20 Things I Learned in my 20s (SO FAR!)

where to buy oral clomid My 20s so far have been a weird and wonderful time and I thought I would share them; some are insane, some mundane, and some fundamental 🙂

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  1. Being important is lovely but it is more important to be lovely.
  2. Beer before wine is fine, but wine before beer will make YOU VOM.
  3. Always drink a glass of water before bed. It’s good for you!
  4. Cut away the toxic people. Life is too short to be surrounded by people who make you feel bad about yourself.
  5. Sometimes it’s not how you feel about someone – it’s how someone makes you feel about you that is important.
  6. Never skip breakfast. You’ll be a ravenous monster and no good decisions are made on empty stomachs.
  7. Getting 7 hours sleep or more a night is important, as similarly, no good decisions are made when you are tired.
  8. Now is the time to get in shape.
  9. Sugar is your enemy
  10. I love sugar – Especially when it comes to Macarons.
  11. Some mistakes can’t be corrected, you just have to live with them
  12. You should always go outside, at least once a day!
  13. Nobody notices your imperfections as much as you do.
  14. Insecurity will destroy you.
  15. Internet trolls exist and are a problem for the next generation.
  16. Most internet trolls are children. Those who aren’t are sad, toxic individuals that are best cut from your consciousness.
  17. I learnt how to curl my hair with straightening irons. Fact.
  18. I can make a really bloody good curry from scratch.
  19. I am intelligent and if I need to learn something – I absolutely can.
  20. I learned to edit video – even though it was hard at first.
  21. Learning is earning
  22. The path to enlightenment is everyday happiness.
  23. A warm baked Camembert is a treat sent from the gods. The gods of France?
  24. No diet is worth sacrificing my enjoyment of cheese.
  25. I actually really like ale.
  26. The Yorkshire Dales are one of my favourite places on earth.
  27. I know my worth.
  28. If something doesn’t work out, I’ll be fine because I am me and I am capable.
  29. I am my own hero.
  30. It is possible to have a career and earning a living on youtube
  31. Gin in a tin is great. The best one is cucumber flavour.
  32. There are people in the world who don’t like Radiohead….we’ll probably never see eye to eye.
  33. When love hurts, it won’t work.
  34. Changing your personality to attract someone will never end well.
  35. Trying to change people will never end well.
  36. Casual sex is actually not really worth it.
  37. L I F E G O E S O N
  38. Being cute to yourself is good for your mental health – my friend Katie Brennan taught me that one. Hey beauty. If you don’t know what being cute to yourself means, I’ve left a link to Katie’s blog so you can find out.
  39. You can say no sometimes.
  40. It’s okay to like whatever you like, even if the things you like are eclectic and don’t fit with a type.
  41. If you have an idea or something you want to do then do it right now. Every day you wait is another day you are getting older.
  42. Trust is the ultimate liberation.
  43. Friendship takes work but true friends will ALWAYS be there.
  44. If you don’t like your situation you can literally change it.
  45. Tragedy doesn’t define you.
  46. There are such things as second chances.
  47. My future is bright
  48. I like who I am.
  49. I trust myself.
  50. It’s fine to eat with a teaspoon if that’s what you want. In fact it is fine to do anything that doesn’t hurt anyone if that’s what you want. You should do what you want.
  51. I value my independence more than I value the figures in my bank account.
  52. I love my family – but moving out and staying out when I was 18 was a good call.
  53. Love can be passed down through blood. I loved my niece before I met her.
  54. My passport is my most valuable possession.
  55. You should save for things that will change your life.
  56. Living in another country will dive your heart irrevocably – but it’s worth it for what you’ll learn about the world in that time.
  57. People are fantastic.
  58. The world is fantastic.