense is spared in creating genuinely awesome and realistic sets and it truly feels like you are really in the locations they have designed, rather than a warehouse in London Fields.

My favourite type of theatre is that which is immersive/ promenade because it totally sparks my curiosity. Whilst I wouldn’t necessarily catagorise the Time Run as a performance, the experience certainly ignites ones inner adventurer.  My team mates and I found ourselves totally absorbed in the plot-line created and very invested in solving all the puzzles to reach our end goal.  By our involvement, we WERE the performance. I love that! On a side note, why doesn’t the Doctor have more than one side kick? (Sorry Rory Pond, you don’t count) He would get shit done MUCH quicker with our little squad.


Unfortunately time was against us. We were SO CLOSE to finding the stolen artefact (NO, NO SPOILERS IT WILL RUIN IT!) but unfortunately we ran out of precious seconds. I don’t feel disappointed; to the contrary I felt a great sense of achievement when our time was up. SURE we didn’t manage to obtain the relic but I did get to time travel with some major huns (Sarah, Che and Sasha.) I may still need some practice before being appointed the Doctor’s side kick, but if he were to offer on the job training I would be totally down with that.

In my opinion the Time Run was fantastic. If you like a little adventure, have a reasonably high IQ and most importantly want to have some fun, I would suggest you assemble a team of 4-5 and GET TRAVELLING. Just watch out for Hitler.

Rating: 5/5  

The Time Run is in residence until 2nd August with the chance of  possible extension. Book tickets here.

My Week In Pictures – Irish Edition 2015!

Okay so I couldn’t do a week in pictures last week as I was on holiday sans laptop! SO this week I thought I’d give you a few extra days in this weeks picture blog.

This past week I have been in Ireland! I will write in depth travel posts at some point for those interested in visiting Dublin and/or the ring of Kerry but for now, here are some pictures of my adventure!



Will and I arrived in Dublin at around 9.30am which meant getting a plane at 7.45am which meant getting a bus to the airport at 5am, which meant getting a bus to the bus at 4.15am, which meant getting up at 3.30am! Suffice to say, when we got there we were tired! We had a little snooze and then headed out into Dublin for a ramble and an obligatory Guinness session!



When in Ireland do as the Irish do! Apparently that means drink Guinness and leprechaun around, although I think that is a pretty touristy interpretation! None the less this is exactly what Will and I did on Sunday.




On Monday we took a train to Killarney where we camping for four days. When we got there we had an epic barbeque outside our tent then went for a walk down to Lough Leane, which was the lake nearby.




On Tuesday we walked 9km from our camp site to Ross Castle, which dates back to the Middle Ages. We then tucked into some hearty traditional Irish food; seafood chowder and a roast beef dish of dreams.




On Wednesday we went on another epic 9km walk, this time to the Gap of Dunloe, a valley formed by moving ice and rock millions of years ago. Along the walk we saw all kinds of lovely sights; mountains, lakes, bridges, sheep and really effing spooky abandoned houses!




On Thursday we embarked on the most epic of all the walks we had planned in Ireland; up Ireland’s highest mountain, Carauntoohil. I will post heartier information on this venture for those who want to know more about walking this mountain, but for now let me tell you it was both hard and beautiful! Below is a picture of me and Will and the top of the mountain – excuse my make up free, hot face.




Remember the day before when I climbed a mountain, yeah, my greatest accomplishment the next day was eating a whole Pizza Hut Hawaiian pizza. I deserved it! We travelled back to Dublin, checked into a hotel, ordered food and watched awful but fabulous TV … ahem….#shippingwarsuk



Saturday was our last day in Ireland so we decided that, rather than heading back into Dublin City Centre, we would check out the coast. We were staying 2km from Blackrock so walked down into the town for a ramble and some lunch (ahem…beers)


The seaside was pretty rough but I liked that about it!I had a little paddle and it was glorious.


We then had a few (several) beers in the sun before heading back to our hotel to pick up our bags before skipping on to the airport and flying back to London Town.

We got home pretty late night last night after an action packed week! I am now preparing for work tomorrow…ugh!

Love to all xxx

Michael Morpurgo on War Horse

I am currently amid trying to script a play set in World War One. For this and many other reasons. go site Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse fascinates me on many levels. Whilst it is totally evocative of the era in which it is set, it is also a highly modern piece of theatre.

War Horse London

I have seen the show twice and am continually amazed at the way in which Marianne Elliott has bought Morpurgo’s text to life with the help of the Australian Handspring Puppets. Surely this must be beyond even what the author could have imagined when he heard his text was to be adapted for the stage 25 years after it was published?

Whilst Morpurgo is certainly the brains behind the story, he is just one of many people that have made the stage show a theatrical success. Therefore I was recently intrigued to read an interview with Morpurgo conducted for the War Horse website. The interview  is an excellent read on the authors thoughts on the show, which also helps me further understand how much he was involved in the final product.


If you want to read the full article, click here. Below are some of the most interesting facts I have picked out about his relationship to the multi Oliver Award Winning show:

Facts about Michael Morpurgo and my response to his answers.

  • Morpurgo has actually appeared in the show on several occasions. For some reason the thought of the man that made it all possible being onstage in disguise as a farmer amuses me.
  • He used to ride an actual factual horse, although he said he was better at falling off!
  • He used three old war veterans in his village as his main source of research for the show. I find this quite heart warming; their memories will live on in one of the worlds most successful pieces of theatre.
  • His favourite moment in the book and show is the jarringly friendly encounter between a British and a German soldier. This scene is pretty cutting as the reader or audience see interaction between two humans in a desperate situation; the only thing that separates them from one another is their accent and the colour of their uniform. Directorially speaking, the most hard hitting scene in my opinion is when news of a battle is reported back in Devon whilst devastation from the battlefield continues to litter the stage.  For me Elliott’s decision to visually bring images of war to the British aisles, despite the fact it was being fought in France, was representative of the devastation it caused the back home. Yes, the blood may have been shed thousands of miles away, but the pain of the situation was just as real in Albert’s own front garden.

War Horse Michael Morpurgo

I was surprised that nobody asked Morpurgo about the film adaptation; I would have been interested to know how he feels his story was best portrayed. Did he also appear as an extra in set?

Video Review of War Horse

You know I am a theatre critic, right? Well here is a video review I recently uploaded in response to the show.

I am not sure I can pinpoint exactly how reading Morpurgo’s thoughts and watching the show are helping me with my own aspiration to write a  World War One drama (mine is actually a musical) but I know that they are somehow. If anything his finished masterpiece is an inspiration and absorbing myself in the aesthetic is food for though.

War Horse is running at the New London Theatre. It is one of the best pieces of drama out there at the moment and I thoroughly recommend you see it.

My Week In Pictures 1st – 7th June 2015

Life, you beauty. This week has been busy but it has by and large been filled with excellent outings with lovely people. Read on if you want to hear of Campari based adventures, magic tricks, sunny walks and a trip to see Bend it like Beckham the musical……


photo 5(2)

I headed to the Landor Theatre in Clapham to see a new musical called The Clock Makers Daughter. Apparently someone from Mcfly was there too that night, but I am not that good at celeb spotting. The show was pretty good but a bit disappointing as a new musical. I had a lovely time chatting with my +1 Emma before and after the show!


photo 1(4)

Allllllll of the fun in Tuesday; me, Amelia and Sammi went to the press launch of Impossible at The Hospital Club. Not only was there a plethora of free wine, we also got to see some magic tricks! Ideal!

Sammi was even called up to be a glam magicians assistant! What a babe!

photo 2(5)

That evening we all headed off to the Phoenix Theatre to see new musical, Bend it Like Beckham, based on the 00s film of the same name. Okay so press night isn’t for a few weeks but my initial thoughts are…ummm. Well. It’s vibrant, I’ll give it that! It’s kinda dated – there is some awful work with footballs, which is a shame considering the show is about the sport. The Indian / Asian themed scenes are pretty good though!

photo 3(4)


photo 4(1)

Hail ye, God of pizza! Thank you for bestowing these beauties upon me! Yep, Wednesday lunchtime was pizza fuelled and fab. I regret nothing!

photo 2(3)

After work, Amelia and I headed to the pop up Campari bar near our office and had two free cocktails! We were welcomed with a Campari spritzer which was beautifully refreshing. After we had supped that and had a little look at some of their art installations, we headed to the bar for a Negroni! Apparently it is National Negroni week, so it would have been rude not to!

photo 1(3)


Thursday was El scorchio!!! It was the perfect day to swan down to the London Wonderground and soak up their festival vibe, which is exactly what myself and a group of bloggers did!


Treading the red carpet, we hung out having a few pimms in the exclusive press night area by the spielgeltent. That evening we saw Scotch and Soda, which was a delight! Review will be up on Official Theatre tomorrow!

photo 3(2)

After the show we carried on the party with more pimms, whilst taking FULL advantage of the canapés being passed around, including the one below which was some kind of mini Russian inspired joy with a teeny tiny fried quails egg! Yum!

photo 1(2)


photo 4(2)

On Friday I was working at the New Wimbledon Theatre for SeatPlan.

photo 5(3)

Whilst my colleague was taking proper high res pictures, I couldn’t help snapping this one from the stage because look how pretty! I love the eeire silence of an empty theatre; whilst it is quiet it really is like you can FEEL the presence of something sort of magical, like the walls have absorbed the greatness that has happened in the building by osmosis.

photo 2(4)

On Friday evening my colleagues and I headed to the Campari bar again because it really would have been rude not to have had another free Negroni during National Negroni week!


photo 2(1)

On Saturday I had a lunch meeting with Sammi and Ed. Whilst we are great friends, the meeting was all business at the start. However it ended like this ….obviously we had to toast our success! Plus Ed’s lovely boyfriend Pete joined us and it is impossible not to drink wine in his company! Cheers!

photo 1(1)

That evening I headed out with Will for our friend Johnny’s birthday. We ended up staying out til 7am…..eeesh.


photo 3(1)

I snapped this picture from London Bridge at 6.30am this morning. The sun was fully up glistening off the Thames whilst Will and I were making our way home. It was very pretty and I am glad it is still shining now I have finally dragged my sorry state out of bed!

I just bought some Mars ice creams, so that’s my evening right there! I hope you all had a lovely week!

Champagne Club at Kettner’s

Champagne club…yeah, you heard it right. CHAMPAGNE CLUB! A club…with…well you get it but HELLS YEAH! Kettner’s host this little beauty in seasonal spurts and both Katie and I attended the last of this season.

photo 4(1)

Katie is fast becoming my partner in crime, so obviously we had to meet in the lovely Kettner’s bar for a cheeky happy hour cocktail before the champagne fun commenced! At £4.50 a cocktail during happy hour, it would be criminal not to take advantage of this!

photo 4(2)

After a quick catch up over our cocktails, Katie and I headed upstairs to the Champagne club area. OH HAI bubbles!

Each month  the club has a different host or collection of speakers and this month’s club was hosted by Laurent Perrier. Laurent, you major babe.  You know who is also a major babe, Katie Brennan. There she is below loving on Laurent.

photo 1 (20)

Our welcome drink was the Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut, a rounded and elegant fruity fandango, which is 55% Chardonnay and 45% Pinot Noir.  Aged for 4 years, this beauty was a lovely fresh start to the evening! Also it is worth mentioning that this champagne is suagr free…therefore essentiall guilt free. FILL US UP!

photo 3(2)

Next up we had a bold Pinot Meunier from small champagne producers, Laurent Lequart (I mean, just so many Laurent’s!) I was really into this one, which is aged for 10 years in order to produce it’s golden colour and bold fruity (and a teeny bit spicey) flavours.

photo 1 (19)

Cheers Laurent, you cool glass of liquid joy! (yes, that is me toasting life above.)

photo 3(1)

AS IF my evening could have got any better….THESE little beauties arrived as the perfect accompaniment to our bubbles. Hello lovely little smoked salmon treats, I heart you.

photo 1(2)

Bonjour, Laurent Perrier, we meet again! Our third Champagne of the evening was the Brut comprised of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.  This little beauty went REALLY WELL WITH CHEESE. How do I know…there was a platter. I must have been good in a former life!

photo 3(3)

MORE champagne? OH GO ON THEN! Next up was the Laurent-Perrier Cuvee Rose. I love a good rose!

photo 2(1)

This pink lady is 100% Pinot Noir and is aged in the bottle for 4 years.  On the nose the Cuvee is fruity with tones of strawberry, rasberry and black cherry.

photo 5(2)

On the palate the pink was sharp and fruity, very much a joyous treat. By this point I was feeling most chatty, so imagine my exclaimation when THESE came swanning out:

photo 2 (18)

MACARONS! Oh you puffs of heavnly goodness. I love you. More than champagne?Oh I don’t know, don’t make me choose….but you so pretty!

photo 2(4)

Last up we had the citriusy Laurent-Perrier Grand Siecle, which is 55% Chardonnay and 45% Pinot Noir.  Aged in the bottle for at least 7 years, the tasting notes say that it should have hints of “brioche, grilled almonds, subtle hints of hiney and gingerbread.” I mean, sure, who knew by this point, fundementally I was tasting lush lush lush champagne and life was fabulous. That’s all!

By the end of the evening, Katie and I were on top of the world and were even found sashaying to the pub afterwards to continue our chatter with the lovely Kettner’s club team!

Champagne at Kettner's
Champagne at Kettner’s

Thanks to Winston, Hannah and all the champagne merchants who chatted to us!

You can join the Kettner’s Champagne Club for £50 – with tastings costing just £20 for members. Click here for more info.