You Can Go Your Own Way

So 2014 has been an amazing year for me. My website Official Theatre is booming and I have made so many new friends. A lot of those new friends have been bloggers. Awesome bloggers at that.

As part of expanding Official Theatre  I have been holding regular blogger meet up nights and set up a group called #LDNTheatreBloggers. The only problem is, I feel like a bit of a fraud. Yeah I write A LOT of unique blog like content for Official Theatre, but as it is my business I am restricted in the topics I can write about; mainly theatre.

I bloody love theatre, but there is a lot more to be than being a theatre critic; I love live music, I enjoy fashion and I pretty much worship a good gin and tonic.  I like exploring new places and falling over my own feet when I do so. I am a presenter. I am a comic. I am the hungriest person I have ever met.

Inspired by the freedom of some of my lovely new blogging friends, I have decided to set up as a new platform to discuss the inner workings of my crazy life, in which I have been “having a hoot since 1989.” (LETS ALSO discuss how pretty much everything that is awesome started doing its thing in 1989 like Taylor Swift, the Game Boy, The Simpsons…and SEE YA LATER Berlin Wall. Anyway….that sounds like the basis for another blog post!)

I hope you enjoy reading 🙂 x

Fleetwood Felgate
You Can Go Your Own Way :)

Once The Musical

Once using OFFICIAL THEATRE on their poster
My quote on the Once poster!

2014 was pretty awesome for my career and my website, Official Theatre. Finally I felt like all of the hard work I had been putting into the website started paying off as the industry started recognising our voice and we were invited to review more productions and interview more theatre professionals than ever.  THEN the coolest thing happened…my review for Once the Musical was quoted on their poster.

Okay, great Rebecca, well done. Now I have been quoted on a few show posters before but what I am getting at here is the MAGNITUDE of the quote. And by that I mean the flipping SIZE OF IT!  (Please click on the picture to see the poster in its full glory!)

I (obviously) loved Once and it was such an honour for them to actually care what I have to say about the show! The LOVELY guys who run the show’s marketing even sent me some posters to hang up in my house and office (which I have done and they are hung in PRIDE of place!)

Next time I am quoted so massively, I hope my name “Rebecca Felgate” can be included too, but I am so happy the poster has got the name “Official Theatre” out there a bit more; I built the site from scratch in 2012 and I am so thrilled to see all my hard work paying off in so many areas, especially this one.


Once Interviews

As I said, I love Once. I have actually seen the show 4 times. I have interviewed several of the former cast members, including the original Guy and Girl, Declan Bennet and Zarinka Civitesic and Doctor Who star Arthur Darvill.  If you are intertested in hearing what they had to say about the show, please check out the links below.

Once closes in March 2015. Please go and see the show before it is done; it is beautiful! Plus, if you are a Boyzone fan, you’ll be in for a treat as it is currently staring RONAN BLOODY KEATING! No really!

Visit for tickets and further information.

A Birthday Trip to Planet Hollywood

My lovely boyfriend, Will, turned 27 on Wednesday the 17th of December and I took him out for a fun day in London town to celebrate!

I decked out our little flat with funky balloons and ribbons (a bit girly, but what does he expect!) and he opened his presents in the morning.

Birthday boy
Will blowing out his candles wrapped in our Cath Kidston duvet!


Barrel Boulangerie

Later in the day we grabbed a quick lunch at this amazing pizza place that I discovered near my office in Hoxton, called the Barrel Boulangerie. It is really nice inside, with cosy wooden tables and a kinda of clean/cool kind of vibe (it is Hoxton after all!)

We would usually order a pizza each but as I was taking Will out for a very special birthday meal (all will be revealed but I imagine you can guess where that took place by the title of this post!)  we just split a “Mexican” (olive, artichoke, chilli, peppers, cheese.) It was bloomin’ lovely.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

Next on the agenda was a mystery surprise adventure to Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum – Will had wanted to go for a while for some reason and I am glad we did as it was weirdly wonderful. We saw giant snake skins, shrunken heads (kind of gross,) played with an interactive grafitti wall, navigated a mirror maze and escape a room FILLED WITH LAZERS! So yeah, despite Will turning 27, we acted like we were 7. The best way!



If Will thought the day couldn’t get any more exciting after the LAZER quest at Ripley’s, he was wrong! Yep – we were off to PLANET FRIGGIN HOLLYWOOD!

Will absolutely loves Arnold Schwarzenegger. Like really. He has seen pretty much every Arnie film ever made at least 3 times (I *THINK* his favourite is Conan the Barbarian…classic Arnie!) and last year I bought him his autobiography for Christmas. When Will found out that Arnie had set up Planet Hollywood, a restaurant was FILLED with movie memorabilia and served amazing burgers,  he wanted to go immediately!

Unfortunately Arnie sold the Planet Hollywood franchise in 2000 but it is still a super, super cool place where his legacy certainly lives on! His hand print is still upstairs in the restaurant, nestled with that of many other big celebrities.

As we arrived at Planet Hollywood, now located on London’s Haymarket, Will was positively gleeful! We were looked after so well and offered a drink at the bar before our table was ready. I started off the evening with a Hell Boy but Will OBVIOUSLY went for the Terminator!


We were taken to our seat, which was NEXT TO THE CHALICE FROM INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF THE SUN! How cool is that? Resisting the urge to pocket the priceless piece of set, we browsed the menu, only to find my Once The Muscical Poster sitting pretty on a FULL PAGE SPREAD. It was meant to be!

My menu

Filled to the brim with all of the chalice and poster based excitement, we decided to get cracking and ordered the starter to END ALL STARTERS! The VIP sharing platter, because, y’know, it was my boy’s birthday!

All I can say is WOW. The platter was delicious. SO DELICIOUS! It came with  buffalo wings, texas tostados, chicken crunch (essentially tender yet crunchy slices of delicious chicken ), parmesan spinach dip with tortilla chips and loaded potato skins. OH MY! The best part of it all was the cheesey spinach dip….seriously….I think I died and went to cheese heaven! For those of you who know me, you will be aware that I HEART CHEESE! ahhh!!! Before deciding in our mains we managed to slug down a cheeky glass of prosecco; it was a party after all!


Following the dizzying heights of the starter latter, I decided to go for a slightly less carby choice for my main; the oh so succulent surf n turf, served with runner beans, tomato and a side salad (with more parmasan because lady LOVES her cheese.) Will went for a much famed Planet Hollywood burger, settling in the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger after MUCH deliberation.

I asked for my steak to be severed rare, which the chefs thankfully mastered, and I have to say it was absolutely mouthwatering! The shrimp were big and juicy too, I even gave one to Will (it was his birthday and I felt like I had to OKAY!) Similarly his burger was definitely something to write home about! He liked it so much, in fact, that he decided to pocket the Planet Hollywood stick holding it together. Sorry PH!


I washed my main course down with a very refreshing “Le Fizz,” a cocktail comprised of Vodka and Elderflower cordial, whilst Will sunk a “Titanic” (I am too funny, I know!) We then ordered some cheeky dessert cocktails whilst pondering actual factual dessert!

The decision was made for us as our lovely waitress for the evening suggested a double chocolate chip brownie, served with whipped cream and fudge ice cream. OH GO ON TWIST MY ARM! We only ordered one though, so that isn’t so bad…right?!



We waited for our pud with a “Gorillas in the Mist,” a Bailey’s, Kahlua, Malibu, banana liqueur and vanilla ice cream concoction, and a cherry cocktail that, I have to be honest with you, I cannot remember what it was called (#wonderwhy.) All of a sudden a waitress appeared with a big sparkler in our brownie as I had tipped off the staff it was Will’s Birthday! The brownie was gorgeous and I was delighted our big day out finished, quite literally, with fireworks (ish!)

Planet hollywood is so frigging lush

Absolutely stuffed and somewhat merry, Will and I tipped our lovely waitress and set about navigated our way back to Kilburn in a happy haze! It was such a great day out and Will told me later it was his favourite birthday ever, which pleased me a lot 🙂 Thank you Planet Hollywood for making us feel so special and encouraging us to order more drinks 😉

Until next time!